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  1. I actually think Crocker was playing a game with a twitter user with the 66 references, I saw him replying on twitter to a fan praising him saying he’s “the only English commentator who never mentions 66” after the Cyprus game and it popped into my head when he said it. in terns of commentators I liked Sky Sports English commentator who did most of our euro 2008 qualifiers, think he normally does the Wales or Ireland games now for Sky Sports but his commentary for some of McFaddens goals that campaign really sticks with me, some great lines.
  2. Knew someone would mis-understand my comment. 14 caps is inexperienced at international level compared to far lesser players such as Corry Evans with NI who has 52 caps, you could argue the strength of NI is a lot of players with a lot of caps and experiences of dealing with tough situations. We have a lot of players like McGinn with talent floating about on 10-15 caps who lack the international experience that playing club football rarely gives you. Im not saying he’s inexperienced the way Olly Burke is, but we need to give people like McGinn a lot of caps and not chop and change and constantly have an inexperienced squad.
  3. Agree about McGinn I think the consistency and decision making will come with experience hopefully, he’s a pup in terms of caps, really gives us something.
  4. No you don’t champ. Robertson was a solid 7/10 last night like he has been all season, remarkably consistent. If Moreno was at left back last night Spurs wouldn’t have lost 2-0. Didn’t have a bad game at all.
  5. Clubs are all back in pre season in late June so that wouldn’t be possible, this period is pretty much the only time of the year a player knows they’ll be off now. Quite harsh especially considering the qualifying fixtures weren’t known till 6 months ago as well.
  6. Do you actually watch much football? There’s 2 sides to every game and Robertson’s 1 v 1 defending was outstanding especially against Son in the second half when Spurs were building momentum. He was rock solid and a key reason to Liverpool winning the game. He also put in 2 or 3 outstanding deliveries and could easily have had an assist. It was the Champions League final and these games are rarely particularly open affairs, and it’s consistency, concentration and mental toughness that wins big finals like this. Robertson showed all 3 and his achievement here shouldn’t be downplayed.
  7. ————Marshall——— O’Donnell—Souttar—McKenna—Robertson ———McGregor—-McGinn———/ Forrest——-Armstrong——-Fraser— —————Brophy—————- As a side note I could see Russell on the right hand side and Forrest as a central striker against Belgium.
  8. Do you have something against this kid? He’s lived in Scotland for almost all of his life, feels Scottish and wants to play for Scotland. Whats wrong with that?
  9. Both the Daily Record and Sun are reporting that McLeish will be sacked tomorrow. not just because of Kazakhstan but unfortunately due to a “troubling incident” that sounds like a health concern before the San Marino game. I wanted him sacked too but I hope his health concerns aren’t anything too serious and wish him all the best, gave us some great memories in his first spell but just didn’t work out this time.
  10. Let’s read my original post first then see how your own post ages. I don’t think international football should be played on AstroTurf but it’s not the reason we lost tonight. It’s a horrible surface to play football on.
  11. If you asked a golfer or a cricketer to play on AstroTurf they’d tell you to fuck off. People like you seem to think football exists in a bubble where the surface of play doesn’t affect the type of game you’re likely to play. Tennis players might be happy to play on different surfaces but it always suits certain players etc.
  12. If I’m honest I don’t think Kazakhstan are worst team we’ve dropped a result against. All fully professional players, on a horrible surface 6 time zones away, possibly our worst performance tonight but drawing with a fully part-time side like Faroe Islands was an even worse result IMO. Think a lot of ignorance was in play going into tonight tbh, Kazakhstan are a poor side but a huge banana skin and not a San Marino etc.
  13. Utter utter garbage, he did everything he could to make the flight. Unbelievable commitment when you read the story, he wasn’t allowed to fly with it so needed the surgery and can’t sort another flight at such short notice. Barring the tour he missed because he was playing in the champions league final Robertson has never been unavailable for a squad since his debut 6 years ago which is incredible really.
  14. Don’t see any reason to change the Bates and McKenna partnership from the last 2 matches, try to keep it as settled as possible when we’re already missing players. They did fine.
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