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  1. Aye seen that right enough, you’d think if we moved early enough we’d have more of a chance, he’s well worth pursuing from what I’ve seen, good enough for Chelsea to have a buy back option on him.
  2. From having slim pickings at right back to having some cracking potential options… Tino Livramento of Southampton revealing today he is eligible for Scotland.. been very impressed with him this season and is only 18, won’t be anywhere near a call up for England given their options at right back. Could have Patterson, Ramsay and Livramento to choose from soon, add in Hickey who can play both sides and Ashby on the way through at West Ham and it looks very promising. apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, couldn’t see it.
  3. 6 months old for France 98.. great times.. cried ma eyes out vs Italy in 2007, maybe having experienced less disappointment than most I’m more optimistic, start work at 2am Friday morning, will either be the easiest or longest shift in my life. 2-1 AET 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. Dykes has had two good games on the bounce now and I thought Cooper and McKenna looked okay... would prefer them in a 4 though.
  5. Whilst Robertson is the better player at club level right now I think that’s because Klopps system and the players around him suits him perfectly. I think all round Tierney is the just as good a player and the better defender which is the primary role of a left back, especially for a team like Scotland.
  6. And with the second decent ball into the box in over 100 minutes of football we score.. who’d have thought it, hopefully first of many for the big man.
  7. Actually stunned that he’s went with the back 3 again.. What’s with the insistence in playing McTominay out of position? and Palmer on the right? Struggling to create as it is...
  8. I hope that’s not the case for McGregor and Forrest who absolutely deserve to be dropped.
  9. Aye exactly the 3 I was referring to, McGinn deserved a go tonight in his actual position, would have went with Tierney over Robbo.
  10. Even with a weakened Czech side I think benching 3 of the players with pass marks from Friday sets a bad example, good to see a back 4 and opportunities for Fleck, Armstrong and Cooper though.
  11. Need to stop shoe horning players in and just pick the most effective in each position. If it means picking either Robertson or Tierney then so be it, I’d probably pick Tierney at this point in time. As for Creativity, we have 3 Midfielders who are regulars in good premier league sides, Fleck and Armstrong benched and McGinn moved out wide to accommodate lesser players.
  12. 100% mate, produced some good touches and his hold up play is as good as you’re likely to get from any Scottish striker, thought his performance last night was better than what McBurnie has managed so far. As a Livi fan I’ve watched a lot of him and there’s not a lot to dislike, pacey enough, works hard, good in the air and can finish, I think he’d be most effective with a strike partner but plays the lone role well.
  13. Need to stop shoe horning players in, if it means dropping Robertson then so be it, best players in their positions should be picked. Was fuming when Burke came on as the central Striker, Dykes was one of the few pulling their weight. Are you trying to get bites 😂.. it’s been 22 years of “transitions” and “rebuilding”. At what stage do you accept it’s not the manager that’s the issue and make a bigger change?
  14. Aye spot on mate, that Solomon ran riot down McTominays side.. Our centre half options are all pretty similar, Gallagher, Cooper and McKenna are all competent defenders but very immobile.
  15. Usually like to stay positive but that was horrendous tonight. Thought Dykes worked hard and done his job well but received absolutely nothing in return. Bringing Burke on, out of position for the only natural striker in the squad who looked half decent was questionable to say the least. McGinn and Tierney looked okay considering they were out of position, Jack and McKenna probably get pass marks, felt a bit sorry for McTominay, definitely not a centre half. McGregor, Forrest, Robertson and Christie managed to create a grand total of 0 chances in 90 minutes. Robertson looks a completely different player when he’s in a Scotland shirt, need to stop trying to shoe horn players in, I’d be raging if I was Tierney. Fleck and Armstrong must be looking at that Midfield and scratching their heads. Worrying watch really...
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