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  1. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    the halcyon days when we made the play-offs who'd have thought we'd look back at that time as the most successful since France '98?
  2. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    under the last manager to get us to the play-offs
  3. tartanmartin

    Scottish Cup Final

    Or McLeish swearing at half time.
  4. tartanmartin

    George Czemartin

    I know him. Have texted you.
  5. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Can you pair get a room?
  6. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I'm trying to understand which Celtic players are really missing. Gordon - we know what he can do Griffiths - he's a miss Tierney - a miss but can understand giving him a break Forrest - is he really a miss for Scotland? McGregor - possibly a miss but we're reasonably catered for there with others in the squad Had we been heading to Russia I'd imagine most of the above would be on the plane plus Brown. But we're not so we need to use this opportunity to look at other players. It is what friendlies are for.
  7. tartanmartin

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Ritchie is in the squad. I can understand the omission of Robertson, the Celtic players and those still involved in league play offs. Same with Berra. We know what all these players are capable off. Gordon and Griffiths were both making the right noises and Griffiths especially is a big omission as he hasn't had a huge amount of game time recently. Stevenson is a strange inclusion. He does bring experience but he isn't the future. Must be a left back from the 21s that could be promoted. In all, it's a stronger squad than I expected and he's right to try some new players as this is the last chance before the real stuff begins.
  8. tartanmartin

    Callum Paterson

    Paterson did well for Hearts when they were forced to play him up top during their signing embargo. He's had experience of playing most positions over the years. A good addition to the squad.
  9. tartanmartin

    Areas To Stay

    The kilt is offering a spare room in the Ibis which is worth considering. A number of folk are booked in there.
  10. tartanmartin

    SSC Renewals

    I emailed them yesterday as the kids' ones hadn't arrived and they're going to send new ones out. Mine arrived before Budapest but theirs didn't even though I renewed us all at the same time.
  11. tartanmartin

    Ibis Hotel - Room going spare

    Think there's quite a few TA staying there. If I hadn't already got digs I'd have taken it.
  12. tartanmartin

    £88 a ticket

    If you're driving to Peru see rule 107.3.c.2 paragraph 7 "if driving to the Southern hemisphere, the member must send a postcard (signed in their own blood for DNA purposes) to the SFA offices from every country they pass through. The SFA will then issue the ticket by post to the member's address which will require said member to fly home to pick the ticket up and then fly back to where the challenge match is being played." I don't make the rules but it's always good to read the conditions of membership.
  13. tartanmartin

    £88 a ticket

    I've no idea. I only pointed out the rule which validates their request.
  14. tartanmartin

    £88 a ticket

    Point 55 in :THE SCOTLAND SUPPORTERS CLUB TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP 55. The issuing of an Away Match ticket is conditional on each Member producing to the Scottish FA copies of valid travel documentation as may be requested by the Scottish FA from time to time
  15. tartanmartin


    The HFA have made a total mess of this. The SFA need called out when they're in the wrong such as the new ticket system and the subsequent delays with renewing. But when it comes to away allocations we're permitted 5%/10% in Europe. Time and again they've secured us more than the minimum. GrimJim I didn't notice the netting at the adjacent section to us but I'm sure ours was the only one with the perspex surround which designates the away section.