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  1. I think there are no points for matches at major tournaments
  2. I’ll have enough points for all 3 games I think if they used the conventional points method per game. To be honest however that just isn’t right is it?! Given the disastrously low number of tickets they need to give as many people as possible he chance to see a game. Maybe do Wembley the traditional way and the Hampden games could be done using home points because not everyone has the time off, cash, circumstances that allow them to travel all over to watch Scotland.
  3. It’s the 64 thousand dollar question. Will all ballot tickets be voided, refunded and dealt with via the associations? will the ballot tickets be balloted further? will there be a mixture? I can’t see many Czechs and Croats being allowed
  4. Which game are you booking? I like the look of the Faroes trip
  5. Moldova trip for those interested https://wonkysheep.co.uk/product/moldova-v-scotland-3d/
  6. https://wonkysheep.co.uk/product/faroes-v-scotland-ft/ just got an email from Wonky Sheep. charters already in place for Faroes and Moldova from Edinburgh. more news on Copenhagen and Vienna soon. ive been hoping for a decent replacement for Passporttravel and this might just be it.
  7. Some good news here. A company called Wonky Sheep are doing a day trip from Edinburgh. I went on Passporttravel’s day trip the last time and it was excellent. Incidentally the price is lower than it was in 2007 (or whenever it was). No easy way of getting there otherwise. From memory the same small chunky plane did about 4 trips back and forth with Scotland fans. surely this time it’ll be in Torshavn and not the cliff! https://wonkysheep.co.uk/product/faroes-v-scotland-ft/
  8. This is a fantastic thing that’s happened. Really well done to all those who lobbied Sky to do this and hats off to them for doing it. This Is a game that all should be able to see. Northern Ireland are in the same boat and I’m sure they were also lobbying Sky to get this to happen. Well done.
  9. Excellent- there is definitely mileage in a Corby party the night before (if we get there)
  10. Jeezo I was steaming last night! I’ll maybe wait until after the playoff final
  11. Okay I’ve been to Wembley many times and had a great night the night before. I’ll be running a bus from Hamilton if we make it (assuming we’re back to normal) and fancy a stay in the Scottish enclave of Corby on the Thursday night. We could convoy to Trafalgar Square on the Friday (day of the game). Any Corby TA think this would work?
  12. A new phrase for us. after years of glorious failures we now have the embarrassing success.
  13. Yip, I've been pessimistic for ages however I have a gut feeling we'll make it.
  14. + some good South Stand upper. get in quick https://tickets.scottishfa.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/VisualSeatSelection.aspx?campaign=&product=HISR20&productIsHomeAsAway=N&productsubtype=&stadium=HP&type=H&soalready=gzSprExiSHKpGp2I8dlTZFMsOhLC1RM64EkSPmC7g/c=
  15. I will be trying but not on sale yet (Norway v Serbia is sold out) Allocation will be fine if it is Serbia in my opinion
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