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  1. It would mean going into the Moldova game with only 2 centre forwards available, both of whom might start the game. Doesn't leave us with many options if we get an injury/illness issue or if we're needing a goal with 20 minutes left. If there was someone knocking on the door then I've no doubt we would call up an extra forward. Unfortunately there's not though so it's a difficult decision for Clarke. What's for certain is that we desperately need Adams and Nisbet to be fit for Moldova.
  2. Oli Mcburnie to be called up and come off the bench to score a 96th minute winner against Moldova
  3. It's not a game for experimenting. Imagine the grief Clarke would get if he played Mclaughlin and he threw one in the net. Needs to be our strongest team. If we manage to get ourselves in a comfortable position (a very big if) then can switch things around.
  4. I did think about this but hard to see what else he would change. Gordon, Tierney, Robertson, Gilmour, mcginn and dykes surely all 100% to start. Would he really bring in O'Donnell for Patterson for a game where we should have most of the ball? He's made some unpredictable team selections before but it would be very strange not to start 9 of the team that played on Saturday.
  5. Don't exactly need to be Vinnie Jones to pick up 2 yellows over the space of 10 games. Stupidly harsh. Right answer would be to clear any yellows after 5 games.
  6. Interesting that he seems to be available for Tuesday but ruled himself out of the Kazakhstan game. Will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that whatever injury problem he had 2 years ago is now no longer an issue.
  7. Expect Christie to come in for Adams. Back 3 will revert to Hendry, Hanley and Tierney. Decision is then whether to leave out Mcgregor or McTominay from the midfield 3. My guess is he'll leave out Mcgregor as he's only just back from injury.
  8. Another one agreeing with this. It's excellent. Loved all the ones in the build up to the Euros.
  9. By the time the game comes around it'll be a lateral flow 2 days after returning rather than a PCR, assuming Scotland implements the same rules as England.
  10. As things stand you need a worthy reason for entering the Faroe Islands and attending a football match is not considered a worthy reason. If I had been organising a trip out there then I'd have been cancelling it as well.
  11. McCormack was brilliant for Fulham. Should've got loads more caps during that time of his career. Complete flop when he went to Villa though.
  12. Ross mccormack was £10m I think
  13. Ship has sailed on call ups now. 9am Monday was the deadline for covid testing. O'Donnell and Patterson both available for Saturday so no point calling up another right back now.
  14. I'd be blaming the SFA staff rather than O'Donnell. Someone on the admin side should've been aware of the rules for entering Denmark and known last week that he wouldn't be able to travel.
  15. I'm not sure. This is going to be backs to the wall. My guess is he'll move Tierney out there. Wouldn't be surprised if he changes to a back 4 either.
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