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  1. Hi Davy Scott Steele from EASTA here, I had 4 seats on bus 10 can I change it to five please. Money just sent by PayPal 11:15 UK time today. Thanks Stainless
  2. Lawnmower

    Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Four from EASTA for the bus , cheers Stainless
  3. Lawnmower

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    I think it will be pre World Cup as rightly pointed out Morocco are playing Malawi during the international break in March in an African Cup of nations Qualifier
  4. Lawnmower

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Just an add on to what I mentioned earlier. We know Morocco play Malawi on 23rd March which is a Friday, If we are going to play them as a warm then it would most likely be Tuesday 20 March . Unlikely If we play them after the Malawi game that only leaves maybe Sun or Monday to play a friendly. The reason I say that is I'm sure players have to return to their parent clubs by Wednesday in readiness for the Saturday league game. Quote from the Sun. And the Moroccans, managed by Herve Renard, have already pencilled in the fixture at the brand new 45,000-capacity Stade Adrar to help them prepare for their African Cup of Nations qualifier against Malawi.
  5. Lawnmower

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    I have my doubts about this one . The Moroccn's are saying it's a warm up for their cup match against Malawi on the 22 March. We have a full league fixture on the 17 March so when will have time to meet up , fly out then play a game.
  6. Lawnmower

    Scotland v England Tickets

    Once more the SFA treat SSC members like dirt . If you can afford a season ticket then we will give you two extra England tickets , but if you are a poor pleb with a couple of kids and buy your tickets match by match then nothing for you I'm afraid. This is shocking discrimination . Why do they not offer all SSC members the chance to get one extra ticket and treat all members fairly.
  7. Lawnmower

    Metz A No Go

    Edinburgh to Brussels Charleroi £80 return Friday to Sunday good times. Four in a car one sensible driver hire a car sorted
  8. Lawnmower

    New Petition

    Signed by the lawnmower
  9. Lawnmower

    March/ May Friendlies

    Why is it that the rest of the world and their dog know about our fixtures before the Scotland fans do. We really do get the mushroom treatment.
  10. Lawnmower

    Boycott The Qatar Game

    We had more Scottish slaves than slave owners
  11. Lawnmower

    Boycott The Qatar Game

    I was not confusing Qatar with Saudi . The Qatar constitution is governed by Sharia law. Let's hope that no female is attacked during the World Cup in Qatar because a female testimony is only worth half of a males and in most cases not heard at all. If you happen to be gay then you had better beware. A few years ago they wanted to stone to death a gay prince of their own royal family.
  12. Lawnmower

    Boycott The Qatar Game

    Done it again sod it
  13. Lawnmower

    Boycott The Qatar Game

    I meant to say he got the bullet for being a moron , I don't know why it says lovely cuddly bunny must be predictive text or something .
  14. Lawnmower

    Boycott The Qatar Game

    I have just read the the official Qatar government Statement that says over 1000 migrant workers have died involved in the stadium building. Why are we even thinking of playing this country . Richard Keys who got the bullet from Sky for being a sexist moron is now defending the Qatar authorities, what an idiot. We know why he lives out there because women are treated like second class citizens. So come on true football supporters give this a miss and embarrass the SFA for agreeing to this game.
  15. Lawnmower

    More Tickets Just On

    Got one. sorted.