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  1. BraveheartGordon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Any formation including the variants you’re discussing can work if it suits your personnel. Scotlands 2 most dangerous players at the moment though are wingers, so it would be illogical to me to play a system that prevents us from getting them on the park in their natural positions.
  2. BraveheartGordon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    And what are you basing this on? Our top clubs all have modern set-ups and have made brave managerial appointments in the last few years to do the exact opposite of the nonsense you’re spouting. if you’re talking about clubs like Livingston or Hamilton then you’ll find these types of small clubs in every league in the world trying to punch above their weight by doing the basics well.
  3. BraveheartGordon

    Your first Scotland match

    That’s the one, I watched highlights of the game back recently and we dominated them first half and in the second we dropped off and settled for a draw to save berti’s job.
  4. BraveheartGordon

    Your first Scotland match

    2004 0-0 v Slovenia, Pretty much sums up all my years supporting Scotland since, decent start, ultimately disappointing and uninspiring without being embarrassing too often.
  5. BraveheartGordon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Good to see both Scottish clubs performing well in the Europa League, the better they do the more it improves our coefficient and gives Scottish players a chance to play European football which is the closest thing to international football.
  6. BraveheartGordon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I read Charlie Gilmour of Arsenal might play tomorrow in the Europa League as well.
  7. BraveheartGordon

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    I understand the week of football rules but does anyone know why N.Ireland have both had afternoon weekend kick-offs that don’t really fit the schedule and we never have? Would love a Saturday afternoon 3PM.
  8. BraveheartGordon

    Players going at people - Faddy’s influence?

    A lot of people commenting on the strength of the opposition forget Albania achieved something we only dream of and qualified for Euro 2016 when it’s been 20 years for us. Strong results for me apart from the bizarre debacle (hopefully an anomaly) in Haifa.
  9. BraveheartGordon

    Tonight’s Match

    I wasn’t. I’ll put my hand up, was at every game for 3 campaigns in a row but was completely un-inspired by the insipid Football I was seeing in the last short while, the Lithuania 1-1 draw was a watershed for me where I realised I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and McLeish’s appointment and subsequent team selections didn’t help either. But I’ll be back for the qualifying campaign because I loved watching tonight and Saturday and it inspired me like I haven’t been inspired for years. Hope we can get hampden full again.
  10. Something that crossed my mind tonight and Saturday is that our creative players in this team such as Forrest, Armstrong, Fraser, Christie etc have all been fearless on the ball and their first thought is to drive at players or play aggressive forward passes and it’s honestly been really fun to watch. Under Strachan a lot of these players would be on the park but their first thought was to play a 5 yard sideways pass instead of being brave on the ball. My common memory of Forrest previously was him taking a touch forward and either winning a throw in or passing it back down the line to the full-back and look how direct he is now. Driving with it every time he gets the ball and showing composure, aggression and confidence. I wonder if James McFadden’s coaching influence has had this effect on the team because this was exactly how he played. The sheer gallusness of the attacking players the last few games has been terrific. I’ve rarely enjoyed watching Scotland as much as the last 2 games and I hope our attacking players keep this mindset.
  11. BraveheartGordon

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Really smart tactically. Great discipline. Easy to chase with a man advantage and let them play through us but we kept the block and countered ruthlessly.
  12. BraveheartGordon

    McArthur Retires

    Good. Awful performer for Scotland.
  13. BraveheartGordon

    Scotland Under 21s Vs England Under 21s (5:30pm)

    That bottom bit is garbage. We couldn’t get out because Ukraine were pressing us well and making it hard to play through the lines. Some of the football this 21’s and and the age groups below have played has been outstanding in recent times. The Scottish mantra through the development squads now is play out from the gk through the thirds through interchanges and quick movements. Having a physical striker means if we can’t break a unit we can mix it up by hitting the striker and playing off him, that’s not “launch it up” that’s playing an adaptable style.
  14. BraveheartGordon

    Team for albania

    I’ll give you my team and the team I think McLeish will play. my team: —————-McGregor————- KT McKenna Mulgrew Robbo ———-McGinn——Armstrong Forrest——C.McGregor—Fraser ——————Griffiths—— Subs: Phillips, Naismith, GMS/McTominay McLeish’s team ———————McGregor——-—— Hendry——Mulgrew—-Tierney O’Donnell———————Robbo ————McDonald——McGinn- ——————C McGregor—— Naismith—————Griffiths Subs: Russell, Armstrong and McKenna
  15. BraveheartGordon

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    Holland 6-0 for me. Was a watershed moment as a young fan at the time. After winning the home leg 1-0 and a relative of mine said it’ll never be as bad as that again. The really sad fact is that those were the glory days and that night was as close as I’ve ever seen us come to qualifying.