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  1. The Eagles, Glasgow Apollo, Saturday 30th March 1977. Worst 5 quid I've ever spent. Not even Joe Walsh could spare them that night. Detested them with a passion ever since.
  2. Barney Rubble

    Albania v Scotland

    www.atex.al As an indicator, Tirana - Skopje last year was €200 (including green card for cross-border insurance). I'd imagine Ohrid would be around €125 - €150.
  3. Was there on the Sunday night. By no means the worst I've ever seen by any standard, but I'd suggest you need to see more shows if you think that was spectacular.
  4. Barney Rubble

    Huns new gaffer

    Looks like two words to me.
  5. Barney Rubble

    Songs you hate.

    Any song that features Michael Stipe on vocals.
  6. Barney Rubble

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    How the fuck did Dorrans last 72 minutes on that park before being hooked? Halliday and Candeias have every right to be aggrieved at being subbed before that fraud.
  7. Barney Rubble

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    Anyone who thinks Sevco are a football team needs shot - they are mingin.
  8. Barney Rubble

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    Too much premature triumphalism on this thread so far. Think about what's been going down re odd results and comebacks this month. I fancy Sevco if they score first tomorrow - always possible when Boyata is in the team.
  9. Barney Rubble


    it will be outside Tirana. Irrespective of where - it won't be easy to get to by public transport.
  10. Aberdeen as a team today managed to be worse than Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds are as a team. That's an achievement that takes an exceptional level of diddyness..............
  11. Barney Rubble

    Miserable Albums...

    WTF - Three pages in, and with the number of 50 plus codgers posting on here nobody's mentioned these? John Martyn - Grace and Danger Jackson Browne - I'm Alive
  12. Barney Rubble

    Wanky Phrases

    One from the Jags site today that rips my knitting: 'The team now face the equivalent of five cup finals'. Utter lazy horseshit and blatantly untrue - we face a fight for safety that is dependent on us picking up sufficient points to overcome at least two teams currently above us.
  13. Barney Rubble

    For Killie fans

    Is this a fact? Any idea what game it was? Much more innocent times then, though. Not a chance that would be allowed to happen now, for a number of reasons, not least of which are current team sponsorship, branding and TV deals. And Roughie is now so much more mature as to attempt something as stupid.......................................
  14. Barney Rubble


    I'm not a betting man, and I agree with you.
  15. Mental second half in Salzburg. Lazio ahead by three overall, and then Salzburg pump three past them in four minutes after having earlier got one back.
  16. Barney Rubble


    This. Last year when he was at Man U. he was asked what he had got his model wife for her birthday present. His response with a smile was - 'she already has Zlatan - why does she need anything else??'
  17. Barney Rubble

    John Lambie

    Colin McGlashan was the Pele in question.
  18. Barney Rubble

    Best Club Side

    No Alex Taylor???
  19. Agree that whatever Kipre got, Brown should have received too, but where was the playacting that you infer?
  20. Behave yourself. Craig Thomson cooked the meal.
  21. Exactly - nothing in that which warranted any more than telling them both to behave themselves.
  22. Barney Rubble

    Craig Thompson

    Is a fud.
  23. Utterly mental decision to send the keeper off.
  24. Boyd again? No chance he'll be welcomed into Tarbolton Lodge after this!