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  1. I assumed this would be the case. I was callling them for another reason but thought I’d ask while I was on the phone to them.
  2. I called the SFA today and they are refunding all fans that paid for delivery.
  3. Randomly selected for collection. Glad I paid £7.50 for recorded delivery...!
  4. https://www.shuttleriminibologna.it/ Fairly simple to book online
  5. Managed to order mine today with 4 loyalty points so there must still be a few left. The webpage is still saying 5 points required but if you follow the transaction through it all works. Well, it did for me. Well happy...!😀
  6. The shuttle coach goes direct from the airport and takes 90 minutes. I’ve pre booked and have a scannable e ticket on my phone. Not the cheapest but the least hassle so worth an extra few euros. I don’t get in til 1200 on the Saturday.
  7. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/scotland-supporters-club-membership/ssc-loyalty-points/
  8. You can see on the FA Website how many members there are and how many loyalty points they have. I’d say, without doing the official maths that if you’ve got 6-7 points you can probably get a ticket. After that if everybody takes up their ticket it’s going to be sold out. I only have 4 but my travel is all booked. See you on the hill..👍
  9. Only 2 months til the game now and the FA website ticket section has been shut down for a while now. Why do they leave such little time. I had to delay travelling up to the Belgium match in September by a day because my tickets took an age to arrive.
  10. That’s my plan. I’m travelling alone too and hoping I can just jump on a train and pay on the day. Might look into booking ahead of time.
  11. I didn’t did I? I’m flying to Bologna. I had hoped to get a flight to Rimini direct from my local airport ( Cambridge) but they don’t run the service anymore.
  12. Hi Davy. Just paid £12.50 on PayPal. Can you add me on please? One seat in the name of Keith Anderson. Cheers!
  13. I’ve booked flights from Heathrow and staying in Rimini Sat to Mon. Any ideas on train prices from the airport? I’m looking at various sites but you can’t book anything that far ahead. Assume you can just jump on at the airport and pay on the day?
  14. SSC members get in for free on production of their membership card. Still not received mine in the post 4 months after renewal.
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