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  1. I even deliberately avoid the pundits on Scottish games let alone English ones. Switch on two minutes before kick off and boil the kettle at half time. Sometimes fifteen minutes is a long time. Pundits are optional and can easily be avoided assuming you know what time the match kicks off at.
  2. Catchart Circle

    Europa league qualifiers

    I heard this is where away fans are assured a warm welcome at Burnley😁
  3. Catchart Circle

    Alan Gilzean

    Incredible scoring record - almost a goal a game for Dundee and twelve for Scotland from 22 appearances. Reporting Scotland had a nice if brief tribute tonight but wrongly stated one of the goals shown was for Scotland in West Germany in 1969 when it was infact for Dundee against Anderlecht in the European Cup six years earlier! RIP Alan Gilzean
  4. I've always been intensely anti-England, but since the 2014 and 2016 referenda, the seething in me at the mention of the words England or English, has reached ridiculous levels. Despite wearing a Scotland top on the tram on the way back from Friday's game a Brazilian asked me if I was English. My response was not particularly pleasant, with some of the most colourful language that even I have produced being literally spat back at him. We're not that bad a bunch either Huddersfield! Please do not associate all Scots - football fans or otherwise with the above bigoted comments and accept my apologies on behalf of decent Scots who are supposed to be a friendly nation. Many Scots are now openly backing England who previously were afraid to speak out but are now reacting to the bitter anti Englishness which is always portrayed as the Scottish viewpoint. Personally I am neuetral and would have no problem if you won the World Cup - equally I won't be losing any sleep if you don't. Not only does Vasco hate the English he also seems to hate most Scots given the majority voted NO in 2014 (I didn't incidentally). Maybe he should just stay in Moscow after all.
  5. Catchart Circle

    Russia 2018

    There is an inevitability regarding Englands relentless path to the final and there are parallels with Andy Murrays first Wimbledon title. All the fancied opposition exit in the early rounds leaving a relatively easy path to the final - and I'm taking nothing away from England in saying that as they still had to win those games. In the Final Murray played the game of his life against Djokovic just as England will do against Belgium. Brazil I feel would have been too strong but again a good result for England last night. Belgium to best France on Tuesday and I predict a narrow extra time win for England over Belgium and they will be Champions of the World in eight days time.
  6. Catchart Circle

    England for the World Cup?

    I have not seen a team left in it England have anything to be afraid of - but only if they play to their potential. Southgate - unlike their media - seems to be saying all the right things about not looking beyond their next game. Columbia will be tough opponents but if England win on Tuesday they will never get a better chance of winning it again.
  7. Catchart Circle

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    Hello Sindre, I have been travelling to watch Scotland since the 1982 World Cup in Spain. Here are my views which I am sure some will disagree with. We had a decent side in the 1980s with a number of players with the leading English clubs and while Scotland always threatened to do something we never did bar the odd one off result. Watching Scotland now is more of a social event than it used to be although it would be wrong to say people only used to go for the match. Historically Scots supporters have always been known to drink excessively going back to the biannual trips to Wembley last century. What happened in the mid 1990s was that supporters started to get organised and formed their own clubs such as the London Scots and Edinburgh Tartan Army. Of course people had previously travelled with groups of friends but when there was a local club in your area it clearly was an opportunity to meet like minded people on a regular basis - and not just when there was a match on. Later Scotland began playing a number of home matches on Saturday afternoons and these clubs viewed such occasions a a regular day out to look forward to regardless of the result. With the decline in weekend fixtures and results these fans were not prepared to give up the friendship and comaradarie they had discovered - cynics might query whether they previously had no friends lol! People met their partners through the Tartan Army and got involved with fund raising and charity work and away matches were to a degree viewed as a holiday with the trip often lasting for a full week. Due to the cult of the Tartan Army this has encouraged others to join who are looked down upon by some as drunks with no interest in the match. I would dispute this as I have yet to meet anyone who has no interest in the result - it is more a case of lower than previous expectations making defeats less painful. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone coming along for whatever reason - it is not an exclusive club. Some older veterans consider those who sport feathers in their hats as the party goers but that is too much of a generalisation for me. Equally there are a number of well known elder fans who started out in the 1970s or 80s who have transformed into the new breed of fan. That is who used to go for the game but nowadays always appear to be drunk for the duration of an overseas trip. There are some supporters who view each trip like another notch on their belt who can actually tell you exactly how many away matches they have attended as if is some sort of competition to be Scotlands biggest fan. Paradoxically some of the elder Tartan Army have no idea of numbers of matches and no interest in such statistics. I have no issue whatsoever with young lads enjoying a bevvy or Swedish nurses coming along for the ride (no pun inteneded). In fact I predict, like most of the fan groups, the Swedish TA will grow as it has the potential to do so once word gets around those three girls friends about the good times to be had. I would expect them to be hitting double figures in the near future. And very welcome they are too - although as I sad some will clearly disagree.
  8. Catchart Circle

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    I think we sold all our allocation but there were definitely ticket holders who decided not to travel after the home defeat
  9. Catchart Circle

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    The 1990s were the most successful period in the history of the national team. We took part in for FOUR tournaments during that decade. The 70s and 80s only produced an aggregate of four between them. Incidentally the Argentina documentary is repeated on BBC1 on Tuesday at 10.55
  10. Catchart Circle

    The Weemin

    Fair play to the lassies for a great comeback. The first three goals were pure comedy https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scotland-complete-dramatic-turnaround-to-secure-memorable-win/?rid=13925 The womens game continues to be good for a laugh
  11. Catchart Circle

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    It certainly passed sixty minutes but did the documentary really tell us anything we didn't already know? I don't think so. Nothing new there.
  12. Catchart Circle

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Ronnie did get a `thanks to' mention in the closing credits. He must have advised in some capacity - remember he wrote Allys biography
  13. Catchart Circle

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    The game was arranged as a money making exercise - nothing to do with progression of the team. The SFA should have learned their lesson after Yokohama - a game arranged in October FFS ( again for money) which sparked massive call offs. What other FA would sanction such a trip without a manager? I suspect this is why Smith was overlooked as I am sure if asked in his interview he would have said to scrap the trip whereas Eck was desperate to get off the dole. I remember Levein vetoed a close season trip to Australia and rightly so. I am heading over myself - call me a hypocrite - but with no expectation whatsoever for these matches. I too would normally call for any withdrawals not to be selected in future ..... but not this time. This is the one time of year players should be able to spend time with their families. And I suspect those kilted/feathered warriors who claim they would crawl over broken glass naked to play for Scotland would be the first to pull out if in the players position. We have a manager who has no concept of the word loyalty so he is hardly in a position to complain and is clearly no example to the players.
  14. Catchart Circle

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    Thank god - thought it was just me and £88 worth had gone AWOL as there was no note or email😁
  15. Catchart Circle

    Airport transfers

    As you live in London you will be aware of the risks but a mate of mine took the metro to the World Cup Final in '86 and had his ticket pickpocketed on the way to the Azteca - and missed on his one chance of seeing the biggest game of all.