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  1. May just be lateral flow tests, they only needed one PCR test 48 hours before the game tonight. In reality even if they did a PCR test this morning it would be unlikely to return a result before kick off.
  2. Mount and Chilwell having to isolate until Monday 28th. Not really a surprise when you hear they were talking face to face with him for over 20 mins in the tunnel within 1m of each other. With their GPS stuff on from the game they cant even daft man it and pretend it was just a 5 min conversation. People ranting and raving about Scotland having no close contacts clearly don't fully grasp what PHE class as a close contact and how the information provided to them can be worked. Scotland will have handed over all the videos of training, GPS info from training and games, bus/plane m
  3. Due to the incubation period it's entirely possible that he caught it from someone prior to joining with the squad and has only turned a positive test now. They are also staying in a hotel that is open to the public. Could have caught it from anywhere.
  4. The players were talking within 1m of each other for around 20mins in the tunnel after the game apparently. This would class them as a close contact within the PHE guidelines. PHE are still investigating but the FA have asked them to isolate as a precaution until the investigation has been completed. I heard on BBC this morning that PHE will investigate all the players GPS info that they wear (which is where they will have picked up him, Chilwell and Mount being so close for a sustained period of time) and watch training videos as part of their investigation.
  5. I'm trying not to be greedy, but yeah 😂
  6. If Spain and France's group (along with ours) provide the remaining best 3rd placed teams then we'll be at Hampden. Any other combination and we'll be playing Netherlands in Budapest. Edited to add - If Spain beat Slovakia and Sweden avoid defeat against Poland then Slovakia would finish 3rd in that group and depending on the score with Spain would likely miss out on a best 3rd place. Would put the winner of our game in Budapest
  7. Tournament football at its best. Brilliant.
  8. We're probably going to regret these Austria missed chances
  9. First goal in this game is absolutely crucial. If we get it then they will need to start taking risks. Can't find ourselves behind like we did against the Czechs.
  10. Not if we end up having scored more goals than them I think. Win by a goal and we'll have the same GD but they'd be above us on goals scored unless we score 5
  11. Everyone was talking them up pre tournament, potential dark horses. 2 and a half games in and they don't look like they know how to defend or score goals. Wonder what's happened to them.
  12. Disaster of a scoreline with Switzerland.
  13. Turkey are absolutely garbage. Whipping boys of the tournament.
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