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  1. Used to know a guy who went to most of the aways around ten years ago. He always selected the recorded delivery option and was adamant this guarunteed he would not be selected to collect tickets as he believed it was too much hassle for the SSC to refund the higher postage fee. He assured me this was foolproof and that the recorded applications were not considered for pick-ups. I would add that he did attend the matches but did not want the inconvenience of collecting - and he was never asked to. Guess this is no longer the case now.
  2. My `ticket' has just arrived😁 It's a wee bit different.
  3. Why would you if you are turning up in person? Seems quite ludicrous to me
  4. I would advise extreme caution for safety reasons. No kilt or Scotland top should be worn in York - and don't flaunt your accent. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/in_york_it_is_perfectly_legal_to
  5. John Robertson against New Zealand at the Spain World Cup. But you are right - not too many down the years.
  6. Your best bet would be to have a couple of beers in the airport on arrival until its time to check in. I quite often chill out after security in the airport bar rather than rushing into town.
  7. Heard it all before. The days of large numbers of Scottish players starring with the top English sides are gone forever.
  8. Youv'e done the right thing. You can always doss in the airport if your flight is early. Mind you you'll probably sail straight through security now😁
  9. I would say very unlikely mate. Security will eat well into those 60 minutes. I am assuming an hour is based on your scheduled arrival time. Even a five minute delay in your first flight would be critical. Personally I would never take the risk even for a 90 minute window unless it was a connecting flight with the same airline.
  10. Not so good if you are staying in Shkoder like me. I hate waiting too close to kick off time and would much rather collect it earlier. It cant be helped though if the SFA staff are based in Tirana
  11. McArthur Retires Are you sure? I heard he was going to Albania.................
  12. Smith was interviewed. I agree a better manager than ginger but a bit negative tactics wise in my opinion. The rumour I heard was that Smith was asked his views on the Peru/Mexico trip during the interview - remember this was at a point when there was a lot of controversy over it. Like I said this is unconfirmed, but quite believable - apparently he said he wanted to have a good relationship with the clubs and it should be scrapped which was not what the SFA wanted to hear. McLeish during his interview was - as his later statements confirmed - in favour of it.
  13. CV ALEX MCLEISH (AKA The New Murinho) POST 2007 AFTER SCOTLAND CAREER BIRMINGHAM CITY 2007-8 `I’ve got the New Murinho’ said the Birmingham chairman David Gold. Joined when the club were in a mid table position. Club RELEGATED to the Championship on the last day of his first season 2008-9 Credit where due - promoted at first attempt. 2009-10 Finished in ninth place 2010-11 Won the League Cup Final against Arsenal then the club went into freefall and were AGAIN RELEGATED under McLeish on the final day of the season. The directors kept faith with him but rather than stay and fight with his players for promotion he chose to jump ship – and join their biggest rivals for a rumoured figure of £1m informing Birmingham City of his decision by email ASTON VILLA 17th JUNE 2011-14th MAY 2012 Took the club to the BRINK OF RELEGATION before a `McLeish Out’ campaign from the fans resulted in termination of his contract. Villa just stayed in the Premiership by two points. MAY –DECEMBER 2012 UNEMPLOYED NOTTINGHAM FOREST 27th DECEMBER 2012 – 5th FEBRUARY 2013 Left the club after FIVE WEEKS by mutual consent following a series of poor results including losing at Birmingham FEBRUARY 2013 – AUGUST 2014 UNEMPLOYED GENK AUGUST 2014-MARCH 2015 Left club by mutual consent after failing to reach League Play offs MARCH 2015-FEBRUARY 2016 UNEMPLOYED ZAMALEK 28TH FEBRUARY 2ND MAY 2016 SACKED after two months as a result of poor performances MAY 2016-FEBRUARY 2017 UNEMPLOYED FERUARY 2017 Again the inept Scottish FA offer a contract to the unemployed manager after he continually touted himself for the Scotland and Rangers job whenever there was a vacancy Conclusion – A nice guy and a great player who never withdrew from internationals but an utter dud of a manager who has no sense of loyalty and has amassed a fortune from his failed attempts at management not to mention EBTs. The SFA took a chance on him whilst unemployed and he used the post to attempt to further his career. The legacy of his time in England is that BIRMINGHAM CITY are STILL struggling to get out of the Championship today and currently staring at League 1 football. All hail the New Murinho!
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