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  2. The saddest thing on the TAMB is watching you scoot aroond the board needling bits and pieces of absolute shite in everywhere with absolutely fuck all evidence to back up anything. You are the King of bollocks for that that. Flinging in a wee daisycutter in the hope you can stand back and watch other cunts in the playground fight it out. Every single person on here whether daft, smart, angry, funny, etc argues or jots their case out. You do nothing and you are doing exactly the same again here with your pathetic wee needle-like pish.
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  4. Don’t know what’s sadder, trolling or replying to people who you think are trolls. Then again we’re supposedly adults posting on a message board so maybe we’re all sad
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  6. Not a member. Just voting brexit party where possible
  7. Update: my betting bank now sits at £50.31! Twice I've been up over £250. I changed the strategy a bit as I got really p*ssed off the first time I got knocked back down to the original 50 quid. Once I got back over 100 I started splitting things into 2 bets laying at odds of 20/1 or over instead of 1 at 10/1 as obviously that'd be safer! You'd be amazed how often these 20/1 fkers happen! Twice the bstrds have scored with nearly the last kick 4 minutes into injury time, twice a shower of no-hopers that haven't won all season and get rogered every week have gone away to the team at the top and turned them over, and twice 2 goals have been scored in the last 10 minutes to obliterate a correct score lay. You couldn't BACK 2 correct scores in a row, but LAY the fkin thing at 50-60 quid liability and in they come! Still in the game though. Good luck Motherwell Reserves v Ross County Reserves tomorrow.
  8. SpaceX get a step nearer to carrying crew. The safety abort test not quite as spectacular as some of the others but all went to plan. https://www.spacex.com/webcast An Aberdonian announcing the throttle up move?
  9. "Oh, don't worry I'll see about that ...."
  10. Bonny, who are you voting for in the Scots Tory leadership contest ? Carlaw or Ballantyne ? I reckon you'd be a member of both the Tories and the Brexit Party because your such a committed North Briton and all.
  11. Only just watched the weekends highlights. That Paterson looked good on the ball and so desperate to go forward. Really impressed by him. Fingers crossed that under Stendel the young lads will be given a chance.
  12. I'd say what happened to manufacturing then was a symptom, not the cause IMO. Britain was crippled by loss of empire after WW2 which also bankrupted it. The empire was a captive market. We took in raw materials from cotton to lamb and sent back finished goods from steam engines to sewing machines. Industry here was massive supplying a huge part of the world. Not that ordinary fold were rolling in it. Well not money anyway. By 1914 there was a consciousness that things were a bit crap... see here for example. The report didn't get published until 1918 for some reason. By the 60's that market was gone and Britain's advantages too. Capital was (in the main) no longer invested in British manufacturing as better profits were elsewhere, and so on...
  13. Aye, but Paisley lassie’s were always in line for a gobble. 😂 Edit: Sorry T, you dinnae deserve that. 😂🙈
  14. Cooper isn’t good enough. Souttar and Gallacher are both much stronger right-sided CHs imo. I’d have McKenna left side and then either Souttar or Gallacher. I’d be inclined tae go with Gallacher as I thought he looked really solid and composed against Cyprus and Kazakhstan. Someone on a TA Facebook page is saying that Tierney is back in training. If so, and he gets a few games under his belt, I’d absolutely put him in at RB, if I were Clarke (assuming Robertson remains fit). Aye, Palmer has been decent in the last couple of games, but Tierney is way above his level. Hopefully Griffiths is getting more game time in the run- up to the play-offs as he’s our best striker, but Naismith usually plays well for us, links up with runners fae midfield, holds it up well and gets a lot of free kicks in dangerous areas. He’s experienced, which is useful, given we’re so inexperienced in most areas of the pitch.
  15. Turkeys dont vote for Christmas. I’d be the first for the chop 🙂
  16. Told to turn it down 🥺 I'll fire these off and go. There's not enough time to listen to all the Bs.
  17. It's not a D, it's not an O, it's still a B... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG1dIqDsFno Aaaaaaaaargh!!! Embedding not allowed 🤬🤬🤬 Feckit, TURN IT UP 😈
  18. Who's trolling. I support the Scottish football team
  19. What do you get out of trolling? Im genuinely interested? Is it a mental thing, sexual, intellectual, why do you continue to do it, what are the benefits to you?
  20. How many emails have you set up over the years McPherson?
  21. At sport I don't want England to win another throw in. Politics more important and I voted NO cause I don't mind being British.
  22. I know you were ERG, thats why I said it, so 15 years of being a tedious troll cunt, well done. On one hand you think England r gay, on the other hand you want England to fuck Scotland forever more, make your mind up, or just fuck off.
  23. It’ll probably come tae us tae when we cannae get wood on. 💁‍♂️☹️
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