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  1. Massive compared to Bournemouth and every club in Scotland out with the arsecheeks
  2. Hickey could be our long term solution to the right back position
  3. For me, you were making sense until you said you would omit McGinn and play Jack and McGregor. McGinn starts every day of the week as it stands, and I'd like to see Gilmour in as his partner if McT is playing at the back. A front three of Fraser, Mcburnie and Christie appeals to me...and I'd also like to see Calum Paterson doing the right wing back position.
  4. He wasn't great at Chelsea's goal, but other than that he was solid...his distribution from the back was outstanding as well
  5. Any money would help fill that void...I can't remember what year the splitting of gates was changed to the home team keeping it, but something tells me the early 80s... ...when was the last time any team out with the old firm won the league?
  6. That extra cash is multiple times more important to Motherwell than it ever will be to Celtic... Because it helps to alleviate the hugely unlevel playing field...it says a lot at the lengths the old firm go to protect it
  7. Do you think 11-1 is democratic, or the best way to vote on footballing matters?
  8. Anything is better than nothing.. When the team that finished 3rd last season is paying an average wage of about 40k a year, any way of redistribution of wealth would help them greatly...
  9. Things like splitting gate money and having a more equal share of prize and sponsor money would have a huge impact...if not, why do they protect that 11-1 so vocally?
  10. There is a law in scottish football's top flight where 11 clubs must agree on any given subject...Rangers and Celtic generally vote together to keep their control of the game...hence most things that dont suit them get vetoed... ...when Rangers self-combusted, it was thought this rule would be changed to something more democratic, a vote was held on changing it to 9 and 3 (if my memory serves me right) however the sheep in their infinite wisdom decided to be Rangers for one vote only and sided with celtic, meaning that the 11-1 still stands and the duopoly continues
  11. Agreed...however, our league is hugely more successful in every measure than any other league in the British Isles, England apart
  12. There has never been a woman alive who would have managed to get a game in front of Warren Cummings or Scott Dobie...to have Julie Fleeting and whatever other female in the top50 just completely makes a mockery of the full thing
  13. Souness is one of the best, most knowledgeable and easy to listen to, pundits on the tv
  14. Forrest is shite, Fraser isnae... ...its that simple
  15. Aye.. Forrest has been shit hot, time after time right enough
  16. I'd play my best team available...Fraser is a far better player than Forrest
  17. Signing for newcastle and then being loaned out to Motherwell or the championship for 6months would be ideal
  18. Hes always looked awkward there in my opinion...and no wonder. Have it on relatively good authority that he doesn't want to play on the right
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