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  1. they are currently losing 1-0 to poland... a great time to be alive.
  2. down to 9 men now!!!!!
  3. how do the scots look?
  4. Boynze

    Next Manager?

    wouldnt be against moyes necesarily, but come on passion?? that is so overrated and irrelevant. Celebrating when we won - woopdy-doo. can he organise, drill, give players confidence, etc etc - these are the skills a good manager needs, not passion.
  5. thought it was a decent strike...
  6. morgan was on talkshyte on friday night with a durham in the buildup to the arsenal-man u cup tie. he was a wind up merchant but i found him pretty entertaining. he was talking in jest most of the time and wasn't as aggressive and nasty as he is on twitter.
  7. Like the Scottish guy who used to do all the rugby???
  8. why do we deserve better? also remember, the SFA doesn't have much money.
  9. superb phones and a decent price. charge in half an hour. don't buy their bullet earphones though, they're not great. they've jumped up in price a fair but but still miles cheaper than an iphone, and still good value. the current one (oneplus 6t i think is around £500. buy direct from their website and they're unlocked.
  10. don't think we have looked too bad, they are just very good.
  11. england look more than decent, very comfortable on the ball.
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