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  1. Cheers for that. A few observations. Any profit gets reallocated to the clubs. The clubs effectively are the SFA. Will the clubs want less cash so the national team get a better manager? All just hypothetical points that are not specifically aimed at yourself.
  2. Where did you get the £76m figure from? I'd hope the same place showed expenditure.
  3. Caledonian Craig and Chripper - I agree with you both that a clear our is required and football folk brought in for the key roles. Folk like Nevin, Alex Ferguson, Mikey Stewart etc. Folk that are forward thinking and take no shit. But, it's extremely difficult to see how that happens within the existing governance framework.
  4. They are elected by the club's which is likely wrong. Fans deserve a say but it's not going to happen. Jokeshop.
  5. So you'll understand that currently the board get elected by the clubs. It's how that gets changed because the clubs are probably happy with those in role at present. The initial change I'd make would be to empower the chief exec and remove the power from committees. I feel that you and me are on the same page but unfortunately it is not as straightforward as sacking the lot of them - no matter how appealing that is.
  6. Can you put names to who you would keep? And name some folk you'd like to replace the ones you're sacking? And also a way that we get this board in place rather than the existing process. For example I don't think the Chief Executive has had a long enough time in role yet and would keep him just now. But if he was to walk then I'd like Leanne Dempster in.
  7. I want change at board level as well Chripper. Out of interest can you tell me who you'd remove on the board and your suggestions for replacement? Also can you tell me how this board should be elected?
  8. A decent centre back of two and a finisher up front and we'd be looking upwards with the other players mentioned above. McKenna/Souttar/Griffiths may be the short term answers. A good manager could get that group going places.
  9. It's in this thread around the time he got the gig.
  10. Be interesting to watch how the FAI stuff plays out with the entire board leaving. Not sure what the SFA constitution says for that scenario.
  11. What's it to do with you? Up to you if you believe it. I knew about McLeish's issues when he was appointed though.
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