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    Ottawa via Glasgow.
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    Scotland, Celtic FC, Bagpipes, having a wee swally. Proud as Fuck to be Scottish.....

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  1. Don't leave us this way,
    We can't survive, We can't stay alive, without your love oh Ramy,
    Don't leave us this way,
    No we can't exist...
    We’ll surely miss your tender kiss,
    Don't leave us this way,
    Ohhhhh, Ramy!
    Our heart is full of love and desire for you,
    Now com'on down and do what you gotta do,
    You started this fire down in our soul,
    Now can't you see it's burning out of control,
    Com'on, satisfy the need in me,
    'Cause only your good lovin'
    Can set us free...... 🎤:sing:
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