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  1. I'll email you Davy, no bother. On a separate matter, I also PMd you yesterday as I was hoping to change bus to the airport bus as I've been mucked around by Blu express.
  2. Right I'm now sitting with an empty cart, wanting to buy three tickets. I have two people in my family and friends and all three of us have the required amount of points. Anybody know how to?
  3. Having the same problem with family and friends. I have 4 in my cart at the minute and cant get them out, in order to do what Bristol HIbby suggests
  4. Would I be right in saying that the only way you can get your SSC discount is by actually buying something inside the store?
  5. I sent you a PM, but thought I'd confirm in the thread as well. Paid for 3 seats this morning. Let me know you get it OK. Bus 21 we're on. Cheers!
  6. De Bruyne picked a fine night to have a terrible game. Normally very good, but tonight was dreadful - I lost count of the stray passes he had
  7. I'll be lying in my bed wide awake as the sunlight peers through the curtains at 3am😤
  8. Perhaps these days yes. But not my type of player i must say. (not that what I think matters a jot)
  9. He's a very Mourinho style player (i.e. a bit drab, holds the ball up and gets back to defend)
  10. Can I get three seats if still available. Cheers Davy
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