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  1. There was an event held in Edinburgh a few months after the tournament, probably around August/September on a Sunday. Somewhere in the south side - pretty sure the bar was called Oddfellows. The fan and policewoman were both invited to promote the event with them fully expected to recreate the moment. The WPC turned up as the guest of honour ........................................................accompanied by her husband.
  2. After three caps Watson moved to London in 1882 which did indeed make him ineligible for Scotland. Initially he spent a couple of years with a side called Swifts before signing for Corinthians. His colour does not particularly seem to have inhibited his career at any time and many match reports make no mention of this, focussing on his ability. He was actually born in the colonies and I think his Scottish father was involved in the slave trade which would explain why he was there though this needs confirming.
  3. How refreshing that this thread has not descended to the level of `it's oor game and no' their's!' - well at least not yet! I always refer to the respected Bob Crampseys research in `The First 100 Years of the Scottish Football League.' Quoting Crampsey -` Although association football developed almost simultaneously in Scotland and England there was a difference in ethos and approach almost from the outset...... .......It was not surprising that England, whence the initial impetus had come, continued to lead the way in the organisation of the game ..... .. in the formation of a national association and a football league, in the creation of a cup competition and, perhaps oddly, in the adoption of professionalism, England would lead and Scotland fall shortly behind in each case. Another Scot, journalist John Rafferty, says in `One Hundred Years of Scottish Football,' `The Football Association had been formed in London in 1863 and their rules had inspired some young men in Glasgow to form Queens Park in 1867. The FA Cup was instituted in 1871 to inspire the start of the Scottish Cup two years later. The game in its present form came from England. Even in Scotland this has to be admitted.' So while the game may have been played first up here - in a crude form which allowed handling of the ball - the organised sport as we know it today had its rules drawn up in the south.
  4. Watched the Norway game from Bordeaux the other week and we were denied an absolute stonewaller when Durie was sent crashing to the turf in the box at 0-0. Much more a pen than Gallagher going down in the opening game.
  5. Agreed - the penalty was 50/50 at best. We had our best spell just before the award then it all fell apart so ironically might have snatched a draw it the pen hadn't been given. England did up their game though after the break. Didn't think our penalty against Brazil two years later was valid either.
  6. Well if you don't fancy that you can always watch ITV4 at the same time 😃 - https://tv24.co.uk/b/qahlb0-111w
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52653877
  8. You're right Bzzz. I've done similar and and banked my flights with an option to reschedule within 12 months. I could lose the fare of course but the more I think about it the whole thing was a gamble anyway. We booked cheap flights in anticipation of fare increases if we got through - but if we had lost to Israel it would have been cash down the drain anyway. So like I said it was a gamble in the first place which may or may not have paid off. I have saved £150 on my cancelled hotel room not to mention spending money so at the moment even if I lose the air fare I am actually better off! May still have to rebook that hotel of course........................
  9. Catchart Circle


    Booked directly with Norwegian and they offered the ammount of the fare plus 20% of the value to be used on any of their routes within twelve months.
  10. It was actually after five minutes at 0-0 when the home side had the ball in the net but it was controversially ruled out. Might well have changed the game as Miller gave us the lead soon afterwards. That was the same night Northern Ireland defeated England and I recall quite a celebration in the Scotsman bar in Oslo. Following the draw with Italy on the Saturday this was a great time of hope for Scotland fans - then along came Belarus.
  11. Scotland played well and scored at the right times but we did ride our luck a bit. Without checking the footage Norway had either a disallowed goal or strong penalty claim denied at 2-1.
  12. That win in Oslo the best away performance for many a year and it really looked as though Walter Smith was the man. Then we lost at home to Belarus in the next appalling match and our hopes for Germany 2006 were over.
  13. Catchart Circle


    I suspect anyone who waits until after their departure date to claim will be making a mistake as this will likely be viewed by airlines in the same light as folks who fail to turn up at the airport. ie - no entitlement to a refund
  14. Catchart Circle


    Was due to fly to Oslo with Nowegian yesterday also returning with them. Really surprised you have had no communications as I have had a host of emails from them regarding refunds and rescheduling. One about ten days ago said I had to respond within 24 hours which I didn't. Have you checked your spam? Then thought I had missed the boat as I had forgotten but was able to cancel last week ahead of the outgoing flight. Had the option of applying for a refund or banking the cost of the flights plus a 20% increase to be used within 12 months. I chose the latter as we could still be going there - or nearby - within that period. Think I did the right thing going by the hassle folks are having over refunds.
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