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    Supporting Falkirk , working out, playing footie with my twin boys
  1. Leuven , the home of Stella, is a nice place to visit too .... only 25 minutes on the train from Brussels
  2. 2B πŸ‘πŸ»βš½οΈπŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ
  3. Tickets for me and the wee man arrived this morning πŸ‘πŸ»βš½οΈπŸŽ«πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ actually quite excited now ( I never learn πŸ˜‚ ) it’s the hope that kills you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Anders

    2nd Place

    Aye good point ? Torturing myself today with "what ifs" ??? "what if" we had beaten Lithuania at home "what if" The ref hadn't given England a foul that wasn't a foul "what if" Stuart Armstrong had hoofed the ball row z or passed left rather than right... "What if" Craig Gordon had came off his line and caught the ball before it got to Kane "What if Slovakia and England do draw and we beat Malta" We'd be top of the group !!! ??????
  5. Anders

    2nd Place

    And will suit us if we win our last 3 !
  6. Anders

    2nd Place

    Whilst the negativity on here is probably justified, the reality is there is a good chance that we will wake up on Tuesday morning knowing that if we win against a pretty mediocre Slovakia team at home in front of a full house then that puts us firmly in the driving seat and that our final game is against a team who will more than likely be already out. Granted our recent record of "must wins" isn't great so at the moment I'm just happy that tomorrow's game isn't a dead rubber but I'm also quietly confident that a play-off place is well within our reach especially if we play the high pressing game we played on Friday in the remaining 3 games
  7. Anders

    C mon england

    If we win all 3 then a draw in the England v Slovakia game is ok too, Slovakia win and we are out. What worries me is that England are bang average at best
  8. Play a centre half pairing where both players are actually getting a game for their clubs play Brown MacArthur Morrison Burke and Snodgrass in midfield and Gtiffiths up top, job done .... its the hope that kills you eh ?
  9. Don't disagree with that however any song that creates a bit of atmosphere (sadly lacking at recent games) and at the same time winds up the opposition even as a one off must be worth a shout ... im not sure singing about me would catch on or wind up the opposition but happy to join in !
  10. Only in Scotland could we not be proud of someone who is the best in the world in their field some of the stuff on here is embarrassing.... Andy Murray is a proud Scotsman and we should be proud of him. should we sing about him at Wembley?!? who knows as it doesn't seem relevant however if it winds up " them " then let's do it "Henman was a c0ck and the other bloke was .... Canadian" might not catch on tho ?
  11. " yeah we need to find another team to support now like Wales or Ireland or ... (through gritted teeth) Scotland " No thanks Clive you complete bellend ?
  12. If you'd have asked me a few weeks ago then my team would have been nothing like the one below. The problem with international football is if you have a bad game then you sometimes have to wait months to put that right and win fans over and fans never forget bad performances esp at international level. I.e Chris Martin awful v England. Overweight slow and not mobile. However looked a different player when he came on v Germany and club form excellent. Again wasnt a great fan of Rittchie lots of effort and no final product, but again he has won me over. We can't have any passengers v Poland I.e. Forrest (waste of a jersey) and Hutton is lazy. ( thought he could have done much better to prevent WBA goal yesterday, standing ball watching! Anyhoo we need people who will run all day for you Anya and Maloney have been too lightweight recently. I think Russell and Naismith are good going forward but give you some dig and something in defence too. Brown has had a mare recently and Fletcher hasn't done enough. So I'd go with ... Marshall Whittaker Hanley Martin Robertson Fletcher MacArthur Ritchie Russell Naismith Martin Ask me in 2 weeks and I'll have changed my mind again haha that's why we love footy I suppose ?
  13. The coverage of how good the Naismith hat trick was by MOTD was a disgrace. More interested in Stones and the Chelsea defensive frailties again "future England captain" Stones related Three goals against any Mourinho side deserves much better than that especially when they were such good finishes !
  14. If Ireland don't beat Germany And we beat Poland ( yes I know it's a big if !!!) Three points against Gib and we have a play - off Doom and gloomers can be as grumpy as they want but that is fact Try the predictor thingy it's fun ...
  15. What a fickle lot we football supporters are ... No-one is arguing that it wasn't a truly awful performance on Friday However its in the past and we can't let one bad game spoil the next game or the next three Let's look at it another way, assume Gib is a gimme we probably need 3 points from two home games to get at least a play off place There aren't too many of the so-called "big teams" come to Hampden and turn us over I'm not saying we should be super confident but some of the doom and gloom is a wee bit over the top as it's not out the question that it will be down to getting three points against Poland at home to get at least a play off place and possibly second Id probably have taken that at the start of the campaign
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