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  1. TAMB2


    We agree with the complainants. That is unacceptable.
  2. TAMB2

    TAMB Ads

    Can we ask a) For an example, Screen print if possible, b ) if it has just started recently or is ongoing for longer and c) what device. Thanks
  3. TAMB2

    Columbia support thread

  4. Yes, we agree. Please stop using this expression. Any further use if it, or any creative attempt to disguise it, will lead to suspension.
  5. No, not if we see it. Or, even better, if someone reports it. Although then some people complain about clypes reporting posts. You pays your money...
  6. TAMB2


    Me too. I'm running Adblocker. Perhaps that's it?
  7. TAMB2


    Every cloud and all that...
  8. TAMB2


    There was an upgrade today. Could I please ask you to clear your cache and see if you still have the same issues. We’ll do some more testing later.
  9. TAMB2


    Thanks for the Report. We'll have a look.
  10. I'm obviously wrong, but I thought that replays were excluded?