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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jul/03/im-cautiously-optimistic-imperials-robin-shattock-on-his-coronavirus-vaccine?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other This is very positive too. The key bit for me being : The success rate of vaccines at this stage of development is 10%, Shattock says, and there are already probably 10 vaccines in clinical trials, “so that means we will definitely have one”.
  2. Fraser Hornby signing for Reims apparently. Permanent deal.
  3. It was really good, although I think they probably could have squeezed everything into a couple of episodes.
  4. That was the initial rumours, but she's supposedly going to have nothing to do with the running of the club on a day to day basis. She is a director of the company that is owned by Weir that has bought the club but that is the extent of her involvement. She's not on the list of board members that was announced yesterday. Essentially, yes. She was Weir's representative on the board and when the old board came back and she was ousted and the talk of the takeover from the guys that own Barnsley started, Weir walked away. With him now outright owning the club, he has formed a new board so there should be no issues going forward with regards to infighting. That being said, i've got no idea how the whole situation will pan out but it it a better situation than being owned by a company with no previous attachment to the club who's motives are not entirely clear.
  5. Yeah, fair point but I think had we won that game then Coleman would likely have got sacked and they could have been back at square one.
  6. Israel would be my preference also, Bulgaria second.
  7. The game in Cardiff was a watershed moment for them I think. In the build up to that game Coleman was struggling and the general feeling among the Wales fans that day was that Scoltand would win comfortably and Coleman would get the bullet. Two late goals from Bale and they never really looked back.
  8. Because the Nations League were the mechanism used to qualify for the playoffs. Every team above them in the nations league either qualified directly or already has a playoff so they get one by being the next in line.
  9. UEFA'S website doesn't say that, it just says one of the 4 will be drawn to play us then the remaining teams will go into the League A playoffs
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.uefa.com/european-qualifiers/news/0254-0d40fc7db8ee-f6fe04623679-1000--uefa-euro-2020-play-offs-who-is-involved/amp/ Confirmed on Uefa site.
  11. So what will happen is that one team will be drawn to play us from Romania, Israel, Bulgaria and Hungary with the remainder going into the playoffs with Iceland.
  12. I think that the idea is for teams to remain within their league as much as possible. I may be wrong but I think that with 4 teams that were in league B needing a playoff, then they will keep them together Edited to add: this is correct, the first condition to forming the playoffs is form a path with four teams from the same league.
  13. Ireland are in the league B playoffs with NI, Bosnia and Slovakia so they have their own path. There will either be 2 host nations in our playoffs or in the league A playoffs if both Hungary and Romania are moved up there
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