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  1. Changed our route to Belgrade. Friday 27th - Edinburgh to Milan Bergamo £10 Saturday 28th - Milan Bergamo to Nis £9 Bus from Nis to Belgrade is 8 euro and takes 3 hours.
  2. Booking both Oslo and Belgrade: For Oslo: Sat 28th March - Edinburgh to Gdansk £13 Sun 29th March - Gdansk to Oslo £9 Weds 1st April - Oslo to Gdansk £8 Thurs 2nd April - Gdansk to Edinburgh £12 -------------------- Total £42 For Belgrade: Fri 27th March - Edinburgh to Gothenburg £17 Sat 28th March - Gothenburg to Belgrade £35 (pricey) Weds 1st April - Belgrade to Malta £13 Thurs 2nd April - Malta to Edinburgh £22 -------------------- Total £87 Altogether £129... for 8 flights. LOL. Fail to beat Israel? Wee holiday in Gdansk or Belgrade.
  3. First bus is 3.30am. We're also on the 7am flight to Manchester the day after the game and have booked this
  4. Should be able to make the 20 past midnight train then. Staying not too far from Centrale so that would be perfect. Any idea if we'd have to book that train or could we just wonder up?
  5. Getting into Milan Malpensa around 11pm on Thursday on a flight from Edinburgh. Anyone know how best to get to the city centre at this time? Saw there are buses/trains but unsure if they run that late at night?
  6. What a bloody overreaction that is my GOD. Do you know this guy to personally attack him like that? If you have been to University you'll know that since he is in his 4th year he'll be on his dissertation, where it is requirement to conduct surveys and other research projects. Give the guy a break, do his survey to help him out and shut the f*ck up. Also posting on the forum at 11am...... Shouldn't you be at work?
  7. Hi Davy, Just pay pal'd you for the seats x5. Sorry for the delay!
  8. Hi Davy, Can i book 5 seats please? Cheers
  9. And how did you enquire, What email address did you send to?
  10. Oaft nae bad. What did you ask him at the start? Im guessing I can't really go in with "I'm a Scotland fan wanting tickets in the Lithuanian end"?
  11. So is it impossible to buy tickets in the home end now then? I can get as far as getting tickets in my basket but like others, it won't let me pay without a Lithuanian bank account. Anyone have any ideas what to do/ways to get round this?
  12. 29/8 Edinburgh - Kaunus £53 3/9 Kaunus - Bremen - Edinburgh £60 Booked a couple days ago. Cheap as chips
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