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  1. You like to mention Aberdeen.....are they your big club
  2. you do that people on here baffle me Celtic as a club will never be able to match the likes of PSG, i am happy with hopefully being in Europe after Christmas but some clown who supports Kilmarnock wants us to.......like i said laughable
  3. Celtic are in a no win situation at the minute
  4. How do you get close to them 2 though? Throw 100 million at the team and end up like them across the city? I would rather stay the way we are thanks
  5. Having finished in last place last season finishing 3rd this season is progress in my eyes, we were never going to compete with the top 2 in the group and trying to say Celtic lack bottle is laughable
  6. As long as Celtic finish above them i couldnt care
  7. Group stage was drawn every single Celtic fan were looking at 3rd place in the group and correct me if i am wrong Celtic are on course for that
  8. https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/1767990/rangers-striker-matthew-shiels-handed-shock-call-up-to-ireland-under-18-squad/
  9. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/rangers-oldco-feeding-frenzy-liquidators-11452697
  10. Munich game at home next is more interesting now
  11. Great display from the only Scottish team left in Europe and the haters are out in force GIRFUY
  12. Bitter much and ask yourself this.....would Scotland be in this mess if Brown had started the first few games
  13. Excellent manager still
  14. Celtic v Astana

    Doing the huddle with 30 million
  15. You can clearly see something thrown at Lennon from the stands on the BBC clip