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It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some dog owners are. I live just across the road from a public park and I used to take my two Patterdale Terriers over every day. Now they are only little dogs but can be a bit feisty little buggers especially if the other dog is smaller. One of them was trained to go ratting so anything smaller than him was fair game. There lies the problem the amount of folk who have their fluffy little pooch running about yapping and they seem to gravitate towards me and my two would go mental and the owners will shout it's ok it won't bite to which I reply but mine will. Small as they are it's quite difficult to hold two Terriers when they get a sniff.

I was once in Whitby and we were walking on the beech to sandsend (about 2miles )when we were approaching sandsend I called the dogs as they aren't allowed on the end section. One came back but the other just carried on chasing the birds anyway this women sat on a bench starts shouting at me I went over and she said can't you read pointing to a sign no dogs. I said I can but the dog can't. You might think I was irresponsible but Whitby is very dog friendly and dogs are allowed on the whole beech at certain times of the year.

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