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  1. Thanks for the info. There's an awfy lot of mean-spirited people on here.
  2. Children! Behave! Play nice. You'll all be able to go outside again soon.
  3. You're a very naughty boy. Stop it, please.
  4. And another one bites the dust. Thanks for the reports. Now, it’s Saturday afternoon. It’s nearly kick off. Let’s all enjoy our afternoons before the keyboard warriors get tanked up this evening.
  5. Indeed. The Board is now one bawbag lighter.
  6. People, if you Report a post to us and can't take the time to tell us why you've reported it, chances are we'll ignore it. We've had several reports from one individual in the past couple of days and when we look at the posts concerned, it's not immediately obvious to us why they've been reported.
  7. We encourage board members to report posts when they think some Board Rules have been broken. Sometimes it's not immediately apparent to us why a post has been reported, so a comment explaining why would be very useful. Thanks.
  8. Really? We should step in to deal with blatant nonsense being posted? How much would be left? And you've already been alerted to the "Ignore" function.
  9. Noted. Consistency is difficult. Not least because members are not consistent in what they will tolerate and what they won't. We're just like that too.
  10. Kinda torn between what to do about the obvious Troll and the fools that rise to him/her and end up using personal abuse. Any tips/advice welcome.
  11. Give it a break. You follow this member about like a creepy stalker. Any more will be considered in a not very good light and you may have to resort to using another of your Logins.
  12. Exactly the type of interchange that the TAMB is famous for. Polite and informative. Well plaid.
  13. We thank you all for your boundless encouragements. We are here to serve. The board exists only to provide a platform and is the sum total of the membership. If there is no appetite for the board it will die. C'est la vie.
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