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  1. Tend to agree that the perpetrators will look upon this as a tit for tat challenge. Examples of similar graffiti can be seen all along the railway line from Central Station. Wouldn't be surprised if it was desecrated within a day of any restoration.
  2. Appreciate that Watson - one of the players featured - played in the 5-1 game. Still doesn't explain why this result was chosen. For me it should have been the first International played there which, incidentally, had a more impressive scoreline. Just curious as to what the thinking was behind the decision.
  3. Possibly as Watson is depicted in the mural. Always assumed the point was to highlight the site of the first Hampden though.
  4. A serious question. The choice of match depicted on the mural of the 1882 fixture has always puzzled me. It was by no means the first time Scotland had played at the first Hampden which was back in 1878. The result then - 7-2 in Scotlands favour - was at least ass impressive as the 5-1 victory and there was also a 5-4 win in 1880. We never actually lost to the Auld Enemy at that stadium so can someone explain the choice of the 1882 game being showcased?
  5. Not sold out - crowd given as 46,773. South Upper was not opened so I guess the tickets printed were close to being sold.
  6. Just saw the CEO of the FAs National Football Museum on Breakfast TV advising there are plans to have 50-50 representation of both the men and womens game within the next three years. Nothing wrong with encouraging young girls to take up the game, but sorry whether in England or anywhere else womens footiball does not have anything like the history of the mens game. I assume our own Museum at Hampden will follow suit.
  7. Think you may have the wrong date? Was in the Mitchell library yesterday with cause to research 1972 on a non football matter. So I took the opportunity to check and there was nothing in the 21st April Scottish journals (a Friday) or the following days where there ought to have been a match report of some sort.
  8. I have it on good authority that they are relocating to its sister pub on match days - The Iron HorseShoe.
  9. They were running out of most of the draft beers yesterday evening so I guess they pretty much judged it correctly. Bit sad to see it come to an end and was glad to raise a final glass and say farewell to a well established piece of Glasgows past.
  10. I would like to think that those on here of a certain age would agree that Football Handbook was magic!
  11. I am so upset 😢😢😢
  12. I guess it is because the stakes are higher and they are confident of selling out among their own fans. They are unbeaten in the last two years at home. Stadium capacity is 28,000 incidentally. For the 0-4 game there were just over 24,000 in total which was good considering the home side had no chance of progressing. I am assuming the figure was the same in 2009 when our 2,200 was the entire lower tier.of one end.
  13. You came on here all guns blazing, stating as fact the following `I've already said we've taken more than 3,000 to Oslo the twice I've been.' Wanderer then provided the official sales figure of 2,200 for the last game which blew your claim completely out of the water but you didn't like that much. Having been put in your place you then had an opportunity to say `well OK but it did seem like more than that.' But rather than back down you instead have chosen to dig an even deeper hole for yourself with each post containing more innaccuracies. You further let yourself down with comments such as `So do you ever accept you are talking shite?' when presented with facts. I stand by my opinion 1,350 would be about right for a `normal' game in Oslo - 1,500 would suffice unless qualification was at stake. I don't know what sort of calculator you use but if it is the same one you had in Oslo then there will be close to 80,000 crammed into 52,000 seats for the Israel game so the health and safety guys ought to be concerned! As for - as you so elequently put it - `talking shite' I'll leave that for others to decide. But again I refuse to stoop to your level of personal insults and bad language - other than quoting yourself!
  14. I would exercise a note of caution for anyone depending on this charter guys. It will be dependent on numbers and may not take off atall (no pun meant) if past experience is anything to go by. I was booked on a day trip to Kaunus for the game in 2003. Around a month or so before the game I received a letter from the tour company with a refund advising that due to insufficient numbers it was not financially viable for them to go ahead. Of course the passenger list could have been added to in that month but it would have been worse to wait until the last minute and least I was able to make alternative travel plans. Ramsey World Travel originally had three charters for the game in Moldova - one flight each from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Again due to numbers two were cancelled and we were all put on a single flight from Glasgow. So I would say don't put all your eggs in one basket and research a back up plan just in case - which could of course prove more expensive.
  15. I refuse to lower myself to your level of insults but you do come accross as rather arrogant resorting to insulting language rather than admitting to being in the wrong. You leapt in with your claim there were over 3,000 Scots fans at the 2009 match. When it was pointed out by another poster that the official SFA sales were 2,200 you refused to revise this figure. By implication you therefore estimate there were around half of this number - 1,000 - again at the game. Nonsense there would have been 2,600 TOPS. So WRONG You also state as fact regarding the 2009 match in Oslo - 'we were effectively out of qualification by then.' We weren't as I sumarised in my last post which you rfused to acknowledge and dismissed as `shite.' To illustrate this, the following game at home to Belarus was a sell out with 51,105 - some support for a meaningless game eh? So sorry but WRONG again. You further claim `You used two friendlies' when I used the 2013 and 2009 matches to produce an average. I did not - one was a friendly and one a quailfier. So again you are WRONG. Scotland have never taken over 3,000 fans to Norway - fact. Don't you ever admit to being wrong about anything?
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