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  1. SteveHFC

    Team for portugal

    Don't know what Hanlon needs to do to be called up again if guys like Devlin can get into the squad.
  2. SteveHFC

    Scotland Retro gear

    Some of the range online looks good.
  3. SteveHFC

    Scotland Retro gear

    Looking forward to seeing what range they have.
  4. SteveHFC

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Probarly the highlight of the first half. Think everyone was watching the incidents.
  5. SteveHFC

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Did anyone else see fans arguing during the first half in B5 at the top of the section.
  6. SteveHFC

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Fantastic result.
  7. SteveHFC


    Received my Portugal and Israel tickets today but still waiting on the Belgium and Albania tickets.
  8. SteveHFC


    I purchased all 4 tickets on Monday and still got my discount.
  9. SteveHFC

    Scotland Retro gear

    Always wanted the 67 shirt in long sleeve.
  10. SteveHFC

    Europa league qualifiers

    All the best to the Dons and Osijek tonight.
  11. SteveHFC


    Bolton-Hibs in 2009 was the worst trouble i've ever seen at a match.
  12. SteveHFC

    Europa league qualifiers

    All the best to the Dons tonight.
  13. SteveHFC

    Europa league qualifiers

    Winnable tie in the next round if we get past the Greeks.
  14. SteveHFC

    Europa league qualifiers

    Can we cancel Whittaker’s contract. Not the same player anymore and it was a risk signing him on a 3 year contract last year.
  15. SteveHFC

    Europa league qualifiers

    A few signings in by next Thursday’s game is required or we’re heading out.