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  2. I think he's able to play right back tbf which would be handy.
  3. Counter intuitive I know but apparently having headguards increased the incidence of head injuries and that's why they stopped using them in amateur boxing. It's a combination of the headguards restricting vision but also boxers not protecting their head enough as they think the headguard will be sufficient. Basically, without headguards, boxers take more care.
  4. It does make some sense from the point of view that the SNP would be seen to be helping England get what they voted for - champions of democracy and all that. What he's overlooking is how that'd be perceived up here, especially by a salivating MSM that still bring up 1979 whenever they can. The SNP should never fall into the trap of siding with a tit like Johnson.
  5. He's looked good in the few games I've seen him. He needs to keep playing first team football to keep improve.
  6. Therein lies the problem. You could make headguards compulsory, but if you take away the risk of serious injury/death then that'll lessen boxing's appeal to many (sadly). Maybe one way would be where someone is so far behind at the halfway point that the ref calls a halt as there'd be little point in continuing. Also stop this nonsense of feeding an up-and-coming prospect a steady stream of easy opponents to build his record up, some of whom take the fight at very short notice. As I said, I used to be a fight fan. Just not sure how you can justify it in this day and age.
  7. That's not an agenda. That's trying to push up their shite sales figures. You obviously think there's a reason behind this behaviour and I just wanted to know what you think.
  8. Good morning Davy. Stainless from EASTA , two seats on Limassol bus please money paid via PayPal 5 mins ago.Cheers
  9. No. The object of F1 isn't to maim or injure someone.
  10. Papers reporting this morning that Man City want to buy Hickey in January and loan him back to Hearts. We are facing the very real prospect that in a few years three of the best teams in the world will have a Scottish left back hahaha. Our back four at the 2022 World Cup: Hickey Tierney Robertson Taylor With Barry Douglas on the bench...
  11. Best thing to come out of this will be making it safer and changing the culture around fighters getting battered beyond fights are stopped, not easy if that’s what fans are wanting to see
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  13. sun bathing High pressure jobs shift work i picked deleterious for a reason. Traditional martial arts have been shown to be highly ineffective against people trained in boxing kickboxing wrestling and grappling (BJJ catch wrestling sambo etc)
  14. 4 non members with our group need tickets also
  15. I see his latest one is that the SNP should get behind Johnson's deal in return for a section 30 order. Putting to one side that would go against how Scotland voted in the EU referendum, he's trying to back that up by some bogus Twitter poll which will presumably show that people who were going to vote Yes would still do that regardless. That's not the point. To *win* a referendum you need to get more people who voted No in 2014 to vote Yes and so using tactics to secure a referendum that makes that more difficult in self defeating. It really is deranged.
  16. That's probably about a month's wages for them. It would certainly make me think twice about doing similar (if I was a Bulgarian racist).
  17. Think this team actually need to have an out of control party. As much drink as they can handle and do many lines off a hookers stomach. Smoke some joints etc or take pooder. Be amazed how much better they'd feel.
  18. Being deleterious certainly is a reason to ban something, or at least consider banning it. Driving is a necessity of modern life and the vast majority of journeys undertaken do not result in death or injury. The purpose of boxing is to repeatedly hit your opponent in the head until you knock them out. We shouldn’t be surprised at the incidences of brain injury / death. Promote martial arts instead. Far more useful in a ficht anyway. Smoking should be banned too. Only reason it isn’t is that people have been doing it for years and certain people make an awful lot of money out of it (a bit like boxing). If smoking never existed but someone invented it today, no way it would be allowed.
  19. Yes I thought it was a remarkably level headed episode. Usually I stick it on for 5 minutes and it has to be switched off.
  20. You’ve hit the nail on the head with ‘agent’
  21. That cunt in the audience with the turtle neck sweater needs a healthy kicking.
  22. The guy isn’t very ‘polished’ compared to the normal politician; he also seems to speak when perhaps he might be better keeping quiet. He may even be a bit of a tit in person but frankly, Ive no problem with any of that whatsoever.
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