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  1. I’m utterly convinced we will qualify through the play offs. This is based on the fact that I applied for finals tickets for Euro 2020 in the first ballot. Didn’t get any Hampden matches in the first shake up so I’m now heading to Rome, Bucharest & Budapest in the same week the first two Hampden matches take place. I then got a second chance e mail offering me Hampden on the 15th & 19th of June. I can’t attend now as we’ve already booked up flights and accommodation. My only hope is that Scotland can make the last 16 and engineer themselves a tie in Budapest if I’m going to get a shot at seeing them play in a major finals. Failing that I’ll be our ambassador in Bulgaria as I’ll be sunning it up on the Black Sea coast and watching on tv . We may just not qualify of course.
  2. Thursday 26 March 2020 through to the 31st are the allocated dates to complete the play offs. It surely has to be one neutral venue for all the matches. Even if we played on the Thursday and somehow managed to win a spot in the final you couldn’t organise travel & ticketing. That goes for UEFA too not just the fans unless there’s some bags of money being thrown around at UEFA towers if you know what I mean!
  3. I’ve got a ticket in block C5 of the North Stand going spare. My sister has decided she would like to come to her first ever football match and I’m unable to get her a seat near me. My plan is to buy two more and that means my north stand ticket will be spare. I bought it as part of the early bird package so I’m happy to let it go for nothing. If you want it, send me a PM. I’ve got the ticket here so can post it to you or meet you on match day. If you really want to buy it then feel free or make a donation to the DAVY bus charity.
  4. Leg-End


    Crowne Plaza near the station for me. Could almost walk to the stadium if the metro is busy but it’s 15 minutes by train.
  5. I’m on 6 points currently but I’m flying to Chicago the day I’m eligible to purchase. Hoping the flight has WiFi. I’m landing at O Hare at about 1615 UK time so hopefully I can book whilst I wait for my connecting flight to Cincinnati. Am I pretty much assured of getting a ticket with 6 points? Bit new to this away travel lark
  6. Got the Eurostar from St Pancras to Brussels for £85 return by avoiding peak travel times and booking early. Just hoping the ticketing info for the match is released soon as I’m off to the USA soon and might struggle getting e mail info.
  7. I assumed this would be the case. I was callling them for another reason but thought I’d ask while I was on the phone to them.
  8. I called the SFA today and they are refunding all fans that paid for delivery.
  9. Randomly selected for collection. Glad I paid £7.50 for recorded delivery...!
  10. https://www.shuttleriminibologna.it/ Fairly simple to book online
  11. Managed to order mine today with 4 loyalty points so there must still be a few left. The webpage is still saying 5 points required but if you follow the transaction through it all works. Well, it did for me. Well happy...!😀
  12. The shuttle coach goes direct from the airport and takes 90 minutes. I’ve pre booked and have a scannable e ticket on my phone. Not the cheapest but the least hassle so worth an extra few euros. I don’t get in til 1200 on the Saturday.
  13. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/scotland-supporters-club-membership/ssc-loyalty-points/
  14. You can see on the FA Website how many members there are and how many loyalty points they have. I’d say, without doing the official maths that if you’ve got 6-7 points you can probably get a ticket. After that if everybody takes up their ticket it’s going to be sold out. I only have 4 but my travel is all booked. See you on the hill..👍
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