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    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    CV ALEX MCLEISH (AKA The New Murinho) POST 2007 AFTER SCOTLAND CAREER BIRMINGHAM CITY 2007-8 `I’ve got the New Murinho’ said the Birmingham chairman David Gold. Joined when the club were in a mid table position. Club RELEGATED to the Championship on the last day of his first season 2008-9 Credit where due - promoted at first attempt. 2009-10 Finished in ninth place 2010-11 Won the League Cup Final against Arsenal then the club went into freefall and were AGAIN RELEGATED under McLeish on the final day of the season. The directors kept faith with him but rather than stay and fight with his players for promotion he chose to jump ship – and join their biggest rivals for a rumoured figure of £1m informing Birmingham City of his decision by email ASTON VILLA 17th JUNE 2011-14th MAY 2012 Took the club to the BRINK OF RELEGATION before a `McLeish Out’ campaign from the fans resulted in termination of his contract. Villa just stayed in the Premiership by two points. MAY –DECEMBER 2012 UNEMPLOYED NOTTINGHAM FOREST 27th DECEMBER 2012 – 5th FEBRUARY 2013 Left the club after FIVE WEEKS by mutual consent following a series of poor results including losing at Birmingham FEBRUARY 2013 – AUGUST 2014 UNEMPLOYED GENK AUGUST 2014-MARCH 2015 Left club by mutual consent after failing to reach League Play offs MARCH 2015-FEBRUARY 2016 UNEMPLOYED ZAMALEK 28TH FEBRUARY 2ND MAY 2016 SACKED after two months as a result of poor performances MAY 2016-FEBRUARY 2017 UNEMPLOYED FERUARY 2017 Again the inept Scottish FA offer a contract to the unemployed manager after he continually touted himself for the Scotland and Rangers job whenever there was a vacancy Conclusion – A nice guy and a great player who never withdrew from internationals but an utter dud of a manager who has no sense of loyalty and has amassed a fortune from his failed attempts at management not to mention EBTs. The SFA took a chance on him whilst unemployed and he used the post to attempt to further his career. The legacy of his time in England is that BIRMINGHAM CITY are STILL struggling to get out of the Championship today and currently staring at League 1 football. All hail the New Murinho!
  2. Catchart Circle

    Israel tickets on sale

    I agree that would be a good idea but only if you live in Glasgow. You could I guess argue that fans from other parts of the country would benefit as the queues for collection at the venue would be shorter.
  3. Catchart Circle

    Israel tickets on sale

    Surely its not rocket science to have an alternative pick up in Tel Aviv the afternoon/night before the game
  4. Catchart Circle

    League cup semi final scheduling

    I agree. Sometimes the complete ignorance of football fans astounds me. Absolutely nothing to do with the SFA,
  5. Catchart Circle

    Wizz air flight Thursday 15th

    Why waste time in the airport? Luton is the city that never sleeps - Do not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime that fate has presented you with ......................... or regret if forever!
  6. Catchart Circle


    Arrived in Sofia airport around 2AM a couple of years ago. Far too early to check into my hotel and couldn't find any bar open in the airport although there may have been one back through customs. I did find an all night cafe/bar which was dirt cheap a couple of minutes from the airport. I recall I crossed the main road and it was down a side street but very close. Nothing to get excited about but I was very grateful for it
  7. Catchart Circle

    A Night Out in Luton?

  8. Catchart Circle

    A Night Out in Luton?

    You're right about one thing - dead easy to get into town from the airport. Only been there during the day and no shortage of pubs. Did notice a couple of nightclubs - think one was called the Velvet something or other but as I said was daytime. As the game is on a Thursday I assume it will be a weekend night when you are in Luton so there will be somewhere to go.
  9. Catchart Circle

    Berty Hally RIP

    Thanks for posting this albeit with sad news. Bertie will have been at more games than most and was a very unassuming lad who unlike some never bragged about how many games he had attended, points accumulated and the like. He was happy just to be one of the crowd who sought no publicity. I met him on the flight to Tel Aviv all those years ago and saw him at an away game fairly recently within the last few years.
  10. Catchart Circle

    Europa league qualifiers

    Aye the Prince of Wales was rammed with them early doors and couldn't get in the Kings Bar for them either. Lets hope they are just as accomodating to us next week.
  11. Catchart Circle

    Europa league qualifiers

    Thought it was on one of the satellite channels - or maybe he meant half of them watching the game
  12. Catchart Circle

    Europa league qualifiers

    It was the Burnley invasion of Aberdeen as they took over the city centre. I walked all the way along Union Street from the Justice Mill to King Street around 4pm and was amazed at the ammount of claret given their allocation of 2,030 tickets. They took over the Castlegate and surrounding pubs, including the Archibald and Simpson, were full of them. One I spoke to after the match said they had brought 4,000 north with half of them watching the game on TV.
  13. I even deliberately avoid the pundits on Scottish games let alone English ones. Switch on two minutes before kick off and boil the kettle at half time. Sometimes fifteen minutes is a long time. Pundits are optional and can easily be avoided assuming you know what time the match kicks off at.
  14. Catchart Circle

    Europa league qualifiers

    I heard this is where away fans are assured a warm welcome at Burnley😁
  15. Catchart Circle

    Alan Gilzean

    Incredible scoring record - almost a goal a game for Dundee and twelve for Scotland from 22 appearances. Reporting Scotland had a nice if brief tribute tonight but wrongly stated one of the goals shown was for Scotland in West Germany in 1969 when it was infact for Dundee against Anderlecht in the European Cup six years earlier! RIP Alan Gilzean