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  1. That is harsh - we have one or two decent players. But then again I have only been following for over forty years. Time will tell if Clarke can turn things around but the defence has been shocking, even in the Cyprus game. The old quote that its never a good idea to let the fans appoint the manager is always in my mind but Clarke is as good as the SFA will currently attract. It may turn out that Killie was his level but he deserves time and could not have walked into a worse series of fixtures after Cyprus - Belgium, Russia, Belgium then Russia. Remember Russia only defeated Kazakhstan at home with a last minute goal so a humping may not be a foregone conclusion.
  2. The SFA allocation for Brazil in 1998 was 5,380 from an 80,000 capacity. For Wembley in '96 we got 8,270 of the 76,000 tickets printed.
  3. Let's drop the admission to £15 and get a good turn out rather than embarrassingly low attendances. Oh, forgot that the season ticket holders would complain then.
  4. Have you printed your completed application yet? As I recall the online form was in a format which did not indicate the appropriate part for the picture to be attached to. This was only obvious once I had printed the paper copy.
  5. McGovern had been capped for Scotland Under 23s prior to Ally and Jocks appointments so it was no secret he was eligible.
  6. These attendance figures are accurate but a bit misleading when the circumstances of the time are taken into account. Only 12,801 were at Hampden for the visit of Romania - the first game after the Italian Wold Cup. BUT it was shown live on BBC1 Scotland. We had 27,740 a few weeks later for the Swiss game (not screened live), more than double the previous crowd although still not much better than last night. There was a lot of bad feeling amongst Scotland fans when Ibrox was allocated all our home games for USA 94 as the Rangers Revolution was in full swing and there was a feeling that particular club were already significantly better off than anyone else in the country (little did we know) and many Scotland fans did not wish to contribute to their domination of the domestic game. This resulted in 22,583 for the `home' game with Portugal and just 33,029 against Italy at Ibrox. The SFA took note and rather than have a half empty stadium gave away thousands of free tickets for the game against Malta which shows as a greater crowd than the Italian fixture - 35,490. The number of children in attendance was particularly noticeable in the higher than normal pitched sound of the crowd. So although the record books list the seemingly impressive crowd for the Malta game they do not reveal the full facts behind that figure. The remaining two home qualifers (V Estonia and Switzerland) were then rescheduled from Ibrox to Pittodrie. A similar situation arose recently for the womens game against Jamaica at Hampden when much was made of the crowd in excess of 18,000. This glossed over the fact that far less than half of those attendees were infact paying customers as again lots of freebies had been distributed to school children. Nothing wrong with that of course as they are hopefully the fans of the future, but a bit misleading nonetheless.
  7. Not if they are reselling the tickets to cover their outlay.
  8. And so it continues .............................................. https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/14225-tickets/&tab=comments#comment-537134
  9. That is exactly what Kevin Keegan did when he quit the England job stating it was far too big for him and In doing so he gained my respect. Would have thought McLeish was more than adequately compensated when he was sacked by Villa - who were believed to have paid him in the region of £1m to jump ship from Birmingham - not to mention the EBT he received during his time at Rangers.
  10. McLeish shouldn't have been sacked. He should have had the decency to resign before it came to that.
  11. 1524 will I think be adequate. Visas and the carrot of a trip to Cyprus will put some off travelling.
  12. Ha Ha! The clue was actually at the start of the application Ayr Storm where it stated you were required to have two blank pages in your passport😁
  13. On 8/30/2019 at 10:04 PM, Ayr Storm said: I went to the Visa Centre in Edinburgh on 23 July and got my passport back eight days later. I waited and waited for the visa to arrive then eventually contacted the Visa Centre. I was advised to contact the courier DX. I just discovered the visa is INSIDE the passport. Please tell me I am not the only one. You're the only one😂
  14. Its not too bad as I have rebooked the flight to Luton for late on the Wednesday for £25. A couple of beerz in the airport then can check in around 5AM. Arrive in Larnaca earlier obviously so this is useful for travelling to my destination. Overall not good from Wizzair though who are now unreliable in my book when also taking the first post in this thread into account. I am however dreading another email from them advising my return flight has been cancelled or amended as this involves two connections with other airlines to get me back in time for Kazakhstan at home!
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