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  1. Having been to the Croatia match in the Euros, I’m pretty sure nobody will check your status and having queued up at the non contact turnstiles at the Moldova match, I expect the stewards will have nae time to be checking passports for COVID
  2. I was at the barbers in my Scotland shirt this morning. My barber is an England fan who was at their Croatia match. He said none of his group took passports with them. He suggested taking a screen shot of your vaccine record as the phone signal gets overwhelmed near the turnstiles. I will photograph my passport and take my drivers license which is always in my wallet anyways. He said all the checks are fairly half arsed. That said it might be best as a Scotland fan to have everything that’s required.
  3. I saw a Kesgrave Tartan Army Flag at Hampden today. Guessing that might have been you?
  4. Any idea how close we can park on match days? Usually when I go to the home matches, I park off Jessie St and pay the boys there a tenner to park on the waste ground. The UEFA FAQ says there will be major road closures but doesn’t give any more info than that. If I fly up, I stay at the Holiday Inn on Stockwell St and it’s about a 30 minute walk but I’ve never used any city centre parking. Anyone got any good suggestions for somewhere to leave my car? I’ll be staying in Carlisle before the Croatia match. Hopefully after today’s match against the Czechs someone will have an idea on how the buses and shuttle services work.
  5. Is the negative test for train travel just a rule in Scotland? I’m travelling from the East of England and I don’t see any information on this from when I booked my ticket
  6. I’ve had two jabs. At last, my chronic liver disease has come up trumps. First jab in Feb, 2nd in April. Usually it sucks to be me..😀
  7. I’ve had both doses of the vaccine despite only being 46. I’m currently submitting endless proof of ID on the NHS App to try and get hold of my proof of vaccination. Very high volume on the site so I’m still waiting for them to accept that I am me.
  8. I’m block 541 West Stand up in the Gods on the top tier. Right behind the goal mind.
  9. Check out The LaFontaines Podcast. They came up with an idea for a song in one of the episodes. I think they wanted to use the Yes Sir I can boogie vibe and were requesting clearance to sample it. They’ve said this week that they will release a song for the Euros. It’s not an official song. They might have said something along those lines but it was a wind up. Great band and great tunes.
  10. On 14 points so I got my Wembley ticket on Tuesday. System worked fine for me. Took 10 minutes to book. I thought Croatia would be sold out by today but I had a look and got a cat 2 ticket. I’m all for the match being moved further south as I’m way down south. I was a little worried about the current restrictions in Glasgow. Couldn’t turn down the chance to see the team at Hampden in a major finals. What’s the general feeling in the city about the tier 3 staying in place?
  11. I’m utterly convinced we will qualify through the play offs. This is based on the fact that I applied for finals tickets for Euro 2020 in the first ballot. Didn’t get any Hampden matches in the first shake up so I’m now heading to Rome, Bucharest & Budapest in the same week the first two Hampden matches take place. I then got a second chance e mail offering me Hampden on the 15th & 19th of June. I can’t attend now as we’ve already booked up flights and accommodation. My only hope is that Scotland can make the last 16 and engineer themselves a tie in Budapest if I’m going to get a shot at seeing them play in a major finals. Failing that I’ll be our ambassador in Bulgaria as I’ll be sunning it up on the Black Sea coast and watching on tv . We may just not qualify of course.
  12. Thursday 26 March 2020 through to the 31st are the allocated dates to complete the play offs. It surely has to be one neutral venue for all the matches. Even if we played on the Thursday and somehow managed to win a spot in the final you couldn’t organise travel & ticketing. That goes for UEFA too not just the fans unless there’s some bags of money being thrown around at UEFA towers if you know what I mean!
  13. I’ve got a ticket in block C5 of the North Stand going spare. My sister has decided she would like to come to her first ever football match and I’m unable to get her a seat near me. My plan is to buy two more and that means my north stand ticket will be spare. I bought it as part of the early bird package so I’m happy to let it go for nothing. If you want it, send me a PM. I’ve got the ticket here so can post it to you or meet you on match day. If you really want to buy it then feel free or make a donation to the DAVY bus charity.
  14. Crowne Plaza near the station for me. Could almost walk to the stadium if the metro is busy but it’s 15 minutes by train.
  15. I’m on 6 points currently but I’m flying to Chicago the day I’m eligible to purchase. Hoping the flight has WiFi. I’m landing at O Hare at about 1615 UK time so hopefully I can book whilst I wait for my connecting flight to Cincinnati. Am I pretty much assured of getting a ticket with 6 points? Bit new to this away travel lark
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