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  1. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    I doubt England will ever have a better chance to make a final of a World Cup. 1-0 up at HT against a Croatia team that had been to extra time in their past 2 matches. Their team may well improve over the next few years, but I can't see the likes of Germany, Spain, Italy or Argentina being as poor the next time around.
  2. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    It sounds bizarre to say this considering they were the pre-tournament favourites and still are, but I think Brazil are very under-rated at the moment and are flying under the radar to a certain degree. They are very strong all over the pitch and have been getting progressively better as the tournament goes on. People say they look dodgy defensively but they have conceded only 5 shots on target in their 4 games and have conceded only 1 goal. Massive test for Belgium and I don't think the team will be able to bully their way through again if the manager is outthought tactically.
  3. Lion Rampant

    Gigs 2K18

    Going to see Queen & Adam Lambert tonight at TRNSMT. Hopefully catch Gun and Mason Hill whilst i'm there. Then onto King Tut's to see the Temperance Movement at 23.30 🤘
  4. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    France to edge Uruguay, who will miss Cavani massively. Brazil will beat Belgium, may end up going to extra time but i think they'll do it. Brazil are a much better balanced side than Belgium and will be able to deal with them in the same way Japan were, but won't be bullied from crosses or set pieces the way Japan were.
  5. Lion Rampant

    North America 2026

    They'll almost certainly all be given automatic qualification. Their confederation will be getting 6 places for that World Cup so even if those 3 are in automatically it still leaves 3 more automatic qualification spaces up for grabs for the remaining teams, plus they will get another team into the playoff tournament that will decide the last 2 places. Would pretty much guarantee a place in the finals for Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.
  6. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    I'm hoping that it's not going to get to that stage 😓 Going on holiday the day of the WC final and the hotel will likely be full of English folk and if they win it that night the next 14 days could be unbearable 🤣
  7. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    He is, aye but that's why I mentioned Fernandinho who will likely replace him👍
  8. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    I think Brazil will edge Belgium out, will be very tight but they should do it. Brazil look pretty decent defensively, they seem quite comfortable with letting teams have possession around their box but despite that they have only conceded 5 shots on target in their 4 games which is pretty impressive 2 solid centre backs with either Casimero or Fernandinho shielding them. Should be a very good game.
  9. Lion Rampant

    England for the World Cup?

    They've got a great chance of making the final, although I do think that they are writing teams off purely because they aren't a big name team. If their route was Colombia-Switzerland-Croatia then it might seem easy but teams like that tend to be a nightmare for England and Switerland especially will be a very difficult team for England to play against. I would even go as far as to say that Sweden would be tougher for England as they are strong at set pieces which is something England have been very strong at this tournament. The tournament certainly has opened up for them, if they fail to make the final now the blowback will be pretty intense as the majority of their media is about to go into overdrive.
  10. Lion Rampant

    Gigs 2K18

    Got a ticket for that on the back of a recommendation from my mate. We're going to TRNSMT that day, but won't make it in on time to see them play so got tickets for that later on.
  11. Lion Rampant

    Russia 2018

    I really don't think there is any issue with VAR and it's already proven to be a worthwhle tool. For the most part it hasn't disrupted the flow of the game and the overwhelming majority of the incidents it's been used for has resulted in the correct decision being made. The one's that are still being argued about are incidents that generally always cause controversy anyway due to the ambiguity of the laws and the fact that it's left up to a referee's interpretation. How many times do we see pundits argue about decisions in a studio after seeing numerous replays? So now instead of arguing about a referee's decision during the game, they're arguing about it after he's watched a replay. I think of the incidents that it has been used for I would say that the Iran penalty was incorrect and possibly the France penalty v Australia. There are far, far more incidents where it's been used to get to the correct decision and without VAR we would likely be talking about how referees and assistant referees need to allowed to use technology to get the big calls right. I think if you are going into this expecting VAR to eliminate all errors then I think you'll be disappointed as due to the prescence of a human being in the decision process there is always the scope for human error. Personally i'm happy if it helps eliminate the majority of the errors , which during this World Cup it has allowed the referees to do.
  12. Lion Rampant

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    It's genuinely baffling that folk argue for Murrayfield on the basis that Hampden has poor sightlines. Been to a couple of Rugby games behind the posts at Murrayfield and the view was pish, just as bad as Hampden. Hampden certainly needs to improve on the views from behind the goals, especially for those lower down (I don't actually think being close to the back of the West/East stands is actually too bad). If we stay at Hampden and have more control of it then we at least retain the opportunity to make those changes at some point. Move to Murrayfield and we'd lose that level of control. Not worth it.
  13. Lion Rampant

    North America 2026

    Plenty of flight options between the cities in the US, you would also assume that the group stages would be clustered together to avoid massive distances between games.
  14. Lion Rampant

    North America 2026

    Was the most likely bid to win, it's a really easy decision for FIFA and will mean that there are few issues in the run up to this World Cup. They've taken a lot of flak for Russia, but thats nothing compared to what it will be like in 4 years time. The last thing they would have wanted would be for them to be going from Qatar to Morocco with questions about stadiums, transport etc. I quite like World Cups in South and North America. Generally get to see more games as the kick off times tend to be from 5pm onwards.
  15. Lion Rampant

    The Weemin

    Scotland hit the post, then the bar and then make it 3-2 in injury time. Some comeback!