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  1. Albanian Hibs

    Tamb blocked in Albania?

    Working fine using data sitting in bar in tirana
  2. Albanian Hibs

    We're on our way.....

    Now in Luton waiting on the 6.50 Wizz to Tirana. TA everywhere.
  3. Albanian Hibs

    We're on our way.....

    Edinburgh Airport heaving at the moment with the TA
  4. Albanian Hibs

    We're on our way.....

    When are you all starting your journeys to Albania then? Me and hubby are flying down to Luton on the 6.10pm Easyjet flight from Edinburgh tomorrow.
  5. Albanian Hibs

    Davy Bus Passenger Details

    Just sent you an email. Cheers
  6. Albanian Hibs

    Home end tickets update

    2 tickets purchased in d4 😀
  7. Albanian Hibs


    Brummie Hibs, when do you arrive? We will be checking in friday morning
  8. Albanian Hibs


    How many tickets have been sold for tonight?
  9. Albanian Hibs

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Did you get my payment Davy? Noticed we are on airport bus? We dont need to go to airport?
  10. Albanian Hibs


  11. Albanian Hibs

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Davy, Sent £26 for 2 seats via bank this morning Cheers, Alana
  12. Albanian Hibs


    Will prob be the home end for me and my hubby, dont have any points. Hopefully won't be a problem as he is Albanian after all 😀
  13. Albanian Hibs

    What currency?

    Take english notes, Lots of exchange places in tirana.
  14. Albanian Hibs

    Wizz air flight Thursday 15th

    Managed to rebook for the wizz Friday flight. Cancelled both Luton airport and tirana hotels (had free cancellation) and re booked other hotels. Changed my easyjet flight from the fri to the thurs night which cost £46. In total we have had to shell out an extra £160 or so because of Wizz Air.
  15. Albanian Hibs


    We are now 2 nights in the Sky Hotel. Had to cancel my original hotel due to the Wizz Air flight changes.