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  1. I logged in yesterday to check out what was there. My friends and family members were up to date although one person on there has been dead for 3 years now - SSC were informed twice on this some time ago and another 2 are no longer paid up SSC members one did not renew in 2018 and one did not renew in 2016 - I think). My points total was showing as 15... and I thought I would check it and by my calculations, I should be on 16... Various others in our group don't seem to have correct points totals (some are going to work it out but obviously cant as they cannot log in). I thought I would login with my new password this evening and send a polite mail to SSC with the list of points I should have.... and of course, login seems to be disabled or not working in any case. I wonder what sort of system performance we should expect when the season tickets go on sale on 5th February? Couldn't be any more screwed up and inconvenient than the last attempt at selling season tickets I guess. I hope SSC have realised that some people will be looking for 10, 15 or 20 season tickets as a group - that was a huge problem last time around. The only positive thing I can see is that SFA have adopted a less greedy approach to ticket pricing which means we will have 4 more season applications than we had last time... most of those not applying were due to overpricing. I do get the feeling that the super duper new points system was badly thought out and is going to become unmanageable quite quickly!!!
  2. And one thing at least should be blatantly obvious to SSC is that they should learn from this is that they will have to start with Albania tickets soon so that everything can be in place before people travel... To not even have the Israel tickets available and in hand to post out and its only 8 days before the match is a ludicrous situation...
  3. Lets hope they do get them sent out... I am not leaving until Wednesday so not worried but lots of others could get screwed around... However, if there is the total chaos of 100% Pick Up, I will be quite pissed off if the SSC start blaming other associations, etc. It cant always be someone elses fault or due to something else outside you control when virtually every single thing related to tickets takes place at the very very very last minute. Remember how Bertie Vogts who used the blame game approach for every match.
  4. SFA / SSC use of technology has historically been a complete shambles and problems with almost everything they have ever tried to do. I did not expect this new system to be anything other than a complete cock up - as it has proved to be. The SSC told us that the ultra late membership info was so that they could test their systems and train people, etc to make sure it all went smoothly... what an unprofessional shambles it is!!! Could they perhaps employ a professional and competent company to manage their IT???
  5. Why is it not possible for the SFA to make an online system easy to use. EVERY SINGLE thing they have ever done online has been crap and this latest thing is even crapper than things in the past. I have managed to renew my membership eventually but seriously struggling to renew my dads membership - he certainly wont manage it. I know know of 2 or 3 people that started trying to renew and then just gave up and said fuck them. Even once I renewed, comes up and tells me I have 9 points.... Erm I think that would be 18 if it is 2 points for an away game. They spent months working on this and the result is total incompetence. What a surprise. The SFA / SSC really need to waken up on so many fronts. Shambles.
  6. Regardless of the result of the Tory snap election on 8th June, I will be very happy with a chant to the England fans on 10th June along the lines of YOU CAN STICK YER F'IN UNION UP YER A*SE. Or something to ask them if they can take Ruth Davidson back where she belongs?? There is room for developing a chant as well dedicated to Theresa May along the lines of the David Beckham chant that we had at the last England game at Hampden. Just slightly more difficult that Theresa May doesn't rhyme as well as Posh Spice???
  7. Anyone know when the Canada tickets are likely to be sent out. I paid for ours a while ago. Just thought they would normally be sent out pronto when bought and paid for. Still feeling rather underwhelmed by the fixture but probably feel a bit differently after a couple of swallaes at the Hibs club before the game.
  8. I'll be at the rest of the games - home and away mate. Have been supporting / attending for many many years to give up as easy as that even given the last series of manager flops from Bertie Vogts onwards. I would love Scotland to qualify and a reduction in faceless idiot trolls like you trolling round trying to take the rise out of people and start arguments.
  9. Its all bollocksed and anyone that keeps a flame for possible second place needs to get a life. Humped in England I can accept - expected I guess. Humped in Slovakia like that shows WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO QUALIFY (although we did have a few chances). The draw against Lithuania was poor and we could have easy lost that one as well. Dont get your hopes up IMO another total flop and under a manager I thought would come good after some of the crud we have had to endure. I would love Darren Fletcher to end up taking us forward at some stage. With all his medical conditions and stuff his playing career is difficult and limited so why not use his experience to take Scotland to some great away wins and qualification. His heart is there.
  10. I have an early flight from Luton coming up. Planning to stay near the airport. Anyone know if there are any reasonably priced or cheapo hotels within walking distance of the Wizz Air terminal??
  11. You might struggle to get tickets to watch Anderlecht though. They have a system where you need to be an approved local to buy tickets. It is all to do with hooliganism - way over the top IMO. If you know someone in BXLs, ask them to buy you a ticket as you wont get one from them yourself without jumping through administrative hoops. Same story with FC Brussels although they will seldom sell out (even against Anderlecht). You would get in easy to watch Union Saint Gilleoise however (lower league) and meet the fans and the team in the bar after the game. Quite a few Scots follow Union by the way. That would be an adventure to the Brussels suburbs ;-).
  12. I have to agree with the comment that Fermer is the biggest idiot or moron on this board at the moment. He's on the wind up, insulting everyone he can. Time for a ban methinks or relegation to pie and bovril or similar where kids can be kids and small minded idiots are allowed. Go away you total prat.
  13. You can get noised up by Union Jack wearing poppy sellers telling you to pay a quid or couple of quid to their cause. Its the union (or the proven lack of distrust in) that is the problem. The union is bad for Scotland, especially right now. Westminster is shitting just shitting on Scotland and ignores its views. If you stand there with a union jack and ask me to buy your poppy, be prepared for a discussion regarding what sort of deluded nutcase you are. if you stand there with a sensible argument then I might discuss with you - but these are few and far between. I will until my death consider myself as Scottish and European but never ever British.
  14. SFA/SSC marketing and distribution is so appalling that it is almost laughable. I used to buy Scotland tops for every campaign but decided in the end that if they cant sort themselves out efficiently that I will not be funding more SFA/SSC greed whenever possible. Not had a new Scotland shirt in 6 or 7 years now. Had one every year for 20+ years before that. The bugger is that half of them dont fit me any more ;-)
  15. I was at Wembley 1999 when we humped them 1-0. My burd at the time was French and came to the game. We got to the the stairs (lots of them) at the twin towers in the Scotland section. Suddenly a group of maybe 200+ hoolies charged towards us. I told my lass to stand behind a policeman and asked him to keep her safe. He agreed so I just stood there and shouted "who are you" at the wonkers that were attacking us. I hope they sort it out more efficiently in November.
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