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  1. I'd love to believe you're right but the 5 games we've played against them recently all suggest that us and Israel are at the same level.
  2. We got absolutely destroyed that night. Were one up thanks to a very soft penalty which must've been the only time we got into their box in 90 minutes.
  3. I'm no fan of Paterson but hard to argue that he's not our striker in the best form at the moment. Dykes - is it 1 goal from open play all season? Mcburnie - 1 goal all season Griffiths - benched Burke - never looks like a centre forward Shankland - poor season Nisbet - looks to have been benched the last couple of games unless he's carrying an injury? We really need at least one of them to hit a run of form in the next few weeks
  4. Can't say I agree with this part. Been a long time since Robertson has looked much of an attacking threat for Scotland. Tierney created more chances in 90 minutes against Slovakia than Robertson has in probably his last 10 games.
  5. Dodger

    Czech game

    Yeah would say the Czechs are terrified after watching our game last night
  6. If he was a centre half or a right back then no doubt. However to play Gilmour it means you're dropping one of McTominay or Fleck, both of whom have been playing at a high level all season whereas Gilmour started his first ever league game today. It's exciting to have a young player that looks the real deal but too early to start for me.
  7. Need a midfielder who'll support the striker. Without mcginn we need Christie or Armstrong in the midfield to fill that role.
  8. Never understood what happened with fletcher. Recalled for the Albania and Israel games, played well and seemed delighted to be back in the squad. After that nothing. No retirement announcement but no call ups. As things stand he's our best available player in his position so I'd pick him if he's an option. If he's the difference between us qualifying for the euros (which is admittedly highly unlikely) nobody afterwards will be complaining that he shouldn't have been picked.
  9. Would likely have resulted in the games being played in empty stadiums though. How many locals would be turning up to see Scotland v Israel if it was played in Lisbon /Paris /Munich etc.
  10. Also involved in both arsenal goals though
  11. I assume he's just not being selected? Centre midfield is not an area we're struggling.
  12. Amazing number of players playing this weekend that were unavailable to us for various reasons last week. Much like the first team, it's only a couple of centre halves away from being a decent side. Mcgregor Tierney Robertson Brown Mcarthur Phillips Snodgrass Fraser Fletcher
  13. If it was a lottery then you wouldn't have had players like Graeme Alexander and Matt Le Tissier with almost 100% penalty records. Penalty taking is a skill. We would have a much better chance of winning a penalty shoot out against San Marino than we would against France.
  14. Penalty shoot outs aren't a lottery. They're about skill, mentality and preparation.
  15. Far too early to write him off yet. He's 23 and, at a time when we're desperately short of options up front, has scored a lot of goals at a decent level. Also the stuff about him not wanting to play is clearly nonsense. He's turned up for squads that plenty of others have ducked out of (Peru and Mexico for a start).
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