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  1. tartanmartin


    I believe the week of football permits match kick off times to be 2pm, 5pm and 7.45pm. SFA are pushing for 5pm is my feeling. Once the time is agreed it'll allow season tickets to go on sale. All very late in the day.
  2. tartanmartin

    Hotels when flight arrival is about 5am

    in the past i've either taken the hit for the extra night or crashed on a mate's sofa/floor on arrival.
  3. tartanmartin

    Player of the Year t-shirt

    hope you got my text for two t-shirts? and one of the previous ones you can't shift.
  4. tartanmartin

    Kick Off Time.

    And finally the Israeli FA lists it as 21:45!!! http://www.football.org.il/national-team-game/?game_id=8137
  5. tartanmartin

    Kick Off Time.

    But then another UEFA page has it as 20:45 and says all times are CET: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2530253.html
  6. tartanmartin

    Kick Off Time.

    UEFA has 19:45 which will likely be local time: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/season=2019/matches/round=2000959/match=2024045/index.html
  7. tartanmartin

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I don't think they're available online. The SFA have presented them to a fans group though.
  8. tartanmartin

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    which is still the case today after the most recent SFA/SSC survey of almost 4,000 members. top 5 are: 5% - Hearts 5% - Hibs 12% - Celtic 14% - Aberdeen 18% - Rangers
  9. Just another keyboard warrior who knows fa.

  10. tartanmartin

    SSC Renewals

    Wonder if he also finds his threats and assaults of women funny too? What a joker he is.
  11. tartanmartin

    ATAC Sporran Guide

    Good work as always
  12. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    the halcyon days when we made the play-offs who'd have thought we'd look back at that time as the most successful since France '98?
  13. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    under the last manager to get us to the play-offs
  14. tartanmartin

    Scottish Cup Final

    Or McLeish swearing at half time.
  15. tartanmartin

    George Czemartin

    I know him. Have texted you.