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  1. Took my form, passport, invitation and photo in to the Edinburgh place today. There were two folk in front of me but I only waited about 5 mins. Once I was seen I was only in for another 10 mins. They're getting about a dozen a day she said and about 1 in 10 applications has a mistake that needs taken back and rectified (dates don't match invitation, no photo etc.) They couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful.
  2. Yes you can as the Faroe Islands is an independent country. FIFA representatives have previously warmed to a GB Team. The most appealing part is that it would shrink the GB seats on IFAB from 4 to 1.
  3. Once the four teams are known in November I'd have liked to have seen a draw so that one of the four participants hosts the semis and final. That way there would be no panic for getting to the destination for the final. it does potentially surrender home advantage for the two top seeds, of which we'd be one.
  4. Or perhaps a different SSC for those who wish to follow the ladies team. SFA could have two membership fees for those that follow both. Money to be made for sure.
  5. have you tried using the ATAC guide that has been road tested? http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/euro-2020-qualifiers-visa-guide/
  6. SSC only sell to members. why not join for the reduced price?
  7. I'd fully expect that as that's the purpose of the loyalty points. What I meant is that not every SSC member will get a ticket. There will be folk who think they're guaranteed a ticket for Hampden that don't realise our allocation is much less than a home match.
  8. Russia met the 120 criteria. They had to inform UEFA by that date. Fines in football are meaningless and if you ask football administrators they'll say it's more a gentlemen's agreement in spite of it being in the competition rules.
  9. If so then it'll be interesting so see the prices for the 2022 campaign.
  10. If we qualify we'llget an allocation as a competing nation. I'd expect this to maybe be around 20 to 25% and our opponents will have a similar allocation available. This means no guarantee of a ticket for SSC members as we are technically not at home and there won't be an allocation big enough. Some tickets will be available for fans in the stadium's country - Scotland in our case. The remainder will be via sponsors and gravy train riders. I can't wait to see them try and shift £165 tickets for a Scotland match! My understanding was that tickets via the UEFA website could be cancelled once fixtures are announced. We'd need to check the tournament rules to confirm.
  11. http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/euro-2020-qualifiers-visa-guide/ Very useful guide that was written in conjunction with the Russian Visa Centre staff. It has already been road tested by a few TA guys.
  12. They can ask but Russia have met the 120 day criteria by informing UEFA. UEFA now have to confirm the chosen venue. It's what I said before - the 120 day rule is more advisory than enforceable.
  13. I know. I have a copy of them. I'm just saying that if you speak to any of the administrators they're likely to say that any punishment for failing to adhere to 120 days is unlikely. Also, remember it's 120 days to notify UEFA, not necessarily the opponents.
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