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  1. The lease on the ticket office that used to be The Vale is up in May and goes back to the owner of the Vale so we might get that pub back eventually.
  2. Any more news on when to expect new strips and training gear?
  3. Any suggestions for pubs post match in the City centre? Cheers.
  4. How late on will people be able to get added onto buses Davy?
  5. Do you not all just think the wait is getting ridiculous now? Clearly never had any sort of plan in place before getting rid of McLeish.
  6. I used to drink in The Vale, cracking wee pub. Due to reopen next year again but we'll see how that pans out.
  7. For anyone who liked this as a meeting point, The Iron Horse in Glasgow will be shutting up shop permanently from February 2020 apparently.
  8. Moyes odds on now. 4/7 with SkyBet.
  9. How many tickets are we likely to get? Never been abroad with Scotland before so am I likely to have any chance? Cheers.
  10. Has anyone had any bother with payments processing? I paid for a season ticket yesterday but never received a confirmation email and it wasn't showing up in my purchase history. Phoned the ticket office today and was told the payment hadn't processed properly, the money will go back into my bank and just to do it again. So I did. Same thing again. Now I'll need to wait until they open in the morning and hope I dont miss the deadline.
  11. https://www.scoredraw.com/international/scotland
  12. Courtyard is shut for a refurb just now
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