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  1. If we beat Russia at home and draw with them away, we are favourites for 2nd place.
  2. It is The Open. Nothing else.
  3. Two things... There is a slight chance that we could play Israel again, if two of Norway, Serbia, Finland & Bulgaria qualify outright. Also, what would our preference be between Finland, or next in line Bulgaria, if one of the teams in our playoffs qualifies outright? Not sure I'd want to swap Finland for Bulgaria.
  4. I've queued for home tickets many times, just don't remember queuing for away ones.
  5. All-night queues for Away game tickets?
  6. If we draw a 'Winter' team, they are not to play home games in November, so they'd have to play two away games then, which makes me think there will be double header away games if we draw any of these teams. Is it Norway, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia that fall under this rule.
  7. If it was a qualifier or a league match what would be your first choice to go to?
  8. Is he not fairly successful with lower league English teams though?
  9. Jonathan


    Sol y Sombras is meant to be one of the best restaurants in the Dundee area (Broughty Ferry). Set menu Tapas.
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