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  1. That sounds to me a wee bit like..... "There's nothing like having a good run business - and Rangers are nothing like a good run business"
  2. Aye? I'll mind and ask him.
  3. Not quite the phrasing I would have used, but I do wonder about the motivation of people who do this.
  4. He's right, though. And if Celtic hadn't gone through the season so far undefeated, they'd be well behind Rangers now.
  5. Where Are They Now ? - 99/00 Under 18 Squad

    A pleasure as always.
  6. Where Are They Now ? - 99/00 Under 18 Squad

  7. Scottish Labour

    She called it right. The pro-independence groups were in no fit state to wage a referendum campaign and would have got slaughtered. In my opinion. Why they castigated her for it, I have no idea. Other than, at the time, the Unionists were giving a referendum no credence at all. But she had the right of it, no doubt.
  8. True Story. I hardly ever, nearly never listen to TalkSport, but it was on in a car I hired last year when I got in. They were inviting phone calls about what hadn't changed in football and how you'd change it. I called in with my perennial point and I got through and got on air. First question was "What time is it where you are?" I was in Houston. Renfrewshire. Anyhoo, all was well and I got my point rather eloquently and modestly across. I stayed tuned in and bejeeses, did I not go and win a £100 Wickes voucher for being the Call of the Day. Woo and indeed, hoo!
  9. Driving up to Skye the other day I saw a sea eagle and a buzzard having a confrontation. Suddenly the eagle plummeted to the ground. I don't know what happened, but I definitely saw the buzzard's head move in the eagle's direction. From where I was.
  10. It's pretty clear in my mind. If a player is illegally prevented from making progress, it's a free kick. If, however, he feels contact and chooses to go down, it's not.
  11. world cup of losers

    Not only have they changed the name, it's not a Travel Club. It's a "Supporters Club". Membership went from the low thousands to - last I looked - over 30000
  12. Scottish Labour

    There's a lot of princesses desperate to be offended these days, I find.