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  1. Yes I could have worded that a bit better but with eight caps he still has a long way to go at international level. Robertson is now on thirty and has nothing to prove in my book.
  2. I rate Tierney but too have doubts re his commitment. I know someone in the SFA party who told me his behaviour in Astana (or whatever its called) suggested he would rather be elsewhere. Apparently he sat alone during the match not making any effort to speak with anyone. Hopefully this can be put down to the negativity in the camp under McLeish and that his attitude will change now we have Clarke at the helm and he is playing in the south. On a slightly different note one of the most ludicrous headlines I saw was earlier this week when one sportswriter had a headline saying Scotland had a great future with players at Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United to choose from. Tierney has yet to kick a ball for Arsenal and McTominay is a bit part player at best. Robertson has however proved himself at the highest level.
  3. As the WWC proved the standard of the womens game is undoubtedly improving. Of course given that many players are now full time professionals this is what you would expect. However this does not apply to the Scottish ladies who are nowhere as good as they and some punters think they are. One point out of nine is failure yet people were talking them up like they were national heroes. They struggled to defeat Jamaica at home who lost all their matches in France and were only saved from the worst placed team slot because of Thailands goals against column. The results of the U19s ladies (again at home) do little to inspire confidence for the future - three defeats with the coach saying how proud she was of how her girls responded to the loss of four first half goals V Norway. Always thought Kerr talked a good game in the build up but she is lucky to still be in post after being found to be tactically naive when it mattered. I do however admire Shelley for responding to the accusations on camera and answering all the questions during last nights BBC Scotland interview.
  4. Hoping someone will have an update on the Tartan Army legend that is Wallpaper Ricky? The last I heard (in Brussels) was he was still confined to bed in a private hospital ward but was conscious. I am sure most on here will wish him a speedy recovery.
  5. Thanks for that Captain!
  6. Planning to visit the office in Edinburgh next week. Just a question about payment guys - I would expect you can pay by Card? Don't envisage them having a till full of change!
  7. One of the news programmes - Channel 5 I think - ran a feature in the run up to the last World Cup. It focussed on teaching Russians working in the service sector such as railway staff how to smile at the visitors to their country. It seems it is just in their DNA not to look happy even though inwardly they may be.
  8. Thats not that bad an idea actually. I just find it ludicrous that the SSC will police away points so stringently with 100% pick up on occasions yet have no checks on home purchases where it is easy to accumulate points at little or no expense (if you resell the ticket). Perhaps three points for an away game and one for home matches would be more realistic- with random checks for both.
  9. They could always stay in Budapest - no need to reach Belgrade where by all accounts they would embarassingly outnumber the Welsh support.
  10. Spoke to an England fan the day after the Wembley game in 2013 from Middlesbrough who had spent the night in London. A lot of his mates had been with him in Baker Street but watched the game on TV. They were all members of the England Club which awarded points for a home match (at this time we didn't) if you scanned your card which was bar coded. He apparently took a batch of their cards and scanned them all at the stadium whilst they stayed in the pub.
  11. You are on the right track mate but I am not advocating every member be IDd on entry. The barcode idea wouldn't work as anyone can scan the ticket. I would advocate random collection as at away games. I can assure p gala ta I know of a number of people benefiting from this loophole, one of whom buys a season and as he works off shore only uses a couple of the tickets with the rest passed on.
  12. There was an interesting pre match piece on Reporting Scotland speaking to fans buying tickets all saying how long they had waited for european action to return to Rugby Park. The feelgood factor was very much apparent ahead of the game. Gaurenteed a 10,000 gate for the home game against Belgrade but that is all gone now. The new manager was massive gamble which looks already doomed to failure - but he does deserve longer to turn things around. When all is said and done regardless of who the manager is the players on the park were more than good enough to defeat Nomads. Where were the leaders in the Killie team?
  13. Yes but with respect that is not the point I am making. How do you feel about members NOT turning up on a cold Monday night but buying tickets, pasing them on and, as you put it - getting a bit of a reward? Would you be happy to be selected for pick up on Monday night to combat this deception?
  14. I can see Killie getting well pumped by Rangers in their opening League game.
  15. I have limited sympathy. They chose to book flights on the incorrect assumption the tie was over and it wasn't. Hard not to have some sympathy as a football fan but, let's be honest here, if it was England or Old Firm fans in the same circumstances we'd be laughing and calling them arrogant for taking the home game for granted. They took a gamble and booked cheap flights - but the gamble failed. Personally if it was all paid for I would still go but then I might not have taken that gamble.
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