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  1. Aye, and if ma aunt had balls she'd be ma uncle.. Its over....
  2. First and foremost, it is always Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, then Celtic for me.. The league is over, it's that simple. I am not gutted about not doing 10IAR, I am gutted about how we threw it away.. The board knew how important it was to the supporters to win 10IAR, they didnae give a fuck.. They have their millions of dollars, the cheap option in charge, what do they care... I dont blame the support for being upset. It's a joke. These supporters give their hard earned money to season books, travel, merchandise, and so on. They deserve a quality side on the park.. Lennon, who I love his passion, is not
  3. Congratulations to the decent rangers supporters on this fine board on behalf of masell. League title handed to you on a silver platter... Its over.. I hope to fuck that clown Lennon never manages another Celtic match as long as he lives. If he loves Celtic as much as he sais he does, then he will fuckin resign.. Out of Europe, out of LC, lost the league in only January. And most important, taking his fuckin football club on holiday to Dubai, bringing back "covid" as a souvenir, while the rest of Scotland try and cope with a deadly pandemic... Get to fuck !!!
  4. Vanderark. To be honest mate, it's just good natured banter. I understand Hibernian FC concerns, and they are valid concerns..
  5. Why? All affected are isolating. I think they are feart of a proper fuckin famous Glasgow Celtic skelping... on we go, 10IAR... 👍👍👊👊💪💪💪Yalllllllllllllldy...
  6. Fair play. I never gloat, I do enjoy winning trophies though. This Dubai trip though was an absolute disgrace, and I said it last week.. Hope it was worth it Lennon...
  7. We will batter Hibs tonight. Lennon on that list aswell? Here is hoping...
  8. This is club football you wank, Scotland is obvious...
  9. Would just like to wish Hoopy and the bairns all the best tonight against Hibernian FC..... 😥😥
  10. Never.. The management can get to fuck, but I will always remain Celtic FC till I Die....😉
  11. Statement from Big 1314, a Celtic shareholder and FIFA certified coach who lives in Canada. " I am deeply saddened by the actions of the upper management and staff who potentionaly put peoples lives at risk by jetting off to Dubiu, while the rest of Scotland are dealing with a horrible pandemic.. They should all be relieved of their duties and told to get to fuck.. How dare they disgrace my Historic and Famous club for their own satisfaction. They have also handed the Glasgow rangers the title, Destroying the historic 10 in a row.... I will be taking some time off my own work to try and dea
  12. The club has let me down once again.. unacceptable...
  13. He is a diving, cheatin, fat moaning faced prick. I think most will agree..
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