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  1. JandC

    Lyndon Dykes

    I never said he should get a call up based on 2 performances and I don’t think anyone is but if he can keep this level of play up then he deserves as much a chance as anyone else.
  2. JandC

    Lyndon Dykes

    I agree that he needs to show some consistency but he’s still young and how many pundits would’ve said Vardy would be scoring regularly in the Premier League if they’d watched him at Dykes’ age. If Eamonn Brophy can get into the team then it shows we don’t have a great pool of quality strikers to choose from so why not keep tabs on anyone who’s available?
  3. JandC

    Lyndon Dykes

    I know it’s maybe a bit premature but I’ve been really impressed with his performances against the Old Firm. His parents are from Dumfries so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on him as a possible selection for Scotland.
  4. The next 4 games are essentially friendlies so what’s the harm in getting him into the squad to have a look at him. I agree that the Championship isn’t a great standard but do you think any of our other strikers (e.g. Brophy or Russell) would be scoring as many as Shankland has in that league for Dundee Utd? The next 4 games are crucial in terms of building a team for the play-offs so use it to have a look at players in form.
  5. We need to get some belief back into the team. Clearly the RB and CBs along with the strikers are the main focus but I also think we should look at replacing Marshall in goal as he doesn’t inspire confidence throughout the team in the way McGregor did. Who that replacement can be isn’t easy but maybe the next 4 games gives Clarke a chance to experiment. Its going to be difficult but if we can get the core of the team playing in a cohesive and positive way then I’d be confident against any of the 4th tier nations at Hampden (less so in an away game though)
  6. Yeah - it’s a cracking stadium for atmosphere with the fans right on top of the players. I watched that game after 20 mins of the Scotland game!
  7. Too easy and bookies will have been hammered tonight
  8. NI game is decent and at least they’re making Germany work for the win.
  9. I agree that it’s (highly) unlikely that we will beat Belgium and Russia but I was just clarifying the situation. The odds on us beating them and then Belgium going to Moscow and winning also side us beating San Marino and Khaz would be about 500/1 if you had an acca on it which about sums up our chances.
  10. If we win tonight and then beat Russia by better than 2-1 and then Belgium beat Russia away and we win our other remaining games we will finish 2nd. Lets be realistic though!! Clarke needs to ensure he knows his best team for the play-off game(s) in March and look to build to that.
  11. Belgium are about 11/10 to win HT/FT tonight which is exceptional given the gulf in class between the team. Personally I can’t stomach betting against Scotland but i know a few people who are piling in at those odds.
  12. I agree but given the players we have, we shouldn’t be being played off the park by a team like Russia at home.
  13. My understanding is that no matter who we get in the one legged play off semi final, that game will be played at Hampden. If we got though to the final then the venue will be decided by a coin toss. is that correct?
  14. Was really disappointed last night with the performance from about 15 minutes in to the end of the game. i really don’t think Russia are a top class side but it was scary how much more comfortable they were on the ball than us and it looked like they were the home team. i suppose we do have the play-off to come but the team needs to show much more self-belief as we’ll get nowhere sitting off teams at Hampden.
  15. I totally agree. We need to win tonight and if we can get something in Russia then we just need to match their results to qualify (easier said than done of course). Anything other than 3 pts tonight means we’ll probably need to win in Russia and I think even the best teams in Europe would struggle there. Anyway, got a feeling we might do it and I’m going for a 2-1 Scotland win with Forrest to score 1st.
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