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  1. mgwj01

    Hotels when flight arrival is about 5am

    Dont think the wife will like crashing on a sofa!
  2. mgwj01


    I think the maximum is 16 points now as I have 13 points and I missed Italy friendly in Malta (1 point) and also Mexico (2 points).
  3. A lot of flights seem to arrive about 5am and check in time at hotels is normally about 2pm. I know people will say contact hotel but just wondered if anyone has encountered this before and whether they are used to this and check in is normally earlier or you end up having to pay for an extra night for the time you arrive.
  4. mgwj01

    Albania v Scotland

    if there is it will be a day in Istanbul!
  5. mgwj01

    Albania v Scotland

    still available on Skyscanner for £321.
  6. mgwj01

    Albania v Scotland

    here are our flight details. One night in Athens on the way out and no long wait in Istanbul which is also great Outbound Depart Edinburgh Aegean Airlines 12:10 15th NOV ----- Arrive Athens 18:15 15th NOV Depart Athens Aegean Airlines 17:30 16th NOV ------ Arrive Tirana 17:50 16th NOV Inbound Depart Tirana Turkish Airlines 08:40 18th NOV ------ Arrive Istanbul 12:20 18th NOV Depart Istanbul Turkish Airlines 13:45 18th NOV ------ Arrive Edinburgh 15:25 18th NOV
  7. Davie just paid you for 2 seats in the name of Gavin McAinsh via PayPal. It is showing on here as MGWJ01 so that is me.... Cheers
  8. kick off is actually 12:45 so early start on the lash so maybe see you there.
  9. mgwj01

    Anybody else on the BA flight from Gatwick on the 25th

    and my name is Gavin
  10. For those that are out in Lima early it is the Champions League final on Saturday 26th which I think starts about 2pm local time. The only bar I know of is Molly’s Bar, 172 Calle Berlin, Miraflores where the buses are leaving from before the game. So if anyone wants to join me see you there unless anyone has organised anything else.
  11. mgwj01

    Anybody else on the BA flight from Gatwick on the 25th

    perfect and thanks so count me in I am sitting in 18A on the flight...
  12. mgwj01

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    100% ticket pick up announced for Peru game
  13. mgwj01

    Anybody else on the BA flight from Gatwick on the 25th

    One seat for me if you still have one going.