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  1. with a posh scot head of the FA... Kinnaird
  2. thats superb news for us... hopefully get a critical mass across the uk now of youth players that will lead to better prospects going forward... ach brexit is brilliant!!!
  3. just to be clear, does that mean its the end of big english clubs plucking young talent from africa, south america, europe etc. for their development academies or does this rule only apply to first team squads??
  4. Boynze


    agree with most of this. deserving to win is irrelevant and meaningless, as is diving for a pen. the ref awarded, var didnt overule it and they scored. thats it. of course if they concede a similar one to that in the final, they'll have no cause to complain. personally i really, really hope they get beat, but trying to prepare myself for the worst. the very fact that this if their first final in 55 years, that must be 25 odd tournaments, just highlights how embarrassingly awful they are as a 'big' nation... the reality is they are a mile of the big guns of europe (italy, spain, germany, france, portugal) over the course of recent history, and are on a similar par to belguim, denmark and maybe switzerland, kind of a second tier of nations in europe - which totally goes against the hype, expectation, over-congratulating themselves, population, resources etc.
  5. of course not, but the wider point was around the difference between the players at the top versus our lot - their commitment to excellence is part of the reason they are there, not the other way round. agree, not too much to expect our players to stay off drink and unhealthy foods, especially when young and trying to form new habits, but wouldn't expect them to be as fit as other at the top level, not as a rule anyway.
  6. as govan's finest said in his never give in doc, working hard is a talent, so not as simple as what you are saying. the players at the top aren't there purely on footballing technical ability, they are (close to) the complete package between attitude, ability, footballing intelligence, professionalism, work ethic etc. thats why players, in principle, get fitter higher up the ladder they get (clearly resources is part of that equation too - and man utd, cr7 had his own personal chef to cater to his specific meals and diet requirements - that option isnt available to most in scotland).
  7. whilst money has largely ruined the game and widened the gap between the haves and have not, you'd think it would be huge motivator for a 16/17 year old to screw the nut and dedicate themselves a bit more. even a handful of years in the championship or epl can turn into earnings well into 7 figures - that's never have to work again (if wise), life changing money. i dont know what armstrong is on a southamption, but he will likely retire having earned at a guess around £15-20m..!!! the rewards are eye-watering for these young players - you often see man city youth team players (who clearly are exceptional) buying 3m houses - just think on the appreciation on that over the course of a career...
  8. agree with most of this. watch (the loathesome) rio on his address to the oxford union about how he approached going into the man utd winning dressing room. impressive stuff and should be aspirational. some of the stuff on open goal, whilst mildly amusing, is verging on depressing, all about bevying, carrying on in training and generally being very unprofessional.
  9. feck off, just have a bet between yourselves, don't make it for charity. if you want and can give to charity just do it, don't let it hinge on a sporting outcome.
  10. he only lost 1 match in south america.
  11. Boynze


    whilst ajax have produced players form their academy, they have always spent big on promising youngsters from around the world - its not all home grown.
  12. they are currently losing 1-0 to poland... a great time to be alive.
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