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  1. hamilton wanderer

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    It's all about opinions but C McGregor is Callum McGregor right? I just didn't see what squirrel humper saw there. Also I certainly didn't see McDonald or O'Donnell having a good game. Forrest at least took the game to them when he came on and has to start next time. I honestly can't remember a performance as bad as that. Hamilton Accies could have beaten them and I left Easter Road at 4-0 on Saturday and was relieved it was only 6 in the end (its been a very bad week for me).
  2. hamilton wanderer

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, There are now 6 of us (an extra 2) staying at the airport Is there any chance of 2 more seats for the airport bus?
  3. hamilton wanderer

    Do you get a point if you order after 12 today?

    it does - thanks
  4. as it says. I'm waiting to hear from all my friends who is going but don't want to miss out on points!
  5. hamilton wanderer

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, can I have 4 please with all 4 being dropped at the airport?
  6. hamilton wanderer

    Peru - Match Thread

    not Mulgrew's fault at all - keeper to blame for both
  7. hamilton wanderer

    Anyone going just to the Mexico game?

    As it says above. If so, how and when?
  8. hamilton wanderer

    Bus from Hamilton with some spaces

    Amazingly there were enough people going to this game to allow us to run a bus from the Butterburn pub in Hamilton and there are some spaces available if anyone is interested. At the moment it is £5 a head return however if we get enough the price comes down. Leaving the pub at 6:45 with a pick up in Hillhouse Road. PM me if interested
  9. hamilton wanderer

    Home end tickets

    It does say when you get as far as you can without a 'club card' that the tickets can be purchased without a club card at the stadium box office. Need a wee guy (like the Prague Tourist Board people) to get the tickets with a mark up for his trouble or ask the hotel to purchase them
  10. hamilton wanderer

    Home end tickets

    Forget it - that link doesn't work without a Hungarian club card If you know any Hungarians...
  11. hamilton wanderer

    Home end tickets

  12. hamilton wanderer

    Somewhere to watch game in Budapest

  13. hamilton wanderer

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Alex Neil for me. He was a bit too loyal in his 2nd season at Norwich however has learned from that. Outstanding organisation and great football to watch. Tactically excellent and critically he gets the very best out of ordinary players. Best ever football Accies played was under him and at this stage in the 2014 / 2015 season we were top of the Premier league having just beaten Celtic away and McCarthy and McArthur had gone by that time. Surely the SFA can get him to leave Preston North End (even though they're going great guns in the Chamionship at the moment). This job should NOT be for someone who is merely available!
  14. hamilton wanderer

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Honestly Alex Neil is the man. The style of football, organisation etc is just what we need. Davie Moyes would only be because he is available - theis is the Scotland manager position FFS!
  15. hamilton wanderer

    Strachan's gone

    I'm glad he's gone - it was time for a change (he did well this year however). No way is he close to being as bad as Levein and to a lesser extent Vogts. Hopefully the new guy will forget about loyalty and pick the players who deserve to be there. Also, the Scotland job should not be for someone who is merely available- we need to go out and get the best man for it.