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  1. Aye - inspired move by Craigie to take the two strikers off at 1-0 to preserve the point.
  2. So pre-secco got done by a guy that had a mullet AND a moustache? Man that is sick. And very, very appropriate.
  3. RIP - we used to say after every death that they must have some band in the sky. It's now got to the point that we'll be lucky to have a good band left down here.
  4. Scottish Cup - the only cup that Souness never won with pre-sevco. Lost to Hamilton, Dunfermline, Celtic and Celtic during his tenure. Who was the big Dunfermline redhead that absolutely owned Butcher that day?
  5. Y'all asleep on here, or were y'all at Dingwall?
  6. Children In Need

    Hmmm - Embra jakey making the most of his 20 quid before Nicola enforces the minimum price for alcohol clause.
  7. Jambos new stand

    Genuine question - how many tickets have been sold for the game? Ans a second one - do the remaining works affect the away stand?
  8. Jambos new stand

    Hearts should have held their hands up on Monday and said we can't guarantee the fixture. Now they are on a doing whatever happens. This one's a test of the SPFL's (or whatever they are called this season) mettle. Will they enforce their own rules? If this had involved either of the ugly sisters, there's not a chance this would have been allowed to go on this far without a decision.
  9. Players worth a look at....

    Played about 5 games for the Jags three seasons ago alongside Liam Lindsay and was pretty decent, but Liam was/is the superior player.
  10. Kieran Tierney at CB?

    Liam Lindsay is an order of magnitude better than Berra. His continued exclusion from Scotland squads is fast becoming a matter for First Minister's Questions.
  11. Unbelievable that there hasn't been a thread on this. Would you?
  12. Celtic's second goal today was a thing of beauty. But still not as good as Miles Storey's last weekend.
  13. Carole Malone

    Well done do Afua Hirsch tonight for calling Malone out as hysterical for shrieking over the top of her attempts to enter into the mini-debate about Brexit. Malone's response was to call Afua rude. Hilarious.
  14. What an utterly horrible excuse for a journalist.
  15. The List

    Faisal Islam just saying that there have been other occasions when Fallon has had to apologise.
  16. Cow? Or are you honestly so sad that you would?
  17. Next Scotland Manager ?

    No. I get why he may be a good manager on the basis of his record with NI. He's done something special there, no question. Don't get why living in Edinburgh (if he does?) alongside that makes him a candidate for the Scotland job, though.
  18. Strachan's gone

    Euro 2020 with the proviso it was qualification or plums. His and the team's work over the last year demonstrated that the impetus was clearly there for that to be realistically attainable.
  19. Strachan's gone

    Re Smith - those two results v Belarus alone were Moyeseque. If anything he was even more inflexible and stubborn than Strachan. Brought Weir back which needed handled much much better than it was by both Weir and Smith. Not to to mention that he was the fastest rat off a sailing ship that has ever been known to man. McLeish achieved exactly what Strachan did in this campaign, took us to the last game and failed. To be fair that was in a group that the whole of Europe were thanking their lucky stars they hadn't been drawn in. But bottom line is that it was still no cigar.
  20. Anderlecht v Celtic

    And in other news, Anderlecht - under their newly appointed manager - are 4-1 up at half-time v Mechelen.
  21. Strachan's gone

    I don't disagree with that view. There's a definite whiff of 'be very careful what you wish for' about WGS' departure.
  22. Strachan's gone

    I think his point is hypothetical to be fair. Like you, I believe we do have a strong body of players (maybe missing a couple of central defenders), and I also believe we produce good managers. Taking his overall managerial career into account, WGS was one of the best ones - certainly more so than the previous couple of incumbents, and his record outwith Scotland was better than Smith and probably better than McLeish. Maybe a question to ponder is why have ostensibly good Scottish managers choked so far this century when it comes to qualifying for tournaments? Even McLeish did so from a potentially winning position from the most intimidating group we have ever faced.
  23. Strachan's gone

    What did Albania do to be omitted from your list?
  24. Just in from work and saw this on my club fan site. WTF has happened for that level of loss to come about without internal controls flagging an issue? Sincerely hope that it does not jeopardise the existence of the club.
  25. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Who do I think? McKay or Moyes. Who would I like? Kenny Dalglish or Sir Alex, but they've got more sense and don't need the hassle. So a tandem of Steve Clarke and Scott Gemmill.