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  1. Booked last night. Aberdeen to Amsterdam Sunday - Wednesday - £145 return Train from Schiphol to Brussels Centraal direct about 50 Euros return.
  2. If you are going for something to eat, I can recommend a wee Italian restau.......... Oh, wait a minute
  3. Was in Pisa in the summer. It's worth jumping in a taxi and going straight to the tower. It's only 15-20 minutes from the airport and will cost about 20 Euros. Lot's of nice wee boozers in the area of the tower. There's not much else to see in Pisa.
  4. 8:30 Aberdeen tomorrow morning to Gatwick then onwards to Milan then Rome and finally in Tirana at 23:25 tomorrow night. A long day but I'm sure it will be worth it.
  5. I got an e-mail from blue-panorama last night. Thinking the worst, I opened it. Surprised to read a flight reminder and welcoming me on board with a few tips for my flight. Flying Tirana - Milan at 16:45 on Sunday evening.
  6. In my opinion, we have to win this game to avoid feckin embarrassment.
  7. WARNING Albania is not covered by the free calls abroad scheme on most networks. Make sure your data roaming is switched off. Use WiFi only.
  8. I've got 2 spares for the home section (Section D4) Face value is £7 - will sell for £5 each. They are e-tickets so I can e-mail them on if anyone wants them.
  9. It doesn't necessarily have to be your passport, it says ID. Driving license or even SSC card should be suffice.
  10. Booked with rideways.com. £28 return for a taxi. UK based company paid up front so no hassle having to pay in Euros or Leks and no getting ripped off by dodgy taxi drivers.
  11. 4 pointers yes - possibly even three pointers
  12. Common sense says that they will have pick ups in Tirana the day / night before. But when have common sense and SSC ever appeared in the same sentence.
  13. Had the option of flying direct from Milan to Tirana with this mob but after reading their reviews, I chose to fly Milan - Rome Tirana with Alitalia. Seemed a pain in the butt at the time but glad I took that option now.
  14. They are about £7 a go. I've bought 2 and right in the front row. It's the only section selling. The rest of the stadium has sold about 20 tickets.
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