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  1. Has anyone had any bother with payments processing? I paid for a season ticket yesterday but never received a confirmation email and it wasn't showing up in my purchase history. Phoned the ticket office today and was told the payment hadn't processed properly, the money will go back into my bank and just to do it again. So I did. Same thing again. Now I'll need to wait until they open in the morning and hope I dont miss the deadline.
  2. https://www.scoredraw.com/international/scotland
  3. Courtyard is shut for a refurb just now
  4. I renewed in July and never received mine.
  5. Just wondered if anyone knows of any supporters buses that leave from anywhere round the Bishopbriggs area over to Hampden? Cheers.
  6. Hi Dave, I may have 2 tix later today I got a set for a publican friend of mine and he has now got comps from his brewery.


    Only thing is these are Silver Hospitality Tix with passes to the Silver Lounges which is:- Pre Match Pay-Bar,Half Time Refreshments FREE and Complimentary Match Day Programme. Pay Bar open for 1 hour after the match.

    They are £85 tickets they will be face value plus postage if they become available are these any good for you.


    My personal mobile is 07740076350

  7. Hi, looking for a couple of spares for the England match for 2 of my pals. Any help welcome. Glasgow area. Cheers.
  8. Hi, looking for a couple of spares for the England match for 2 of my pals. Any help welcome. Glasgow area. Cheers.
  9. I was at Wembley in 2013. My pal at the time was Scottish and he came to the game. We got to the pubs (lots of them) and got wrecked. When we got to the stadium I remember looking up and a horde of angry England shirt wearing Stormtroopers attacking us with flame throwers and then, from nowhere, a ninja star struck me in my spine. As I turned to see who was attacking from behind I said to my pal to stand behind the giant green gopher for protection. Turned out we had been followed from the pub by a team of barmen who were really undercover ninjas who were spying on the English Stormtroopers since the year 1543 and had been biding there time for this precise moment. Did I mention the mushrooms? I stood there and shouted "Who are you". I hope it's sorted out more efficiently in November.
  10. How's this for celebrating failure... ONLY 4TH PLACE TEAM TO HIT 15 POINTS! YAAAAAAAAAAAS!
  11. Could the Euro 2020 situation not change after Platini has been caught taking bribes or whatever he's been upto?
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