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  2. The mandate from the 2016 election only applies if the UK leaves the EU, so no Brexit, no mandate.
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  4. That would be a tasty front 3 for Crystal Palace....Zaha, Grealish.Rashford
  5. I know. Just shows how good Manchester City are and how possession based football is king. Oh, Robertson will be the left back in the EPL team of the year. I don't know. Klopp bought Robertson and moulded him into what we see now. OGS doesn't seem to rate McTominay all that highly. When he does play the lad it's usually as a last resort.
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  7. 😳😳. Oh dear Ramy. It wiz the woman. 🤣🤣🤣. Fuck me. I will take that one on the chin. Oops.
  8. Yeah, but we're advertising for a national team job where the team in question currently sits 44th in the world rankings. We're not gonna get a truly top manager.
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/psg-vs-bordeaux/373555 September 2017 😂
  10. I was thinking earlier that surely she will serve some jail time However on googling there is previous case of a Welsh Councillor doing similar and the judge stated that his reputation being fucked was enough The same will probably happen to her and she will be made to pay back the money she defrauded
  11. I agree, until we know what flavour of brexit, it will not be clear what the alternative is. all positions are minority positions (with the possible exception of 'none of the above') and the game is to get your minority position to be the biggest minority. Look at all those parliamentary attempts to get a different deal - they all failed. I mean, if you pit independence against all possible unionist outcomes, the combined unionist position may won. But if you pit it against a specific reality, who knows which way the cards would fall? If Britain ends up with a hard Brexit, then it makes sense to court the pro EU ex-No vote, and hope the anti-EU yes vote will call for Yes despite Brexit. If Britain ends up with No Brexit or a Brexit so soft that Leavers think it's as good as still being in, then it would seem to make sense for a Yes caomaign to leave the question of EU open, to court the anti EU (ex) Yes vote. The bottom line being, lest Scotland decide. Who knows?
  12. Bad enough the thought that my standing order for Women for Independence was going in her pocket, but nicking cash for a foodbank??? Hope they jail the cow. I know getting 56 candidates elected came as a shock to the SNP but FFS they could surely have done better than this fkin airheid?
  13. A guy walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a Morelos." The barman says, "What's that?" He says, "Just one half then I'm off."
  14. The great man's boozer was in Torrisdale Street in Queens Park. Think McNeills is still on the go although he gave up the pub game a long while back
  15. It's pretty crazy to think Liverpool could finish with 97 points and not win the league. Robbo should still get recognised in the EPL team of the season. McTominay just needs to keep his head down and work hard like he's doing. If he keeps shining when he is given the chance he'll make himself undropable like Robbo did. Remember 18 months or so ago when he was one game on one game off? Now look at him.
  16. That’s like Celtic putting 6 past any bottom 6 team. Hardly surprising.
  17. bonny78

    Cyprus Game

    he's an improvent on Eck
  18. the man ticks all the boxes. cheap, young, played at a top level, ex player for national side. funny name. what more do you want?
  19. Souness wouldn’t know where to start with these modern day pricks. The game has unfortunately moved on and old school management styles like his can’t work now. That list that’s been put up is pitiful to read. As is Clarke being the top pick. His claim to fame is getting Killie to 3rd or 4th in a league that is devoid of any teams worth getting excited about.
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