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  1. Mark McGhee

    Is he not fairly successful with lower league English teams though?
  2. Dundee

    Sol y Sombras is meant to be one of the best restaurants in the Dundee area (Broughty Ferry). Set menu Tapas.
  3. Oban

    Had a pool team weekend there a few months ago. Really enjoyed it. Markie Dans would be my choice for live music/football. Boat trip to Fingal's Cave? Distillery Tour (drink related though). There's also a pictures there. Ferry to Mull and back.
  4. Hampden - stay or go?

    Do you travel to matches from Fife?
  5. One of the best Raith managers we've had since I started supporting them in 1987.
  6. Have you had a look at NOW TV? You get the decent Sky Channels for something like £7 a month and then you can buy a daily, weekly or monthly sports pass.
  7. End of the Road for.....

    With the Euro 2020 kind of being in Scotland, I can see some players staying on for the duration. If a manager thinks a player is good enough, he should play regardless of age. Never understood footballers retiring from international matches.
  8. European Nations League

    Looks pretty good after watching that video. One venue for play-off semi-finals and final. Nations League position also determines pots for Euro Qualifiers. These games will be important.
  9. European Nations League

    That would make sense.
  10. European Nations League

    It seems to me that there might be a point in NOT winning your Group. The four Group winners in League C will meet in a play-off, BUT if there are not enough to fill the League B play-offs, then they will be filled by the top 4 teams from League C. So Scotland could win their Group and end up having to play in a play-off versus League B teams. If we are second in our Group and a League C winner has to move up to League B play-off, then we may fill the spot and a much easier play-off. This could encourage teams to throw matches.
  11. You are correct, E*st Fife and Hibs are the only two lower league teams to ever win the Scottish Cup. The mighty Raith Rovers are the only lower league team to win the League Cup.
  12. Thanks, Donny, we're heading to the Wentworth. They have it on the tv.
  13. Will be in Sheffield on Friday for the football. Do you have a couple of recommendations for where to go to watch it? Will be near the ice rink, but not bothered if we have to get a taxi.
  14. I would watch them in order of when they came out, so Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, then episodes I, II and III. The plot twist in Empire Strikes Back would be less of a surprise if you watched them in numerical order.