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  1. Heard the interview on 5 Live tonight - he came across very well although admittedly that has very little to do with how good a player he’ll turn out to be. having never heard him speak before I was pleasantly surprised that he’s got a thick Scottish accent.
  2. You've either forgotten the Lithuania home game or you have a very low bar when deciding what constitutes a really bad performance.
  3. No they couldn't - they, like all football associations, had no input into dates and kick off times.
  4. Doesn't matter which system you use if the defender doesn't get off the ground like Hanley against Slovakia. The zonal versus man to man marking argument will always be skewed because when a team loses a set piece goal when they're marking zonal people say "wouldn't have happened if they marked man to man". However a team loses a set piece goal when they're marking man to man and nobody ever says "wouldn't have happened if they marked zonal", they say "it was his fault for losing his man". As has been said elsewhere they can both work well as long as the players are good and they're coached well. Not sure either is the case with us.
  5. Dodger

    Oli Burke

    Any man that thinks Forrest should play ahead of Burke is not a man that should be in charge of a football team
  6. When the draw was made this was the one game of the campaign I was most looking forward to. Now it's almost here and I feel nothing but apathy. I dare say that'll change after a few drinks tomorrow but the last 2 performances have knocked all the enthusiasm out of me. Campaign is only a couple of months old and, barring a minor miracle tomorrow night, is already a write off. Hoping tomorrow can restore some optimism.
  7. Constantly amazed by posts like this. Why would anyone even consider wearing a kilt in the England end? Everything to lose and nothing to gain.
  8. Depends on the area. For the friendly at Wembley there was a restriction on drinking around the stadium. However a policeman informed us of this then said "however if you go and take your cans around that corner then I won't be able to see you". A stark contrast to the general attitude of the police in Glasgow.
  9. Any club that lets people in wearing football tops probably isn't a club you want to be in
  10. They're building it now but not open until a week after the game
  11. You're right to discourage him - it's a ridiculous idea
  12. Used to live in harrow. The town centre is fine but it's only got your standard chain pubs (wetherspoons, o'neills, Yates etc) plus an indie bar called trinity. if you venture towards the hill there's a few better pubs. The castle is the best pub in harrow (although requires an uphill walk) and then the white horse and the kingsfield arms are both decent as well.
  13. If we resort to playing Hutton again then I'll give up
  14. Have you thought about applying for a job in the Scotland youth set up?
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