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  1. I can only answer for City, but for the 2 games in January, the ticket prices in East Stand level 3 are £46 for Newcastle & £36 for West Brom and the Travelodge Central Arena is £80 & £60 respectively for a twin room.
  2. First time logging on for a week & it all seems to look good so far. Good effort so far
  3. Strachan's gone

  4. Strachan's gone

    And it won't - certainly not before we appoint Strachan's replacement
  5. Strachan's gone

    Aye, but it doesn't
  6. Strachan's gone

    No chance, I'm going all Brexit on this one, if you don't qualify to play for the country you shouldn't be allowed to manage them IMO ?
  7. Throwing pints of beer over fans.

    Andy he's ripping the piss as @McTeeko is his mate
  8. To stay or go?

    Correct Kev - absolutely mental
  9. To Zico and Bloo

    Oh oh
  10. To Zico and Bloo

    Just remembered, I never met you - the story was relayed to me when they returned to the pub
  11. To Zico and Bloo

    Shit, that means I met you - or was this story just told to you
  12. Ljubljana to Trieste Airport Monday Evening

    I went for the go opti option, I just picked the Central Hotel in Ljubljiana & booked it for 17:45.
  13. Stokes arrested

    Stokes & Hales now suspended on full pay by the ECB until further notice
  14. Sh!t, I wish someone had told me
  15. Stokes arrested

    Agreed, but the boy at the end was being aggressive until Stokes cracked his pal ( who had went for Stokes & Hales) with a bottle. I'm assuming he'll be charged with a minimum of assault & dropped from the squad fairly quickly.