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  1. Blackpool78

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    look closer Van Dijk pushes Ramos as the ball is crossed which in turns makes Ramos go into the Keeper and causing the injury
  2. King is playing a blinder again........no funds to buy top transfer target but the press will run with the allocation cut instead of the real story
  3. Blackpool78

    Welcome to Scotland

    Did we have the need for a strong Celtic in the 90s????
  4. Blackpool78

    Welcome to Scotland

    Any other team who bring in free players and sell the players in the team for money asset stripping but not at The Rangers
  5. Obsessed springs to mind, maybe if they looked a little closer to home they wouldn't use it to take the moral high ground
  6. Blackpool78

    Cheltenham 2018

    Been given Diese Des Bieffes in the 4.50 today currently at 8s
  7. Bottles it in big games from what i have seen
  8. So one full house and one half full but will be wanting a 50/50 in the final
  9. and in said book he has to reveal the account details and penalties if not paid back with the Close Brothers......tick tock
  10. Mr King the liar now has to put 11m into an account and pay for a book at a 6 figure sum but he is skint as he told the court
  11. the old nothing to see here patter off the usual is great