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  1. BraveheartGordon

    McArthur Retires

    Good. Awful performer for Scotland.
  2. BraveheartGordon

    Scotland Under 21s Vs England Under 21s (5:30pm)

    That bottom bit is garbage. We couldn’t get out because Ukraine were pressing us well and making it hard to play through the lines. Some of the football this 21’s and and the age groups below have played has been outstanding in recent times. The Scottish mantra through the development squads now is play out from the gk through the thirds through interchanges and quick movements. Having a physical striker means if we can’t break a unit we can mix it up by hitting the striker and playing off him, that’s not “launch it up” that’s playing an adaptable style.
  3. BraveheartGordon

    Team for albania

    I’ll give you my team and the team I think McLeish will play. my team: —————-McGregor————- KT McKenna Mulgrew Robbo ———-McGinn——Armstrong Forrest——C.McGregor—Fraser ——————Griffiths—— Subs: Phillips, Naismith, GMS/McTominay McLeish’s team ———————McGregor——-—— Hendry——Mulgrew—-Tierney O’Donnell———————Robbo ————McDonald——McGinn- ——————C McGregor—— Naismith—————Griffiths Subs: Russell, Armstrong and McKenna
  4. BraveheartGordon

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    Holland 6-0 for me. Was a watershed moment as a young fan at the time. After winning the home leg 1-0 and a relative of mine said it’ll never be as bad as that again. The really sad fact is that those were the glory days and that night was as close as I’ve ever seen us come to qualifying.
  5. BraveheartGordon

    Portugal match thread

    Thought the midfield did ok and matched their midfield area, our issue is both penalty boxes. We have a worrying lack of goal threat and always look capable of a defensive slip up. Worrying mix.
  6. BraveheartGordon

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Worst performance since the Burley era. We get 40-50% out of Tierney and Robertson in this system, would be better choosing one or the other to get 100% out of them. Would allow us a shape to play our more naturally attacking players like Forrest (and when he comes back) Fraser etc, need to scrap the 5-3-2 or disaster is pending.
  7. BraveheartGordon

    Paul Dickov

    Wrong forum for this type of lewd post.
  8. BraveheartGordon

    Team for israel

    He never said he would be first choice striker in Israel though, the headlines in the piss poor newspaper said it but all McLeish said was it would be hard to drop a a striker who performed well but it’ll be down to form and fitness. Que someone asking Griffiths about something that was never said and building a media crisis narrative.
  9. BraveheartGordon

    Team for israel

    He’s unbeaten in 10 European matches and is consistently making outstanding saves in big matches. The clean sheet numbers you posted are a misnomer.
  10. BraveheartGordon

    Team for israel

    It’s Pasta Mick you’re replying to, he thinks he should be dropped because McGregor is the Rangers GK and Craig Gordon is the Celtic GK. Im comfortable with both but McGregors been in better form imo and did nothing to get dropped against Albania.
  11. BraveheartGordon

    Team GB

    The SFA should ban any player who represents GB from playing for Scotland again.
  12. BraveheartGordon


    The reason we don’t qualify for anything has nothing to do with the age of the squad. Northern Ireland fielded half a pensioners eleven at the Euros.
  13. BraveheartGordon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Especially as Rangers turned over Kilmarnock recently so definitely Rangers then.
  14. BraveheartGordon


    If every player in the squad was 36 and we get to the Euros I won’t care a jot what age they are, if a young player is good enough they’ll get in ahead of the experienced guys like Robertson and Tierney did.
  15. BraveheartGordon

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    All Rangers players is a better one though.