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  1. European Nations League

    From what I understood in the video (needs sounds) - the higher rank team gets home advantage in the play-off semi-final. The final is at a venue to be decided by UEFA - i.e. it is not one venue.
  2. nations league - just replaces 3rd place play offs?

    All spot on. Final paragraph - playoffs would be competed against the other group winners from your own league. So should in theory improve our chances of qualifying in that scenario.
  3. Genetically, we are behind...

    Correct. There is a certain level of relevance of what he was saying. There was just no point and nothing to be gained by saying it. Especially last night.
  4. Team for next year

    Think we might struggle to get Brown to stay on. Big question for manager is how to accommodate Tierney & Robertson. I’d say either stick with 4-2-3-1 with Tierney LB and Robertson LM. Or similar shape to England game with Tierney left of a back three with wing backs. 4-2-3-1 Gordon Paterson CB1? CB2? Tierney McGinn Armstrong Fraser McGregor/Cairney Robertson Griffiths 3-5-1-1 Gordon CB1? CB2? Tierney Paterson Armstrong McGinn Cairney Robertson McGregor Griffiths
  5. Griffiths

    He absolutely does and will thrive on that pressure. You could see on Thursday night. He stepped up and drove us on. He was the one that took the responsibility. Again, he got what should have been the key goal last night. He can't do it all himself though.
  6. Griffiths

    Agree with that but guys like Joe Allen and Ramsey are quality in the spine of that team as well.
  7. Griffiths

    All correct. A lot of weight to put on 1 player's shoulders though. We need a nucleus of a team to step up and perform.
  8. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    One of the saddest things about examining the continuing failure is just the complete lack of any clear answers. We've got Strachan blaming genetics. On one hand it's bollocks because we know how tactically inept we were last night and how questionable the team selection was. We know how the Lithuania draw at home killed us. On the other hand, however, his point does at least have some relevance. Football is getting more athletic. If we are producing less and less quality players, then it's less to choose from - whether they are big, small or medium. We've then got a debate about the English Championship and whether the players we've got there are good enough. Are we selling ourselves and our own SPL short? Again... there's no clear answers. These guys just haven't delivered for us. Even the guys that have been mainstays in some Premiership teams haven't delivered for us - Adam, Ritchie, Morrison, the list goes on. Does it mean that the SPL players are going to be any better? Absolutely nothing to suggest so. Just look at where our exports from our league go. They're not turning into superstars. The seemingly brightest current talent in John McGinn would be widely expected to go to a Championship team rather than Premiership. From my own club (St.Mirren) we had a 17 year old star kid (Kyle McAllister) sold to January last January for £250k. He was bought as a potential for their future. Nowhere near their first team but there's a view from English clubs that they see every passing year that a Scottish youngster remains at a Scottish club as hampering the youngster's development. The view is that the same level of intensity and professionalism just isn't there. One of the guys above was talking about throwing in the best of youth and getting them international experience for the long term benefit. Chris Gunter of Wales was the example - 28 year old / 82 caps to his name. Here's a guy that broke into a Cardiff team aged 17, caught the eye of Spurs and signed for them, then dropped back to the Championship with Forrest and Reading with only 1 more season in the Premiership. Doesn't seem that much of a world beater. But let's look at our own RB prospect - Calum Paterson. He has made his way to the same English Championship level 4 years older than Gunter was when he made his debut there. Who knows what the future holds for him. The success of Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland goes completely against the genetics debate and also the rubbishing of English Championship. So where do we stand? I think we're in a pretty unfortunate perfect storm of dwindling quality, poor management/tactics, and lack of professional leadership at the top of the SFA (i.e. not getting your first home qualifier sold out when you're looking to get off to a good start). Despite all of that - we weren't far off in the end. It shows that we just about managed to carry some of our mistakes - but just made too many in the end. Just like most gave Strachan the benefit of the doubt on Thursday night. we've all reeled against him for his failure on Sunday. It's a results business. It's fine margins but we need someone who makes less mistakes. That's about the only thing that we can try to control as a starting point. All we can do is roll the dice for a new manager again.
  9. European Nations League

    I've tried to understand this all a few times and every time I think I'm getting it, I end up confused again with yet more questions. Here are some of the bits I don't understand: Group of 3 or 4 The Nations League is played over 3 double headers (6 match days). Does that mean that if we're in a group of 3, we would only play 4 out of 6 of those match days? Promotion/Relegation Assuming we were to get promoted (or relegated for that matter) - does that not have any real impact until the qualifying for the next tournament (2024) begins? i.e. would move to League B for the start of the next Nations League campaign. Final Four Competition / 'UEFA Nations League Finals' From what I gather - there is no qualification advantage to this? It is merely a bit of added gloss, trying to create a prestige around winning the top seeds competition. Although, one small advantage may be deemed that these 4 finalists get assigned a 5 team group (rather than 6), and this smaller (5 team) group still has 2 direct qualifying places. Play-Offs Likely to be up against competition within your own league. Meaning that those in league C (Scotland) and D (such as Andorra, etc.) will have a better chance of qualifying. One of the bottom ranked (lowest 16) teams will qualify for the finals. Lower-tier countries – the bottom 16 in the rankings – are now guaranteed one of the 24 qualifying slots for UEFA EURO. My heid hurts!!
  10. Strikers for next campaign

    Griffiths, Stevie May, Jason Cummings, Chris Martin
  11. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    SFA email from yesterday: SCOTLAND vs SLOVAKIA 2018 World Cup Russia™ Qualifier Thursday, 5 October 2017 - 7.45pm Kick Off Hampden Park, Glasgow The big day is nearly here. Scotland v Slovakia is going to be lively and we know nothing less than a win will do. There is only a limited number of tickets left in the William Hill South Stand available with tickets available online until 11.59pm tonight. Where to buy - Wednesday Online: http://tickets.scottishfa.co.uk In person: Hampden Museum Shop. Where to buy - Thursday In person: Ticket offices located at the West Stand from 10am
  12. 5 in midfield name them

    What I think Strachan will pick: Fletcher McArthur Forrest Morrison Phillips What I would pick: Fletcher McArthur Fraser McGregor Phillips Forrest is a persistent failure for Scotland despite seemingly carrying good form for Scotland. I would give Fraser the chance. I'm a big fan of McGinn but think I'd have McArthur marginally ahead of him in the pecking order. I'd say that despite him not picking McGregor for the original squads he should still be strongly considered for a start. The Celtic influence on the team is surely a positive factor and missing two of those key players could be offset by replacing with another who is doing well.
  13. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Surely need to open South Upper now.
  14. Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    New songs are much required. To think that folk used to complain about Doe a Deer! Now all we get is 'No Scotland No party' .... pile of crap! I'm sure everyone at the Euros and World Cups manage just fine without us there . The sooner that song dies away the better, and the equally crap 'Everywhere we go' can get added to that list as well. For the size of support we have it would be great if we could come up with some decent new songs.
  15. Allocation

    Slovenia Away Ticket Allocation Increase Friday, 08 September 2017 We are pleased to inform Scotland Supporters Club members that the Slovenian FA has this morning confirmed that they are increasing our allocation of tickets for our 8 October clash to 2567 tickets. This follows ongoing discussions between the Supporters Centre and the Slovenian FA since our initial allocation of 1230 tickets. The Slovenian FA has informed us that any Scotland fans that have purchased a ticket for the home end will have their ticket cancelled and will not be allowed to enter the stadium without an official away end ticket. Tickets are currently on sale to members with 8-10 points. At 12 noon today (Friday, 8 September) members with 7-10 points will be able to purchase. You can find the full sales schedule here. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2986&newsCategoryID=6&newsID=17194