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  1. SFA have to drop the prices the game on Sunday and Kazakhstan next month. Otherwise we’ll be looking at record low attendances.
  2. Ordered a score draw 86 shirt at the weekend. How much was yours mate? May need to look into that. Could save a fortune!
  3. SteveHFC


    Anyone got the following programmes Scotland v Germany Euro 2004 Qualifier. Scotland v Lithuania Euro 2004 Qualifier. Scotland v Netherlands Euro 2004 Play Off 1st Leg.
  4. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Burton have the Score Draw 86 home shirt for £21. 👍🏻
  5. McGinn will end up at a top six english club in the future for sure.
  6. SteveHFC

    New jerseys?

    Been looking at getting a few of the 80s umbro shirts but the prices for them are ridiculous. Considering ordering a few score draw tops from the 80s and getting the umbro logo stitched on the shirts.
  7. Received email just now confirming they won't be accepting any more orders as the business is being closed down.
  8. The Score Draw one is perfect but would love to get the Umbro logo stitched into the shirt.
  9. Thanks mate. Was looking at getting the real one but some of the prices are ridiculous.
  10. Looking for this in a small adults. Any help.
  11. If it means getting Hecky and Stockdale away from Hibs even better.
  12. To think some people have never rated McGinn.
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