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  1. Just me?

    Just getting old son. I think there's a time where most start giving less of a sh1t...... or at least the youthful passion morphs into old guy passion..... which just ain't as vigorous. However, and it would be impossible to compare different era's, but it does 'seem' that fitba times they are a changing.
  2. Robertson benched

    Whit..... that is totally irrelevant to how good Robertson is?
  3. ... dunno, maybe because they were sure the yank sport would be even more excrementy? Just guessing.
  4. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    ... c'mon man, stop teasing! Spill the beans on what you know about mulgrew...... why he's not a good example to the players coming through and why he's a big time Charlie mulgrew?
  5. God????

    A god thread pointed straight at the fire & brimstoners of the tamb and they don't utter a word...... a hundred threads fvck all to do with the religion/god and you get both barrells of biblequote.com blasting at you.... pure genius, just front up the nutters and the lunacy stops. or does it?
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Has he...... explain please?
  7. Gigs 2K18

    Iron maiden in Plovdiv in July.... not really my bag, but will be interesting!
  8. Gigs 2K18

    Day of the dead!
  9. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Definitely not written by traynor.
  10. Huns new gaffer

    Rangers fans were desperate for him to take over because he wasn't whyte.
  11. Beards

    Stevie may has to have the worst beard in football.... Ledley's is bad, but more from a 'way too much effort' point of view... May's is just a p1sh beard.