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  1. A) we've played plenty of clowns over the years b) if he's average, and managing to score a shit load of goals at championship level and even one or two at EPL level, what does that make our other options? C) if he 'clearly' didn't want to play for Scotland, then it's pretty simple... He'd knock back the call
  2. Being reported that he's signing for Fulham... And Joe Bryan is moving to Southampton
  3. The tartan army worthy ☝️
  4. Anyway... Nae luck snoddy 🖕
  5. He's a young guy that has been playing in an awfy poor international side
  6. Nae he's shite and his socks are too wee
  7. Fleck should have gone himself but unselfishly laid it on a plate fir his pal
  8. He nearly missed... But he didnae
  9. Starting and scoring for a team riding high in one of the top leagues in the World... But according to the TA worthies on here, he's pish and we're better off with Shankland fae the juniors
  10. I have a passing interest in Liverpool, have done since I was a kid when Dalglish was the main man. I've never been in Anfield or 'supported' them financially in anyway, other than the kids get a strip every now and then, but then they've got strips from teams all over Europe. I'd love Liverpool to win the league this season.
  11. Supporting an English side? I've nae idea what you could be havering about
  12. I'm hearing there is another Cellic youngster potentially heading to Bayern
  13. Exactly this... The hun fae Renfrew loves a bit of whataboutery, but the bare fact is that Morelos deserved his sending off for being the banger that he is
  14. Wild rumours but I've heard he got into an altercation with hearts fans... Then got lifted for a domestic
  15. Motherwell should be a fucking hun free zone in my opinion
  16. Gibbering on about Harry Souttar and Martin Boyle when we have our captain continuing to play well in top level fitba...
  17. I've seen some wild comments on this forum... But this is the winner 😂
  18. Scott Brown can't pass water... Ferguson was a far superior player to that fuckwit
  19. Barry Ferguson is the last midfielder that we have produced who could dominate, control, dicate a game... I like McTominay a lot, I also like McGinn... But I don't think either of these guys are that type of central midfielder. Also, on the point about Lambert being a 'steady eddie'... At his peak, he was one of the best holding midfielders in world fitba.
  20. I'm amazed Scotland fans still have doubts about the lad... If he was at Celtic, the press, and subsequently every fitba fan in the country, would be slavering over him
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