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  1. hamilton wanderer


    that's me paid for 6 Davy - thanks again
  2. hamilton wanderer

    game venue

    Davy buses from Brussels to Ghent?
  3. hamilton wanderer

    Bus game day

    6 for us please
  4. hamilton wanderer

    How to get to San Marino

    the last time I was there most people stayed in Rimini and it was completely bouncing. Just a short trip to San Marino for the game rather than an extra hour and a bit from Bologna. In the Passport Travel days right enough.
  5. hamilton wanderer


    Out Tuesday/ back Wednesday £143 return Edinburgh to Brussels
  6. hamilton wanderer

    Davy Bus 2.30pm 17 Nov, Mother Teresa Square, Tirana

    absolutely sensational. Thank you very much Davy
  7. hamilton wanderer

    We're on our way.....

    Got the 7:30 Ernest flight to Tirana on Saturday morning but not everyone got on that I don't think. Compensation should be the difference between a Milan night out and a Tirana night out!
  8. hamilton wanderer

    We're on our way.....

    100s stranded in Milan. good night out however worried about getting there in time for buses tomorrow
  9. hamilton wanderer

    We're on our way.....

    6 of us on the 13:50 Edinburgh to Milan on Friday- gets into Tirana at 9:30 pm on Friday night
  10. hamilton wanderer

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    McLeish needs to go but don't let the others back either
  11. hamilton wanderer


    I've passed on my 4 spare HOME (Albanian) end tickets now. Still available to buy on the Albanian website though (I think the thread is home end tickets and the website is available in English). Also worth being on a waiting list with the SFA in my experience (you could join now and put your name down). You could also hope that it is the lead booker only who picks up the tickets and this will undoubtedly free up some away (Scotland) end tickets. I'm sure, one way or another, anyone who travels and puts the effort in will get in.
  12. hamilton wanderer


    Quote I've also now got 4 free (and free)
  13. hamilton wanderer


    2 mates just joined and got tickets straight away. £54 in total right enough however very unexpected.
  14. hamilton wanderer

    Home end tickets update

    I have checked the stadium map and they are NOT showing as available (the seats are still showing as being booked) I'm assuming that is a good thing
  15. hamilton wanderer

    Home end tickets update

    have noticed that the transaction is still showing as pending so perhaps there is an issue