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  1. Rangers Fans In Rugby Jerseys?

    I remember in Milan in 2005 for the Scotland game, some fud ripped a piece of a building off - was a small gargoyle or something similar might have been same club support .................
  2. Rangers Fans In Rugby Jerseys?

    depends what type of songs- could have been Celtic Fans 2 sets of songs
  3. Hungary Sporran Guide

    if you are Hungry - just try the ghoulash
  4. shades of grey here - strikers are not always in the right & "Scabs" are not always in the wrong In the 70's there were a load of strikes going on for fuck all I remember once in the 80's when i worked for the Royal Bank, we went on strike - but the way that management got round this was to take all of us into his room to discuss it, for the duration of the period of the time we were meant to be striking, so in effect we weren't striking per se, but also didn't work - can't even remember what it was over - guess pay increases
  5. depends what they are striking over some strikes in the past had limited basis, & was shop stewards screwing around - so i would think each strike is subject to its own review and decision & i wouldnt be bothered crossing a picket line i disagreed with
  6. Sevco vs Celtic

    I bet he is surprised he got recognised I seen a comment from him previously that said when he came to play for scotland, taxi drivers did not recognise him maybe he gave it away by starting to wear a sash
  7. Neil McCann

    got to admit Clark did deserve a slap
  8. SSC Renewals

    magic if only 10,000 2 points and i am back on the ladder ;-)
  9. Deid yet ? (sorry wrong thread - should have been Rangers in crisis ;-) )
  10. Council Tax

  11. Council Tax

    Anyone staying longer than 2 weeks, and you should be losing the discount I don't think it matters she is paying her own council tax this is based on aberdeenshire But I think every council have their own rules & discretion
  12. Allocation

    no mythical game gives you opportunity @ big games, & games where small capacity like Hungary to get a ticket Now this is an old conversation, but i got told in 2007 by a TA Club official (as in treasurer) that 1 of their colleagues had 10 points& had never been to any of the games, and had always just sold on their tickets - they wanted to make sure they got tickets if we qualified for a tournament Also know guys @ my work few years back, who were applying for tickets for games they had no intention of going to - think it was N Ireland Ireland games etc - maybe 7 years back actually cos not been in Aberdeen since 2010
  13. I was just waiting for the sellotape and toilet roll tube remarks
  14. Couple years back KLM delayed my flight 4 hours from AMS to ABZ - 800 Euro Compensation - covered a Cape Town to Aberdeen flight last year I know folk on here criticise KLM but are my favourite airline Have enough miles with them to do 20 Scotland Trips, but always save them for a rainy day