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  1. A new manager CAN make a massive difference. We were 88th in the world when Bertie left and Walter Smith took over. Complete nonentities were getting a game and we looked in disarray. The first game, in the San Siro, would have been a disaster if Bertie had stayed and although the game was eventually lost 2-0 the difference in organisation and mentality was amazing. Smith's stock was high at the time and the support was enormous (inflated by having a new manager). Although Smith became a wee bit defensive it was a complete turnaround and marked the start of a much better period for the national team.
  2. It's all very sad to be honest however it is definitely the right decision. Michael Stewart, who I normally can't stand, surprisingly sums things up nicely in my view "I’d also add that we should stop devaluing our national team with This is an exciting squad of players, yes it’s not going to be easy but the potential rewards, which are very possible of achieving, are immense. Legendary status awaits someone
  3. Alex Neil - whatever it takes
  4. yip mine all arrived today so we can relax in San Marino and forget this collection shite
  5. that's me paid for 6 Davy - thanks again
  6. the last time I was there most people stayed in Rimini and it was completely bouncing. Just a short trip to San Marino for the game rather than an extra hour and a bit from Bologna. In the Passport Travel days right enough.
  7. Out Tuesday/ back Wednesday £143 return Edinburgh to Brussels
  8. Got the 7:30 Ernest flight to Tirana on Saturday morning but not everyone got on that I don't think. Compensation should be the difference between a Milan night out and a Tirana night out!
  9. 100s stranded in Milan. good night out however worried about getting there in time for buses tomorrow
  10. 6 of us on the 13:50 Edinburgh to Milan on Friday- gets into Tirana at 9:30 pm on Friday night
  11. McLeish needs to go but don't let the others back either
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