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Footballers Ankle

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Doctor/podiatrist told me this is why I have been in pain playing football for last year. Anyone else had this or had treatment?

I don't have a Footballers Skill, Fitness, Money or Wife but I get the painful footballers ankle, typical.

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I've never heard of "footballer's ankle". What is it?

This article is pretty good. The main thing I know about it is that It fecking hurts, I am going to have a steroid injection and if that fails I will need an op to remove bone spur at bottom of shin bone. Making my life a misery, if I can’t play football I get very, very grumpy. With young kids at home it is the only exercise and social life I get. If it gets any worse will have to give up football, tried to rest it and do swimming but was just as sore after swimming.

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It'll feel fine for ages while playing then I’ll just try and control the ball and excruciating pain shoots through my ankle. The worst one was last night where I just controlled a pass and ended up screaming on the deck, I actually had to hobble off and go home. I use ankle brace and that works up to a point. I’m only 35 and some of the guys I play with are in their late 40s so was hoping to keep playing on as long as I could but might have to hang up my boots. Extremely depressing.

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