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  1. How do we get access to this? Taking my two boys to their first match. Ta.
  2. Aye, their Irish uncle has reminded me of that a few times! To be fair, I don't think either of McGeady or McCarthy's parents were Irish and it was a more tenuous grandparent link. It's funny, as young as they are, they both get the fact they have dual nationality
  3. I can't imagine he's getting any guidance at a club that constantly talks down the Scottish game and looks to play down south
  4. This chimes with me I've two boys aged 5 & 6. Both play football, as well as other sports. They have an Irish mum and the euros was good in terms of having a team to cheer. I fear my dream of getting them into watching Scotland won't happen as the sport in this country goes from bad to worse.
  5. It is pretty clear that any Scotland fan is not a glory hunter or fairweather fan For me, the SFA should be leading the game in Scotland but are in danger of running it into the ground. Having paid for my season ticket, I won't be back until there is some sort of change
  6. Do the GERS figures for Scotland include all Scottish exports that are exported via rUK, such as whisky? Part of me thinks, we will have to wait for things to turn really bad with Brexit before people finally get it. Rather that than lose an indyref which would end the idea for a generation
  7. Aye, so send Burke home. That'll gain him experience.
  8. Smacks of 451. Slovakia will have most of the ball and play high up the pitch, so surely play some pace to hit them fast we have the ball?
  9. Could be multiple reasons. Get professional advice via GP.
  10. My two boys have been doing SFA mini kickers for the past two years (now aged 5 and 3.5). Seems like a world away from what I attended when I was a kid some 30 years ago and have been impressed
  11. I think you're right about our position within the UK being detrimental to any independent sporting success. Far better chance if we were fully integrated into the one system, not that it's something I would prefer though. In reality we can't do much about the social context. I feel that the team has improved and finishing 3rd from pot 4 would be a success. Comparisons with N. Ireland aren't really fair, as our top two (Ger/Pol) are far stronger than anything in their group. The same goes for Wales, however they are at a higher level than us now anyway. The SFA must keep the focus on producing quality young players and raising the standard. That will feed through to the national team as we will hopefully see soon with the performance schools. Or not.....
  12. I really enjoyed the game last night. The Germans were so far ahead - parallels to the great Spain team that we "almost" beat with Levein. The fact is though, we don't produce good footballers. Not one player in the Champions League anywhere. At best, we have some mediocre average players but really have fallen given our place in history, especially considering the talent we did produce in the 60s to late 80s. I'm not sure what the answer is? Other comparable countries can produce elite athletes in droves - just look at the All Blacks rugby or other footballing examples around Europe. Does it start with the clubs? Surely as a business strategy there is more to gain economically from producing 2-3 top level youth players you can sell on than filling your SPL team with journeymen pros to get 4th in the league? Whatever the reasons, we can't escape the facts. We have a proud football history, contributing a lot to the game, but that's where it has stopped for nearly a generation. Will we ever see your likes again?
  13. Re: "why won't the nationalist 45s accept the result, Scotland voted No" Part of the reason why the issue will continue is "the vow". Not all, but a significant proportion voted on the basis of this and therefore the issue will not go away, at least until it's delivered. This is entirely attributable to the tactics of the No campaign and in my opinion is something they will regret. The Smith Comission will fail to deliver Devo Max and it's possible another vote will happen relatively soon with the way circumstances are conspiring - eg UKIP, EU exit, landslide for SNP in May 2015 I am personally very disappointed with the result of the referendum however now consider how damaging it would have been to start a new country with a tiny majority. This is all part of a process and the tide is only moving in one direction
  14. I was feeling the same as this, having campaigned for Yes, however came to the conclusion that it's OUR team. For a variety of reasons the vote went the way it did, however I am convinced we will win...eventually Fully appreciate for some folk football and politics don't mix. For me I can't separate the two but I won't ram it down the throat of people I know who voted No
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