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  1. Cool I wasnt sure if you were off or not tbh. Hopefully another scorcher tomorrow.
  2. Not really sure what the OP even means but I'm on voluntary furlough, definitely not on full wages, but really couldn't give a fuck as it's giving me time with the kids in a rare heatwave in Scotland.
  3. Yes, which is why Celtic said that all along rather than releasing statements saying they were opposed to behind closed doors games. Btw Celtic did win it on the pitch. The names weren't picked out a hat, Celtic were declared champions as we had the most points, by some distance, again.
  4. While telling the world that Celtic "demanded" the league title while people were dying. Despite the fact that their prayers for null and void was all you could read on social media for about a month and their club released a statement saying they opposed playing games behind closed doors. Fuds.
  5. Aye heard a few stories like that. Bit of a cop out from East Lancs police to be honest. If Police Scotland can handle Celtic v rangers with 3x the crowd then this shouldn't be necessary.
  6. Aye the tales from the pre premier league days are mental. The bubble matches they have now have diluted that a bit now though. When I went to Turf Moor, for a 12.30 kick off, the buses left from outside Ewood Park around 9am (for a 12 mile journey) with a police convoy up the motorway then on arrival they had steel fences, that wouldn't have looked out of place in 1970s Belfast, separating the fans. Was a bit of a long day and it puts many of the regular fans off from going but I still enjoyed it as a one off.
  7. Been to Blackburn v Burnley, St Mirren v Morton and Port Glasgow v Greenock as well as Celtic against both forms of Rangers. Blackburn v Burnley is a proper derby. If I could pick another to see it would be the Belgrade version.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Deleted the Facebook app until tomorrow.
  9. Holland finished two points ahead of them in that group so the goal made no difference in the end
  10. Mines is now misleading cos we can't win Terry Munro now that Rangers fans say 9 was tained
  11. Knew it would he unpopular on here but I enjoyed it myself. I didn't find anyone on it too dislikeable apart from Michael Owen and quite enjoyed hearing their old stories of what the dressing rooms were like etc. I like Merson and Le Tissier in particular, and thought they were great players when I was a kid. Suppose that means I'm failing in my duties as a Scotland fan but that's something I'll just have to live with.
  12. Also the huns used to have a song for him that went something along the lines of "he hates the pope and the ira, Andy Halliday" and he'd applaud them while they sung it so hardly a massive leap to think that's the type of guy he is.
  13. Why were rangers against playing games behind closed doors?
  14. One of the away tops is a remake of the Love Street 86 top.
  15. My Dad worked in that plant as well. That story about the transport museum sounds familiar. Millerston also looks a little different these days. I had a flat in Maxwellton street just along the road when I first moved to Paisley.
  16. I shouldn't really respond to you as you're a fucking moron but that kid patter is chronic.
  17. Yes. Fuck Hearts and their horrible supporters as well.
  18. Love seeing this patter. Shows us who just can't see past their dislike of Celtic when bringing people dying into matters. Just makes you look stupid.
  19. You're another whose opinion I won't lose any sleep over but I do find it amusing that you'd call anyone angry when most of your posts are passive aggressive ones like the above.
  20. I don't see you as a Rangers supporter so don't really give two fucks what you say or do.
  21. Surprised you're not a priest or a minister then.
  22. I think I've posted on here long enough for people to know that's not how I react to criticism of my teams, but bringing religion into it is what huns do, so this time it's fitting. The "family" club from Fir Park have a few like him in their ranks.
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