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  1. Leg-End

    Scotland U21's v England U21's Tickets on sale

    SSC members get in for free on production of their membership card. Still not received mine in the post 4 months after renewal.
  2. Leg-End

    Membership card

    Ordered mine in June. Still not arrived. Some issues with printing so I’m told. More concerned I haven’t got my match tickets in the post yet.
  3. Leg-End

    30% off away kit

    SSC 0611
  4. Leg-End


    Still waiting for my tickets to arrive. I’m travelling up from East Anglia on Thursday so if they don’t arrive tomorrow I’m screwed. Phoned the SSC and they told me to call back if I don’t receive them in time. Bit of a joke not to have them so close to the first match.
  5. Leg-End


    Damn right. When you pay £7 for postage you kind of expect swift service yeah?
  6. Leg-End


    The money left my account yesterday a week or so after booking. Not received anything yet.
  7. Leg-End

    SSC JD Sports Discount.

    There’s a code you can enter at checkout SSC 0611
  8. Leg-End

    England to host 2030 world cup.

    Is there not talk now of 2022 being extended to 48 teams ahead of the scheduled 2026? Some chance that Qatar would have to look outside their own borders to accommodate the extra venues?
  9. Leg-End


    I was going to buy myself the 4 match package but now a non member pal wants to come with me to the Belgium and Albania matches. Wants to bring his lad to Belgium too. If I wait until the 17th to buy the tickets what’s the chances of their being massive issues with booking online if there’s a rush of non members weighing in as well? Whats all your general opinions on the chances of any of these matches selling out?
  10. Leg-End

    New member seeking advice.

    I did consider Israel but targeted Albania initially because I thought that travel and hotels plus the time of year might suit me better than others. Didn’t reckon on the allocation being so small but I understand why having researched it a little more. Getting time off work is a real ballache for me so I’ve got to be quick getting my requests in for holiday days. I’ve since discovered the page on here that lists all the potential international dates up to 2024 and beyond which is quite handy.
  11. Leg-End

    New member seeking advice.

    Hi. Been reading this here forum for a while but only recently registered. I’m looking for some friendly info regarding tickets/loyalty points etc with regards to getting a chance at travelling to an away game. There’s a lot of info that I’ve found myself but I can see that there are issues regarding the Albania away fixture with no confirmation on a venue or allocation of tickets. There appear to be enough people booking places on the coaches to sell out potential stadium allocations already. I’ve never been to a Scotland international. There, I’ve said it. You’ve got to start somewhere though right? I’m hoping that if the friendly against Belgium is still set to go ahead, I’ll try and make my first appearance at Hampden in September. Have I got a realistic chance of getting a ticket for Albania away? I don’t want to start booking up flights/accommodation if it’s going to be a non starter. I also don’t want to assume that I can just rock up and jump on the bandwagon. I expect there’s a lot of people on here that have put the hours in, travelled to every corner of the world in support of their nation and never miss a match. Would a new face be welcome? How long does it take to earn an effective number of loyalty points? I’m a signed up member of the SSC but then I expect thousands of other people are too. Before you answer that I should add a disclaimer and let you all know that I live in East Anglia in Suffolk and I was born in Bolton Lancashire but it was only 5 weeks after my family moved away from Dunfermline in Fife. I consider myself a Scot to the very core and being brought up within a Scottish family I’m the only one that wasn’t born there. It’s been a bone of contention for me all my life. I’m always convinced that I’m not accepted by the Scots or the English at the end of the day. Id be interested to hear your thoughts, opinions and advice if you have any. International football is always something I’ve been keen to get more involved with but life gets in the way too much of the time. I made it to the Euros in 2016 as a neutral. I had a few health issues shortly after but having endured the circus that is the World Cup in the last month I’m keen to find a start point. Cheers.