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  1. Robertson could do with a rest, guy plays alot of games for Liverpool and for us, this Greek guy will likely provide cover for him at Liverpool.
  2. Yeh i don't think anyone is suggesting he should be called up right now but if he was to score a goal every second game then he would defo have to be considered for the squad.
  3. I wasn't suggesting he doesn't deserve it, I am just saying it doesn't take much to get a striker spot in our squad. We have a serious lack of talented options up front that anybody scoring goals at any level(within reason) has a chance of getting called up.
  4. Lol a couple more goals and he will be in the Scotland squad.
  5. I think we will have to agree to disagree. Tbf I do agree with some of what you say and I can understand your reasoning but I am not going to get real excited about any move Hickey makes to a big club. Whatever happens I hope the guy makes it big.
  6. Ok fair enough I thought you meant first team. Yeh tbh I think a move to bayern would be positive I just wanted to point out that it's not necessarily the golden ticket that some seem to think it is. Seen many young players over the last 20 years fail at big clubs but there is a bit more hope what with mctominay and gilmour making the grade and Bayern have a good record of producing young players I think. Nah I haven't seen morrison play but I have seen enough youth football and as I said above I have seen plenty of young scottish players fail at big clubs that I know not to get excited by morrison being at bayern. Once I see him bossing a professional game in even the likes of the second tier of German football then I will get excited. Until then he's pretty much untested at any meaningful level. As I said I am more excited by the likes of Porteous as even though its not a great standard in the spl it's still better imo than any youth football and its meaningful matches under proper pressure to win by fans and management.
  7. Lol so now we get to the bottom of why u are making sly digs at me, I have never tried to twist your words or Caledonian Craigs. We had a fair discussion on whether Che Adams would get in our squad if he was Scottish. Somehow from that argument you have now made out that I think the epl or English football is the greatest football ever. I am also now pro English according to you as well. I am able to accept that the top flight of England is one of the best leagues in the world and our players playing there is good for the national team. This does not mean I am anti Scottish league or anti Scotland, I am able to be objective and see the facts in front of me.
  8. I have never said its the best ever. You just seem to want to make sly digs at me because you don't like the fact its a good league for our players to play in. There's plenty on this board who agree with me and that's because it's common sense to want our players to get experience against top players each week which the epl provides. Have you read anything I have written, I have been saying that Hickey shouldn't move to an epl team to play in their youth set up. I don't mind him moving abroad but I don't think it's necessarily a better option than him staying at Hearts for another couple of seasons. If he moves abroad to a team where he will get first team football then excellent. If its to just to go into their youth set up then I think its maybe better to stay at Hearts.
  9. You seem to be bitter about English football, most of your responses to my posts are smart arse comments about how much I "love England or English football". Why don't you make some decent points as opposed to sly wee digs. I want our players to play epl football, I won't deny that fact. If you would rather our players played a lower level of football fair enough. Going abroad is a good idea but it's also not that great if your going just to play youth football. I think Hickey is better off going where he gets first team football where ever that is.
  10. Its easy to say that now, everybody had high hopes for these guys including me. Last 15 or more years has shown me that getting signed up at 17/18 for a top club means very little. I am often more excited when I see a young 18/19 doing well in the spl or English championship because I know that they have already made the jump to meaningful football. For example I hold out more hope for someone like Porteous or mcintyre at CB than morrison who signed for Bayern. Your telling me bayern or even Aston villa are going to release a first team player to make room for Hickey. If Hickey goes to even Aston villa he will be straight to the youth set up. Its a good sign that big clubs are interested in hickey but it's not a guaranteed ticket to a career at the top.
  11. Clubs in England have top class facilities and they teach their young players to eat right. Epl clubs have top class coaching that will be just as good as Spain or Germany. Moving to Europe is a good option for the reasons you have listed but if your going there just to play youth football then it's probably not much better than staying in Scotland and playing spl imo. Young players should play first team football if they want to develop their career.
  12. Gilmour has yet to properly make it, he's only played a handful of games. He could easily still not make it at Chelsea or a high level. Mctominay is the only 1 in 15 years to come through at a top European clubs youth set up. There's probably been 20 young Scots in that time period. Playing first team football even in the spl is better technically than youth epl football imo. It's also important for young players to learn about pressure from a young age. If he can't handle it at Hearts he's going to struggle at a big club. Top clubs invest in youth set ups and then hoover up talent like Hickey with the hope they come good. Obviously they try to develop the young player but reality is they are just expecting 1 or 2 players to break through every 5 years. Tbh my only point in all of this is for ppl not to get too excited by all of this speculation about hickey going to a top club as it very rarely results in a top player making it there.
  13. I think first team football even at spl level can be a better teaching tool than playing youth football at a top club. The evidence shows that out of about 20 young players we have had at big European clubs 1 will make it. Playing meaningful games where getting three points is a good learning experience. Players need to learn to take the pressure of having to get results which is much more intense than in youth football. The very things you have pointed out as drawbacks are actually why it is best to get first team football as a young player. He would learn alot at Bayern but it's not the necessarily the better option for the guys career at this point in time imo, as shown by the fact only 1 of our players in 15 years has come through a top clubs youth set up.
  14. Thats hard to tell, Gary mackay Steven left liverpool after two years in their youth set up and couldn't get a contract, pretty sure he was even working in a hotel bar until he was given a chance by Dundee United. After he left liverpool he trained with Fulham and made a few appearances with Airdrie. It was 2 years after Liverpool that his career really started to take off and it was experience at Dundee United that developed his game imo. I am not saying he didn't develop at Liverpool or it wasn't beneficial but its not the ticket to top level football that ppl think it is. Another example is Ruben sammut, guy spent years in the Chelsea youth system and captained the reserve side. He left on loan at 21 to Falkirk and only made 10 appearances in the Scottish Championship. He went to Sunderland where last season he never played a first team game. Harvey St clair spent 12 years in Chelseas youth set up but could hardly get a game at killie, he made 3 appearances and now he plays at venezia in serie b where he's made 14 appearances in 2 seasons. Those are just three examples, there are worse cases like Steven watt at Chelsea, Donald love at man utd and Robbie foy at Liverpool. I agree that Scottish Championship isnt much of a great place for development but there has been some successes who have played that level recently. Guys like Mcginn, snodgrass for example. Ideally I would rather Hickey continued to play spl football or a similar level but hearts got relegated and if he doesn't get a move to another club where he will play football then it wouldn't be the worst option for him to stick with hearts and help them win promotion, then he could have another season in the spl with hearts before moving on. If a lower level championship team was to buy him and play him then that would be a good option imo.
  15. I think that playing for the hearts first team over the next two years would trump any development programme and playing youth football at a big club like Aston villa. I have watched a few epl youth(u23s) games and it's pretty dire standard. Usually only 1 or 2 tend to go onto top level football(epl or other European big leagues) and the vast majority end up in the English lower leagues or lesser leagues in Europe like the spl. The epl and top leagues in Europe have a huge amount of players who started their careers in either lesser leagues like Belgium, Holland, Austria etc or the English championship/league 1. They get gametime in these leagues and gain experience playing professional first team football in meaningful games that matter. You bring up Tierney but hes a perfect example of the point I am trying to put across, he spent his young career playing first team football at a relatively poor level in Scotland but he got first team experience and played for celtic in big matches. If he had of left at 17/18 to somewhere like man City would he of developed into the player he is now. Its hard to say, he might of as he is a special talent but I reckon it was better for him to gain first team experience. Tierney at this stage of his career will develop much more at arsenal because he's playing and training with the first team. Hickey will not be moving to any top club to be in the first team squad. I think it's a gamble that Hickey has to consider and the club that he moves to could send him out on good loan moves where he gets first team football. But it's not necessarily certain that moving to a big club will be best for his career imo. He's a young lad and can always move up a level at 20 years old when he's a bit more mature and experienced.
  16. With Hickeys case I think first team football would be more beneficial to his career as its unlikely he will ever make it at a top level club like bayern or Liverpool etc. If he went to one of those clubs right now I reckon he would just spend 2/3 years in their youth set up and then would be back to the spl or English championship. With Gilmour it was different, he is a genuine talent who looks like he could be the best in position in a few years and he's been fast tracked by Chelsea. I think for a player like Hickey first team football would do him alot more good than playing youth football despite these clubs having better coaches and facilities. First team football does a player in Hickeys situation alot more good imo even though its at a low standard. We have had only 2 young players come through at top clubs in the past 15 years which would suggest that all the great facilities and great coaching isn't making as big a difference as it should. We have only had mctominay and potentially Gilmour come through. I could probably name 15 or more of the top of my head that haven't made the grade. Guys like Mcginn, armstrong and snodgrass played first team football at a young age and have progressed to become good epl players. Tbh Hickey will be lucky to hit those levels no matter what path he chooses but I think his best path to it is to stay at spl level for a couple more seasons before he decides to move south. He would only be 20 and wouldn't have wasted 2 years playing youth football.
  17. I suppose it comes down to our opinions on Hickey, I think he's a decent player who could maybe make it in a lower half epl team in several years. Phil foden is a special talent who will play at the top level for years to come. That's why foden gets gametime for man City and why Hickey wouldn't. I believe hickeys best route til lower epl level is to play professional football at spl level for a couple more seasons and then when he's 20/21 make the move to a lower epl club or a good English championship club. The evidence and statistics for young Scots making it through epl/foreign youth set ups is extremely poor, maybe even as bad as 1/20. That suggests that with all the good coaching and all the money spent its still not working for our young players. Our successes recently have been guys like Armstrong, snodgrass, Mcginn. These guys spent a fair chunk of their early careers playing first team football at a relatively low level in Scotland before they moved. Even a guy like burke might of benefitted from staying put at forest and playing championship football for a couple of seasons instead of going to leipzig and struggling. Going to an epl club or a big European club just to play in their youth set up is not massive success that alot on here seem to think it is. The evidence from the last 15 years clearly shows we our young players don't break through at that level.
  18. Countless of our young players don't make it at epl clubs. Playing youth football isn't better than spl imo. It might be better than Scottish Championship but it's hard to tell. Have you ever watched epl youth football. It's a lower standard than spl imo. Ruben sammut for example captained Chelseas youth team and played several years in their youth set up. He hardly got a game for Falkirk in the 18/19 season and he has yet to play for Sunderland. He's 22 and played only 12 Pro games in his career. Tony gallacher went to Liverpool a couple of seasons ago after making 26 appearances for Falkirk and is now 21 with no chance of making the Liverpool first team squad. I think it might be better if the guy was to play a season in the Scottish Championship with hearts and then a season in the spl. By then he will only be 20 and he could easily have 100 games under his belt. He could then move to either of the old firm or move to good English championship side where he could continue his development. Moving to an epl club right now would result in playing epl youth football unless he gets loaned out. Your suggesting that spending two more years in Scotland won't help his development but it did no harm to guys like Mcginn or Armstrong. If a big club like bayern or an epl club come in for him then he will have a big decision to make but I think alot of ppl on here think it's great for him to move when the fact is he will be just going straight into a youth set up much like Tony gallacher did. I wish the guy the best whatever his decision and hope he becomes a star whatever path he chooses.
  19. I like English football, is there anything wrong with that? The epl is top level football wouldn't you agree?
  20. Maybe yes. He can play first team football for a couple more seasons then move when he's 20 to an epl team with the hope of actually playing. Or he could move to English championship team and play a couple of seasons and then move at 22 to an epl club. I am not suggesting it's terrible idea for him to move to a top European club or an epl club. He might be good enough to make a breakthrough there but it's also not a bad idea to stay put. He's only just turned 18 and first team football will do his career alot of good imo.
  21. He won't get a sniff of first team football at Aston villa, he will be thrown into the youth set up. These teams that are interested in Hickey have no intention on buying him for the first team squad. I think ppl need to realise that when getting excited about his potential transfer to top clubs.
  22. Our young players barely ever make the grade at big clubs, would be better getting a couple of years playing football rather than going to some big European club and playing youth football which is a pretty low standard of football. Fair enough Gilmour and mctominay have made it but I could name you another 20 who haven't. Tierneys situation is completely different to Hickeys, Tierney spent his early career getting gametime and experience and had moved to arsenal with the understanding he would be playing first team football. If anything he's an example of not moving too soon and gaining first team experience albeit at a lower standard. If Hickey moves to a top European club or even a lower epl club he will be chucked straight into their youth set up. That's not always the best move imo. Just look at Tony gallacher, signed by Liverpool from Falkirk at 18 and hasn't played first team football yet since he moved. We have had plenty of young players at top clubs and loads more at average epl clubs and barely any of them make the grade. Hickey moving to one of these clubs could just stifle his development whereas first team football in Scotland might help him develop much like it did to guys like Mcginn and Armstrong etc. Personally I don't see the big fuss over Hickey, he looks very average to me and I don't think he has the speed or athletic physique for top level football. I will happy be proved wrong though.
  23. Not sure what teams see in him. Hes pretty decent for a young player but he doesn't look like a future star imo. Not sure it's a good idea for him to move to an epl team as he will just be placed into their youth teams for a few years. Better getting game time with hearts then moving at the age of 21.
  24. Thats a bit rich coming from fans whos team finished 8th in the league.
  25. Hes an expert in playing that over head ball through to aubamyang, hes playing excellent so far.
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