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  1. Let’s read my original post first then see how your own post ages. I don’t think international football should be played on AstroTurf but it’s not the reason we lost tonight. It’s a horrible surface to play football on.
  2. If you asked a golfer or a cricketer to play on AstroTurf they’d tell you to fuck off. People like you seem to think football exists in a bubble where the surface of play doesn’t affect the type of game you’re likely to play. Tennis players might be happy to play on different surfaces but it always suits certain players etc.
  3. If I’m honest I don’t think Kazakhstan are worst team we’ve dropped a result against. All fully professional players, on a horrible surface 6 time zones away, possibly our worst performance tonight but drawing with a fully part-time side like Faroe Islands was an even worse result IMO. Think a lot of ignorance was in play going into tonight tbh, Kazakhstan are a poor side but a huge banana skin and not a San Marino etc.
  4. Utter utter garbage, he did everything he could to make the flight. Unbelievable commitment when you read the story, he wasn’t allowed to fly with it so needed the surgery and can’t sort another flight at such short notice. Barring the tour he missed because he was playing in the champions league final Robertson has never been unavailable for a squad since his debut 6 years ago which is incredible really.
  5. Don’t see any reason to change the Bates and McKenna partnership from the last 2 matches, try to keep it as settled as possible when we’re already missing players. They did fine.
  6. And been beaten convincingly. I don’t rate Bain at all tbh.
  7. Harry Souttar looked absolutely dreadful for Ross County last season, was excited to see him but seemed to turn in increments.
  8. Anybody know what’s the situation with the kid at Rangers Matthew Shiels? Seems like he’s evoking the same rules as Dembele, was in the Northern Ireland squads but was called up to the Scotland 19’s squad today and seems to have switched back.
  9. Any formation including the variants you’re discussing can work if it suits your personnel. Scotlands 2 most dangerous players at the moment though are wingers, so it would be illogical to me to play a system that prevents us from getting them on the park in their natural positions.
  10. And what are you basing this on? Our top clubs all have modern set-ups and have made brave managerial appointments in the last few years to do the exact opposite of the nonsense you’re spouting. if you’re talking about clubs like Livingston or Hamilton then you’ll find these types of small clubs in every league in the world trying to punch above their weight by doing the basics well.
  11. That’s the one, I watched highlights of the game back recently and we dominated them first half and in the second we dropped off and settled for a draw to save berti’s job.
  12. 2004 0-0 v Slovenia, Pretty much sums up all my years supporting Scotland since, decent start, ultimately disappointing and uninspiring without being embarrassing too often.
  13. Good to see both Scottish clubs performing well in the Europa League, the better they do the more it improves our coefficient and gives Scottish players a chance to play European football which is the closest thing to international football.
  14. I read Charlie Gilmour of Arsenal might play tomorrow in the Europa League as well.
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