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Northern Ireland match in March


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Anyone else wondering when tickets will go on sale for the Northern Ireland game?
I contacted the SFA and received the general reply of 'It will go on sale closer to the time of the match.'
In my experience tickets are usually on sale a good few months before, or at least there would be some better indication by now regarding a date.

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I also messaged them and was given the same response as you.

Personally think they are awaiting for the Nations League draw to take place next month before announcing ticketing prices and release dates for this game as they will no doubt announce some sort of ticket package like they done previously for the Euro 24 qualifying campaign and threw in the England game too. 

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17 hours ago, GroundsKeeper said:

They have just signed a contract with a ticketing app company.

After the UEFA shambles they are obviously trying to subby out the tickets.

And before everyone says, yeah but it was a UEFA sale not an SSC one they still managed to make an arse of it

Both are most likely unconnected...... imagine the deal with was probably in place before Euro 2024 tickets went on sale, and the SFA does even say that it was on the back of the success of Euro 2020 at Hampden.

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