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  1. Hope you're not an ambulance driver or a fireman! 🤣
  2. McBurnie? Yeah - currently pebbledashing the pan in the Swansea changing rooms from what I've heard.
  3. No - because your distribution from goals would be really shoddy
  4. More like "Fletch" needs his nads tanned now
  5. Apparently he had a rampant dose of the skitters recently
  6. The good news is that those stats will change by the end of this double header
  7. That long ago? Jeez! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Nations 😉
  8. Think we've seen the last of the thumb in a Scotland shirt to be honest. If he comes back for Celtic it'll be at the tail end of this season or maybe not till next season. After that I can imagine it'll take him a good 6 months to get up to full speed and earn his place back in the squad. Given that he's 29 in the summer and that we've been doing rather well without him (in the last few games anyway), his window of opportunity with the national team is rapidly fading away.
  9. Would be good to squeeze another game in but as others have said we've got a full calendar of competitive games this year. It's one of the best benefits of the Nations' League rearrangements. Friendlies were rarely entertaining and sometimes we avoided booking some of those date... whereas every single one of our 10 games this year will be crucial. Bring it on! ⚽
  10. Greg Stewart going to be called up apparently. So: Burke McBurnie Stewart
  11. Typo, or are you Sean Connery? 😉
  12. McTominay starting Vs PSG tonight. Surely he's a dead cert to make this squad.
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