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  1. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    Kids kits come in very small again. Went for 9 to 10yrs one for 7 year old and is not that big. His same age range Brighton Nike kit is quite a bit bigger. keep this in mind if you want then to get maximum wear out of them.
  2. kmcca5

    Players worth a look at....

    Barrie McKay - Due a Scotland call up? Playing well for Nottingham Forrest, still only 22 John Fleck - Sheffield United look brilliant from the two games I have seen and he looks very sharp. Still only 26
  3. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    Just got a text from royal mail....mines is on its way!!!
  4. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    Over priced Football shirt shocker, hold the front page! Best kit in donkeys years, they have my money now. At least it only changes every two years rather than every year like club kits. International kits are better value for money! Got my boys tops for their xmass, wee tip, the old shorts look just like the new ones but are only £2 in the sale, they'll never notice and you can save your self a few quid.
  5. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

  6. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

  7. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

  8. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    Just take my money, take it now, one L one for a 4 and 7 year old..... I NEED THIS NOW!
  9. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    If that is real that is by far and away the best Scotland top in well over a decade.
  10. kmcca5

    New jerseys?

    This post is no use without pictures!
  11. kmcca5

    Not beating Lithuania at hampden

    At the start of the campaign a home win of 3-0 and an away draw wouldn't have been seen as that poor. Scotland did it the other way round. Hay ho
  12. DO we think it will sell out? Looks like they are doing the usual trick of selling it section by section to increase demand not look half empty on TV etc. Prices are a f&%king joke but as I’m up with work I’ll part with the cash. Did anyone else notice when watching the Malta game on TV you could easily be fooled into thinking there was a crowd of about 40k in the stadium if you didn't look to closely. I think this is why they are selling tickets in sections, pretty cynical in my opinion, you can end up with a crap seat because it looks like better sections are sold out on the ticket site.
  13. kmcca5

    Scots in pre season

    Murphy scored again for Brighton in Pre Season V Crawley at the weekend. He looked very impressive IMHO. I think he'll surprise a few in the Premier League this season.
  14. kmcca5

    Jack Harper moves to Malaga

    Industrial style of the English Championship? Not sure what football you have been watching pal but that shows a total lack of footballing knowledge. A. he didn’t even get a first team start in the "Industrial" Championship and only started rarely and mainly featured from the bench in the under 23's/Reserves. He wasn’t good enough, just because he played at Real Madrid as a kid dosn’t mean he’ll be a world beater. Watch a bit of how Anthony Knockaert plays for Brighton and see how “Industrial” the football is down here.
  15. kmcca5

    Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Wolves are closing in on the £1m signing of 27-year-old Scottish left-back Barry Douglas from Turkish side Konyaspor.