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  1. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    reckon a lot of the US tickets will be bought by South Americans going to watch their team, which will include peruvians
  2. euan2020

    Russia 2018

    14,000 going to 3 games ?
  3. Please tell us what nationality you would like to be, & we will assist you to jog on Given you hold a British passport you can claim to be from any of the home nations
  4. euan2020

    ill lassie

    so was llama spunk + some other addtions to the meal ?
  5. think Houston - NY was nae cheap either - I'm moving to Houston to was dicking about was looking at Toronto to go see Scotty
  6. Tory supporting the Tories - no surprise there then .............
  7. i was quoting Houston Toronto other week and was 500 quid
  8. euan2020

    Souh Africa 42 England 39

    Apartheid regime a lot of the coloured supporters, supported New Zealand against South Africa - that Crusaders mach they were all rocking up in NZ tops - seemed like 50% of the stadium was supporting Crusaders I doubt they will support England - it was more of a case that they were/are all NZ supporters.
  9. euan2020

    Souh Africa 42 England 39

    10 tickets bought - GBP 8.50 each - nae bad 😂
  10. euan2020

    Paris Masters

    Ask parklife - think he goes to the tennis
  11. euan2020

    Souh Africa 42 England 39

    Only been in there once - Supporting Crusaders against Stormers - but then again half the stadium was supporting Crusaders
  12. euan2020

    Souh Africa 42 England 39

    might go to game in 2 weeks time for 3rd test 10 quid standing or 50 quid for a seat in the uppe tier
  13. I'm no keen on Thailand - get tired on he constant haggle on prices + taxis. tuk tuks & hotels (trips) always trying to rip you off on prices everybody just seems to want to take you for a coont
  14. euan2020

    Souh Africa 42 England 39

    Enjoyed watching in my local pub in Cape Town, England geting beat by South Africa Carlsberg moment coming back from 24-3 down Know the Souh Africa captain Siya Kolisi so was good to see him win as 1s time as captain
  15. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/yr-2018-2-3 In South Africa the Norwegian Weather Forecasting is being used by around 3Million folk