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  1. Sadly true as Ted Christopher posted on Facebook I was told. A true legend of the TA been travelling since the Sixties, probably longer than anyone. RIP Ricky
  2. We also lost to the Italians in the the first Toulon tournament on pens in '77 )U221s). Plus the U23s lost a shoot out to the Dutch at Easter Road the previous year.
  3. Do you seriously think it is okay for someone to take such a vital kick when he had missed the last two? And just for the record I never booed McAllisiter - but understand why some fans did. It amazes me how some people rewrite history and I suspect some of his defenders today were amongst his critics at the time. Don't you remember the lack of sympathy when he was injured ahead of France 98? McAllister was a good, even great player for Scotland, but he was not a good captain. He wanted to take everything, every free kick, corner and penalty. I recall a debate on
  4. I disagree. He even made a comment after the game that it had made up for Wembley. Nobody would have called him a shitebag if Durie- who was taking penalties for his club at the time - or anyone else taken the kick. Whey would they as he had already missed twice from the spot.
  5. Going back as far as 1972 Willie Morgan missed twice from the spot. After this it was an unwritten rule that if you missed a penalty in a Scotland jersey you never took another. Rioch, Hutchison, Bremner and Jardine all missed and got no second chance with someone else was designated as the taker. McAllister missed twice V Malta and England. In between those fixtures Nevin scored from the spot V Estonia but, significantly, McAllister did not take part in that game. In a vital World Cup qualifier in Belarus 12 months after Euro 96 there were no goals into the second half when we
  6. We were also awarded a pen in the next game after the East German match V Spain at Hampden in '74. But the least said about that the better.
  7. Two in `home' game with Malta in 1993- one missed and one netted at Ibrox. Ditto for East Germany at Hampden in '74. Both results were also the same, 3-0 home wins.
  8. It's actually a digital copy sourced from the ITV Sport archive rather than an off air recording - VCRs were only available to the more affluent at the time. When they were copying from the 2 inch tape of the World of Sport edition they miscalculated which is why the build up and first minute or so of the game are absent. The missing sequence with the same Brian Moore commentary is however available here on this SFA VHS release which omitted THAT tackle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnWmsNX0dQQ Incidentally I am afraid VAR would not have awarded us a first half penalt
  9. The next SFA meeting is also mid August. I would imagine this will be discussed so we should have a better idea in ten days or so.
  10. A few of us used the bar of the hotel the media were based in in Mexico, one of the big chains next to the independence statue. Although the price of the rooms was well outwith our budgets the beer was reasonably priced compared to some of the tourist places. One prominent fan of the period claimed to have bumped into Jack Charlton at Belfast airport after we had qualified for the Spain World Cup with a hard earned draw. It was related that he had been quite rude to the fan and derogatory regarding Scotlands chances in the World Cup dismissing us as `bloody lucky Jocks' with th
  11. There was an event held in Edinburgh a few months after the tournament, probably around August/September on a Sunday. Somewhere in the south side - pretty sure the bar was called Oddfellows. The fan and policewoman were both invited to promote the event with them fully expected to recreate the moment. The WPC turned up as the guest of honour ........................................................accompanied by her husband.
  12. After three caps Watson moved to London in 1882 which did indeed make him ineligible for Scotland. Initially he spent a couple of years with a side called Swifts before signing for Corinthians. His colour does not particularly seem to have inhibited his career at any time and many match reports make no mention of this, focussing on his ability. He was actually born in the colonies and I think his Scottish father was involved in the slave trade which would explain why he was there though this needs confirming.
  13. How refreshing that this thread has not descended to the level of `it's oor game and no' their's!' - well at least not yet! I always refer to the respected Bob Crampseys research in `The First 100 Years of the Scottish Football League.' Quoting Crampsey -` Although association football developed almost simultaneously in Scotland and England there was a difference in ethos and approach almost from the outset...... .......It was not surprising that England, whence the initial impetus had come, continued to lead the way in the organisation of the game ..... .. in the formation of a
  14. Watched the Norway game from Bordeaux the other week and we were denied an absolute stonewaller when Durie was sent crashing to the turf in the box at 0-0. Much more a pen than Gallagher going down in the opening game.
  15. Agreed - the penalty was 50/50 at best. We had our best spell just before the award then it all fell apart so ironically might have snatched a draw it the pen hadn't been given. England did up their game though after the break. Didn't think our penalty against Brazil two years later was valid either.
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