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  1. Brilliant - been checking in here for a new episode in light of the shite-mageddon the other week. Keep them coming!
  2. https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/244323-new-formation/&do=findComment&comment=12470412
  3. *Cough* Nietzche ≠ Kipling
  4. I was bored and depressed by the SM game, but tbh, if we had won in Kazakhstan - even a scrappy 1-0 - I'd have been content with both games.
  5. I'd wager that other countries are doing it based on more than just hoping the really young guys they field are going to make it. Hope isn't a strategy - there needs to be some kind of marker of potential quality. Ideally that would be breaking through at their club and playing well at a good level. In Hornby's case his u21 record is good and it's tempting to go by that alone, but I think we need to see just a bit more from him before we think about fast tracking him.
  6. I too hate the 'wait till they're 23' mentality. I know no manager actually thinks like this but that's always how it seems to pan out. Thus, we always end up with patchy and inexperienced squads, and seems to celebrate 50 caps as if it is hugely impressive. That said... I really really want Hornby and Gilmour to make the grade for us, but they're not even on their clubs' benches for diddy cup ties or anything (bar a solitary run out for Hornby in the Europa League). At least Ampadu for Wales was getting a sniff of action at Chelsea. If, say, Hornby got a few appearances for Everton under his belt in a short-ish space of time, I wouldn't be all for taking the gamble. As it stands it would seem like desperation to call him up now. We just don't know if he's an EPL-level striker or a Rotherham-level striker yet.
  7. Not sure what you are trying to say - can you be a bit clearer? 😉
  8. Rude Gullit

    New kit

    I too found this out in the last year or so, and thus I felt really smug as I was reading it. Well done me. One fact that surprised me recently but is actually totally logical when you think about it is that parts of Italy and Greece sit on the African continental plate (The Alps and the Balkans are the result of the African plate scunching up against the Eurasian one).
  9. Rude Gullit

    New kit

    Love the idea of a large red lion rampant on the chest of a yellow away top! Question: why do the national team play in dark blue?
  10. https://www.bet365.com/#/IP/ Shows stats and a Championship Manager view of the game. We looked up against it in the first 30/40 mins but it looks a bit healthier now Edit: and now we have a red card.😩 Edit Edit: and now we have another one 😩😩😩😩
  11. Cheers - https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/live-schedule is showing some of the games from the tourney today but doesn't look like Scotland is one of them. Hoping I can catch this as we seem to be doing well at this level for once.
  12. Is it streamed anywhere?
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