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  1. Yip, I've been pessimistic for ages however I have a gut feeling we'll make it.
  2. + some good South Stand upper. get in quick https://tickets.scottishfa.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/VisualSeatSelection.aspx?campaign=&product=HISR20&productIsHomeAsAway=N&productsubtype=&stadium=HP&type=H&soalready=gzSprExiSHKpGp2I8dlTZFMsOhLC1RM64EkSPmC7g/c=
  3. I will be trying but not on sale yet (Norway v Serbia is sold out) Allocation will be fine if it is Serbia in my opinion
  4. Ok - I don't have the intellectual capability to post the map it appears! Heading definitely for a sellout I would say so get in there fast.
  5. Ticket sales are going really well. I just had a look at the map and all the red areas together only amounts to around 300 tickets Seat Selection 2.html
  6. Just phoned the SFA, in the hope that this is a rumour, and had it confirmed that 1350 is the allocation. I can't believe that they tried hard enough. Now hoping for a Serbia win in the semi final.
  7. The red areas have a handful of tickets left and a couple of these yellows are about to go red. There is 2 and a half months to go to the game!
  8. Actually this is getting seriously close to a sellout. I can't see many being left at the end of January
  9. I would agree, we had all our season tickets there for 2 campaigns and would have stayed there if they’d been available. Front row is fantastic
  10. Sadly, despite following Hamilton Accies for about 45 years, I've never seen my team play in a semi final or final at Hampden so I don't know what [small section of a particular] end we would get. It would make sense to give us the Celtic end (even if we were playing Celtic). I once went to a semi final Motherwell played against Celtic and Motherwell got the Celtic end and Celtic got the Rangers end. The next time however this was reversed. I did once get to see Accies in a semi final (1979 league cup semi final) but it was at East end Park and we got the Falkirk end.
  11. This is heading fast for a sellout. The unknown bit is the debenture tickets in the South Stand however North stand already sold out and the Rangers and Celtic end are fast heading that way.
  12. All 20 on my friends and family are actually going and so I had to get an extra 15 in the public sale. Selling really well.
  13. Absolutely shite idea. what have we become to even consider this nonsense. singing can start from any section at any time and a real Hampden roar should emanate from the entire ground.
  14. I’m going out on Sunday night also to make sure I could make the Belgrade flight
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