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Tickets for euros


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Has anyone any idea what kind of cut off date for tickets is if any are going to be released for the home games and or Wembley! 
Any idea of how many we get for the two home games? Will it be a ballot / raffle for members etc. 

im losing hope of gettin to one of the games, hotels booked for every hampden game this year ( arran hence hotel!)  but didn’t book anything for Wembley as was pretty sure it would be a no go as our allocation would be so low expecting limited crowd if any, that the chances of actually getting a ticket was slim, a shame as Wembley, craven cottage and Emirates in previous years were no bother for tickets! 

is anyone more confident than I am as I’m almost at the point of saying fek it and resign to sat watchin on telly with a slab of Tenants!!!

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As things stand there will be no one at Hampden and 22.5k at Wembley. I am really fighting with myself whether I want to attend games with a limited crowd. That can be done on any Wednesday night game at Hampden. 

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