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  1. Wee trip down memory lane. What is your favorite song, band, of the above decade. I'm 50, so 80s, 90s for me. 80s. Fav song. West end Girls. 90s. Fav song. Wonderwall. Bands. U2, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Big Country, Coldplay...
  2. The reason I am posting this is to gain another perspective and hear some thoughts on Double Decker buses. On Friday Jan 11, a DD bus here in Ottawa was involved in one of the worst public transit accidents in Ottawa history. 3 people were killed, 25 hurt, with 10 in critical condition. It's the second fatal accident involving DD buses here in Ottawa since they were introduced in 2011. In 2013, six people were killed when I DD bus collided with a train. I won't go into detail on how the accident happened. If you want just google "Ottawa OC Transpo bus accident". Some people are blaming the driver, some the weather conditions, what is coming out now, is the safety of Double Decker buses. Alot of Ottawa bus riders now saying they will never ride a Double Decker bus again, as they fear they are unsafe. Now my question, as I have friends and family who take these DD buses on a daily basis, have you ever felt unsafe, or worried about driver error while riding a DD bus. My understanding is the driver has to keep checking a screen to see what is happening in the top deck at all times, which I believe, threatens the safety of passengers as he or she is not focused on driving 100 percent of the time. Also is the speed of the bus with the added weight and design. Is it built properly for public transit? The one thing that is completely different from Scotland, is the weather. The winters here in Ottawa can be brutal, but on the day of the accident, weather conditions were favorable, just the possibility of black ice. I do not know if these are the same type of buses that are driving around Scotland. From what I understand they are manufactured in the US, but a double decker, is a double decker. So the big question. Do you feel safe on a DD, have there been many accidents involving DD. The city of Ottawa is in shock over this accident, and like I said, lots of people want these DD buses gone completely. Would be interesting to here some input from other cities...
  3. Once again I think people were blaming the DD design. But as a fellow poster pointed out, getting hit by a train has no bearing on what vehicle it is.
  4. Yes, correct. There is alot of finger pointing at the moment which is unfortunate. I have not travelled on one of these DD, my mother takes the express route which has no stops. She has told me it makes her nervous and she has travelled in Glasgiw many many times with no nerves whatsoever. Don't know, as I believe these DD are safe if driven properly. I operate heavy equipment at work and the most important thing is to drive within the speed limits and give extra space for braking. Just so unfortunate this whole accident.
  5. That was also talked about. Some folk getting scared when approaching an overhead bridge.
  6. Think the biggest worry people have is the speed. The accident happened when apparently the bus started to slide a bit, then the driver lost control. I am only going by what is said in the news. Ottawa has the arrticulated buses, but they always get stuck in the snow, that is why they opted for DDs, problem is at higher speeds, they are harder to control if there is an issue. Maybe it's a case of people still being in shock and looking for blame. I know alot of folk calling in in the radip program were saying the stairs to the upper level were very small and narrow. It will take months to figure a definate cause of this terrible tragedy, but as I mentioned, people are nervous getting on these DD now.
  7. Yes, I think if it's the same bus they are called "arrticulated" here in Ottawa.
  8. Forgot to mention. At the time of the accident the bus was at full capacity, which was 90 people.
  9. I have decided to start my own Celtic thread. I did not ask permission as I havnae a clue who the mods are. I will post whatever I want within the rules about Celtic throughout the upcoming season. Feel free to post all good things Celtic.. Nae slagging me. 😁😁. 8IAR coming soon...
  10. Big Ramy 1314

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Keep the FF Gustapo shite off my thread or I will have no choice but to have you reported and dealt with accordingly. Thank you. BR1314. CEO...
  11. Fuck me. Would love him back. 😁
  12. Fuck me. Runrig. Love them. Saw them in concert in Montreal in the early 90s. Fuckin love them. Cutter and the Clan, Big Wheel.
  13. Big Ramy 1314

    NFL Thread 2018/2019

    Holy fuck. My Eagles are up 14-0 in the 1st.
  14. Oh cheers. Do I dare ask Hibs or Hearts. We all know who the Proclaimers support. Seeing I do not know alot about Edinburgh being a Glesga man masell yae ken?
  15. Big Ramy 1314

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Right then. Getting excited for next week. Fitba be back. Looking forward to seeing a new and invigorated Celtic. New signings, 2 weeks off, ready to fuckin roll. Hail Fuckin Hail.🙂🙂🙂🙂
  16. I am absolutely shocked and appalled that nobody has mentioned Scotland's greatest gift to the world of music. The one and only. "Bay City Rollers". Top band in their day. That Woody was some fashion statement. Anyone know exactly in Scotland they were from? I'm sure it no "Bay City". Just sayin like..
  17. I'm not watching the match, but I checked Fotmob for the roster as I always like to keep tabs on our Scottish boys. Cheers Fairbairn.
  18. What? I must be blind. 🤣🤣
  19. That would be a nice week bonus. Think the same kinda thing happened with us with Virgil from Liverpool.
  20. Fair enough DD. That's the football world these days. Cheers.
  21. I saw that McTominay was not even on the bench for Manure v Tottenham.today. is he injured?
  22. Interesting. Does he want out of Aberdeen all together? Is he no happy?