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  1. scot scotland scottish

    Russia 2018

    De Bruyne picked a fine night to have a terrible game. Normally very good, but tonight was dreadful - I lost count of the stray passes he had
  2. scot scotland scottish

    Russia 2018

    Brilliant world cup this!
  3. scot scotland scottish

    Summer solstice.

    I'll be lying in my bed wide awake as the sunlight peers through the curtains at 3am😤
  4. scot scotland scottish

    Scott McTominay

    Perhaps these days yes. But not my type of player i must say. (not that what I think matters a jot)
  5. scot scotland scottish

    Scott McTominay

    He's a very Mourinho style player (i.e. a bit drab, holds the ball up and gets back to defend)
  6. scot scotland scottish

    Davy Bus

    Can I get three seats if still available. Cheers Davy
  7. scot scotland scottish

    Football on Freeview

    brilliant - thanks a lot for that
  8. scot scotland scottish


    Will it even be possible to get a bite to eat and a beer in Tel Aviv on the Saturday. And furthermore will getting to the airport be problematic?
  9. scot scotland scottish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Personally I'd go for Jack Ross, or the Faroes manager
  10. scot scotland scottish


    When is the draw for this? I'm sure I'd read it was to be in December
  11. scot scotland scottish

    Global Nations League

  12. scot scotland scottish

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    they're both attack minded, and I could imagine they'd get in each other's road. But there's an ideal opportunity to try it out in a couple of weeks vs Netherlands
  13. scot scotland scottish

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    The way Tierney played last night, Robertson not figuring at Liverpool isn't an issue. Tierney outstanding at LB and should be playing in that position for us. Not sure what to do with Robertson though....
  14. scot scotland scottish


    The airport is called Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is it not?
  15. scot scotland scottish

    Strachan's gone

    I would hope (!!!) that the Scotland gig is more appealing that the Faroes.