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  1. Total pish.... BA has many faults but there is an attempt to get passengers rebooked.
  2. Wigan v Man City

    Ah, cheers.
  3. Wigan v Man City

    Do you mean he had to leave, as in for some reason he had to leave or just a shame he left?
  4. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    The beauty of any victory against them is a thing that must be savoured. Well done Scotland.
  5. 100% not this... just because you're currently not good enough doesn't mean you cheat (even if the rules allow you to cheat). It's about morals and standards... unless of course you like way modern fitba is/has gone... brands, projects, 300 grand a week, etc etc etc
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Would you two clowns shut it......
  7. Kingsford Stadium

    I like it.... there comes a time that old pish patter being done to death becomes vaguely funny slightly ironic good patter..... and for me the sheep and the tractors are that.
  8. Football Films..

    ... that'll do, bomber likes it bomber does ...
  9. ..... could've at least used the correct hand.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Thanks Bob.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Harry redknapp!!! You are loco...... just like this thread.
  12. You must believe in fairy stories?.... or just love reading made up pish...
  13. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He is total murder... however, did play solidly in a very solid defence yesterday.
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    So 4 pyoor diddy teams then .......
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    ... Huh!? Obviously I meant in 6 months when the Watford job's up again 😉