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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Unlikely given that Watford have already appointed Javier Gracia.
  2. European Nations League

    UEFA have a lengthy list when it suits the Spanish you mean. How on earth they ever thought Croatia v Serbia, and particularly Albania v Serbia were going to pass without tensions or incident was frankly irresponsible. But these nations aren't big muff in UEFA so go figure............we'll probably see Serbia v Kosovo in the forthcoming draw??
  3. I found the rule, it's restricted to one loan from the same division and a maximum of two loans from the SPFL overall.
  4. In Scotland it's only one player from within the same division. Not sure about from the league overall.
  5. Paul Lambert

    Appointed Stoke City manager.
  6. Just me?

    Jeezuz - wind yer neck in will you. You don't have to justify yourself to anyone as to why you watched 20 minutes of the game, and I don't have to justify to anyone why I watched the whole thing. I did and you didn't. I gave my opinion and so did you.
  7. Just me?

    Sorry you missed the other 70 minutes then. Was an excellent spectacle from start to finish in my view. De Bruyne is a player and a half.
  8. Just me?

    I cannot contradict a word of your general analysis, but that was a good game today VDA, you've even said so yourself.
  9. Just me?

    Just you. That was a smashing game of football. Admittedly a rarity this season, but still a riveting game to watch.
  10. At this rate Murty will field an entire team of loanees against the Jags on the 31st.
  11. Graham Rix

    Is Rix still employed within the game?
  12. If moving to Scotland....

    The village of Tarbolton in Ayrshire is idyllic. Close to an airport, with high quality education available at Ayr Academy and Wellington, and beautiful countryside five minutes away in any direction. The locals are also highly welcoming, if a little difficult to understand. In comparison, Clarkston/Whitecraigs are antiseptic ghettoes.
  13. Kris Boyd Charity

    Fair play to him for setting this up - and for being so open and honest with the reasons for doing so.
  14. Fast Eddie Clarke has gone upstairs to reunite the Three Amigos.
  15. SSC Renewals

    55 notes to give them licence to spam me (us) in return is not good value.
  16. Rab Douglas

    Thta's the one - well done.
  17. Milan utterly horsed by Hellas Verona 3-0. Anderlecht demolished by Club Brugge 5-0.
  18. Rab Douglas

    He's also the indirect victim of a great quiz question. Name the first player to have scored direct free kicks against different goalkeepers in the same international game.
  19. Interestingly, Celtic's unbeaten run of 69 finishes on page 69 of this thread............
  20. Well, if there's a way to lose it then that was it, and it had been coming for a while. Well done Hearts, you thoroughly merited the win. Can't believe Levein has you playing like that, though.
  21. Huns new gaffer

    His poorly argued pro-Sevco diatribes that are concomitant with being an arch Sevconian rather than an unbiased commentator on the Scottish game.
  22. Huns new gaffer

    That was pathetic tonight from Boyd. His inartculate witterings and his open adoration of all things Sevco make Derek Ferguson sound like an accomplished broadcaster by comparison.
  23. Watched them tonight v Rijeka and they were rank - lost 0-2. Agree with you about the others.