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7 hours ago, ibelieve!!! said:

Long story short, BT are a shower of bastards!

Any recommendations for broadband providers? (I stream quite a bit as just got IPTV).

I use Vodaphone data at my caravan without any hiccups, will soon be swapping to Vodaphone for my home broadband when my VM contract ends. Not superfast or hyperfast but certainly fast enough for streaming.

Think it all depends where you live though

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I live in an area that is in the 10% slowest in Britain (no cable supply, just ADSL from a local exchange a mile or so away) so my experience may or may not be helpful depending on your circumstances. I used to use a company called Zen Internet, who were always decent, especially their customer service. I moved to Sky a few years back to save a few quid, which was a big mistake as they just kept putting up their prices & customer service was non-existent.

I moved to EE a few weeks ago. I haven't needed to use customer service so no idea if it's any good, but I did notice an immediate improvement in speed & reliability. It definitey is all affected by your own specific circumstances & connections though.

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