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  1. The two eternal truths of Scottish football - Old Firm will get injury time aplenty if they need it (cf yesterday), and Aberdeen will usually roll over tamely for them (cf today).
  2. Looking for positives is commendable but inevitably it's concerning that over thee games we scored once. And had no clean sheets. We had two goes at winning our NL group and came up short in both. Closely mirroring the U21s - two goes, one would would do, but neither achieved. Even scrappy wins would have built on the momentum of the Serbia result and qualification. We've lost a bit now. We're going to have to improve massively to have any impact in Euro 20/21
  3. So often lose late goals. Be great to score the odd one.
  4. I don't see it in McBurnie either. But how many times have you been at a game - Scotland or club - and everyone's been slating the striker then everything gets forgetton when he sticks in a goal? Hopefully something like that will happen today. Or at least the situation will still be retrievable when he gets subbed...
  5. Long time since Gordon has played for the team so fair enough to give him a run-out. As for McBurnie - well this is his chance. Playing against decent opposition, but with less pressure than in the play-off games, if he can do it at all he should do it today.
  6. Serbia full of players from big Euro teams costing stupid money and a Motherwell lad bossed them. The football economy is mad.
  7. You'd probably have to go back to Joe Jordan for a Scotland player winning so many high balls. And Dykes always uses his head...
  8. I could say I was surprised how poor Serbia were but I'd rather focus on how well we played, editing ET out of it. Yes, clearly playing for Scotland matters again cf Christie, Robbo and Marshall's interviews.
  9. Great to see an ex-Caley player starring for Scotland. And to see playing for Scotland matter again.
  10. Oooooh, your club is soooooo BIIIIIIGGGGG and has so much MUNNNYYYY and is so, like successful and all. Mind you I'd rather be small, insignificant and liked. You and your East End partners in bigotry never will be.
  11. Yes I've been to Uni. I've also stood on terraces. Clearly, if you get huffy about 'cheating wee jobbie', you haven't.
  12. In fairness, Serbia could tell their lads to celebrate his they like - even if their first choices all get Covid they'll still beat us.
  13. Andorra's U21s got a draw with England last night. Are they international class? In Andorra, and maybe England, they are. International class varies over time. In Scotland, it's not a high bar right noo. Hope it goes well tonight and naebody else gets the lurgy. And Neil Dumbcaster couldnae understand why crowds weren't being allowed...
  14. Given that Trump was trailing in the polls to the worst candidate the Democrats could find after four years of looking, I'm moved to speculate about whether Trump's Covid is a hoax designed to win a sympathy vote - och, the puir auld sowel's no weel. It's disturbug to even find yourself consdering such conspiracy tinfoil hattery, but you can take nothing for granted in the mad world we find ouselves inhabiting.
  15. Coming late to this but if you want to show solidarity with black people, kneeling is fine by me. What I object to is 'taking a knee'. Where did that horrible phrase come from? It sounds like something you'd do swinging a monkey-wrench in a fight down the docks.
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