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  1. SteveHFC

    Liam Palmer

    Really impressive tonight.
  2. Jack Ross about to be confirmed. Craig Samson as our new goalkeeping coach.
  3. Mate of mines got his top for £32.50 today when it was meant to be £55 with the 15% discount
  4. Porteous called up. Very happy.
  5. Evenings saying it's between John Kennedy and Jack Ross.
  6. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Even the discount members get it's still £55.
  7. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Anyone know the pricing for this year's shirt?
  8. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Try eBay and classic football shirts mate for those 2.
  9. Hopefully it's Robinson and we sign Campbell and Turnbull in January.
  10. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Just got the email. May nip along to the one in Edinburgh.
  11. SFA have to drop the prices the game on Sunday and Kazakhstan next month. Otherwise we’ll be looking at record low attendances.
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