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  1. It may turn out to be true but Tancredi Palmeri is an utter spoofer who talks some amount of guff. I don't think he has any serious contacts in the game to have the inside track on that sort of info. Until any other serious journalists/outlets start spreading that info I'd take it with a massive pinch of salt.
  2. Hopefully although I don't know how quickly they can scale up production. I saw that Novavax were saying they wouldn't have vaccines produced until after the summer regardless of when they get approved.
  3. I think it's possibly from March/April time that the Moderna vaccine will start arriving also so this will help with supplies around this time. The big help would be the J&J vaccine being approved and supplied. A one dose vaccine would accelerate things even further.
  4. Numbers down again today and test positivity below 5% for the second day running. Over 48k people vaccinated yesterday too. Hopefully these high numbers keep up over the weekend! They're vaccinating around 1% of the eligible population per day at the moment which is pretty good.
  5. The US lead Moderna vaccine now showing that it is likely to pass stage 3 trials, this is good news with regards to returning to normal by next summer and having fans in the stadiums. If the Oxford vaccine follows suit in the next few weeks then I think things will be looking a whole lot better by next spring ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. You don't want the connection to be at a right angle, that leads to blockages. Where a private sewer joins the mains it should come in at a 45 degree angle and join the flow of the existing pipe. If your neighbours have had some issues then it would suggest there is a blockage in the main sewer, which will explain why they cleared your pipe and it solved the drainage issue for a small period of time.
  7. Not really, the HSE regularly shut down sites where there have been breaches of Health and Safety that are brought to their attention, are you suggesting this isn't the case? I personally have seen it happen on numerous occasions, even when the HSE haven't been involved and it's been instructed by the Client's own H&S team. Maybe you should report all the issues that you are seeing, if you haven't already done so obviously, and see what happens. It's the only way to really compare the two situations properly.
  8. I would imagine that if any people were caught on building sites breaking the rules, and this was brought to the attention of the Scottish Goverment or the HSE then that particular site would be shut down pending an investigation. Or if there was an outbreak that was traced back to a building site and it became apparent that the main reason for that were that the rules were being broken then I'm sure the SG would take the same action. It's not like the Government has actively looked for footballers breaking the rules whilst simultaneously ignoring everything else.
  9. With older houses it will almost certainly be a combined system (rainwater and foul water going into the same pipe) and then going into the sewer in the main road, so you may only have one manhole somewhere in the garden, or maybe you won't even have one. It certainly sounds like most of the water is getting away, or you'd just have blocked sinks and toilets. If you can see any of the downpipes on the external walls you can maybe run a tap and see if you can hear the water trickling. If you can see any downpipes you may be able to gauge where the pipework is discharging and maybe see any
  10. Is it a fairly new build house you live in? If so you should have a couple of manholes in your front garden that you can lift the covers off of, this will give you an idea of where the blockage is although I would have thought the plumber would have looked into this. If one of these are blocked (one will be taking the water from the roof etc, and the other taking all the waste water), then it could be that the blockage is outwith your property. If any of your neighbours is having drainage issues, it could point to there being an issue in the main sewer in the street that is causing e
  11. I may have totally misinterpreted it, but are the reporting of the positive and suspected positive cases only changing in relation to the number of people currently in hospital? What was happening was we were seeing massive fluctuations on a day to day basis of hundreds of people being added in and then removed a day later and the same with people in ICU. All other aspects of reporting the daily figures will remain as was. I may have missed something though. Edited to add; If we can turn round tests and get the results in 24Hrs then we're probably better waiting until we
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jul/03/im-cautiously-optimistic-imperials-robin-shattock-on-his-coronavirus-vaccine?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other This is very positive too. The key bit for me being : The success rate of vaccines at this stage of development is 10%, Shattock says, and there are already probably 10 vaccines in clinical trials, โ€œso that means we will definitely have oneโ€.
  13. Fraser Hornby signing for Reims apparently. Permanent deal.
  14. It was really good, although I think they probably could have squeezed everything into a couple of episodes.
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