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  1. I had to order one adult and one junior and had the same problem before I sussed it out. If I remember correctly it was when you went to the basket and you then had an option to `update tickets.' There was then a drop down menu and I changed one of the adults to an under 16 and the price total was updated. Can't remember if I had to click on something or if it updated automatically. This was all before card details were entered so if it asks for those first don't continue until you can amend the order. Good luck.
  2. I would phone them. When I tried to book my Brussels ticket on my saved card it came back as some sort of problem even though I had recently purchased Cyprus tickets with it on the same site. I dreaded being put on hold for ages but called the SSC who couldn't have been more helpful and processed the transaction within seconds.
  3. You can't miss the Grand Place due to its size and location. The last couple of trips to Brussels have seen thousands congregating there on the afternoon of the match with carrys outs. The police had a heavy presence but were quite tolerant although they cleared us from the square a good couple of hours ahead of the 2012 match. So if the weather is favourable I expect much of the same.
  4. Must be the worst kept secret in football. My main concern over Clarke is that he may do a McLeish if he has success and a Premiership club comes calling. Then again if you were to apply that rule in the appointment process you would never choose anyone half decent. Certainly the peoples choice - then again so was Strachan. Will be interesting to see how many players are prepared to extend their concluded season now to play for the new manager.
  5. Have to say that John Swinney looked quite shocked at some of the audience reaction and my the midway point looked like a frightened wee boy dreading the next question. Salmond would have handled the situation better. Tough of course with the other panelists generally conspiring against him and his party but he did recover and was a bit more composed towards the end of the broadcast.
  6. I can 100% say that they won't say that. That's some chip you have on your shoulder there!
  7. Yes tickets now available to zero pointers so that should be you sorted. Wouldn't hang about mind you incase they all go........................................
  8. Didn't really have a preference between Liverpool and City but was edging towards the blue team in the end as I honestly thought Liverpool got a lot of luck and seemed destined to finish on top. Particularly in the home game with Spurs when they were outplayed and got an extra two points with that 92nd minute own goal. Should also have been down to ten men against Newcastle and even in the last game with Wolves they were second best. Wolves hit the bar at 1-0 then Liverpool were awarded an offside goal. That said the Reds were denied a stonewall penalty at home to Leicester which, if scored, would have won the game and, ultimately, the title - and let's face it what it their not to like about Klopp? City did show a lot of nerves in the Leicester game when I really didn't see the goal coming - but they were still the better side in that match. Coming on the same day as the increasingly bitter Old Firm fixture, how refreshing it was to hear managers and players of both sides compliment their respective rivals once the matter had been settled. They showed the dignity lacking in the Glasgow derby.
  9. No - CraigieBrown Member 1 75 posts Gender:Male Report post Posted April 7 Buying any tickets from the Belgium FA is a serious challenge (if you are not a Belgian resident and registered with the FA). There are so many rules and regs and you have to jump through hoops to attend a game sometimes. Scotland end only available for this one I suspect.
  10. Sad news although I stopped going to the Horse before games a couple of years back as it was getting far too busy.Not that long since we lost The Vale, another pre match watering hole and a proper working mans pub to boot.
  11. Hope so. I do recall Billy was booed at the Europa League Final at Hampden (Seville V Espanol) by some of the atendees when he was introduced to the crowd pre match. Thought that was pretty poor given the occasion although the majority applauded.
  12. Aye saw he was with the other Lions at the game yesterday. Nice to see - missed his tribute in the Sun as I gave up reading comics years ago😁
  13. Aye but it's just a pity he wasn't bright enough to realise that it's a good idea to boot the ball up the park when your sides 2-1 ahead in stoppage time
  14. Bobby Lennox was conspicuous by his absence in in all the tributes that I saw. Hopefully he is still in good health.
  15. Thought Dembele was anonymous during the first period but really impressed in the second half especially his lead up play for Celtics first goal. An entertaining match for sure with an uncanny start to both halves. How many of those youngsters will make the grade? On past experience 2 or 3 at best sadly.
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