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  1. The Albania game is massive in that winning it would give us a much better chace of being one of the best group winners, therefore giving us a home tie for the semi final. Winning the group with 6 points would likely mean that we are 3rd or 4th in the table of group winners, meaning we could conceiveably be away to someone like Serbia. Much rather win our last 2 games and give us a better shot at a playoff semi at Hampden.
  2. Lion Rampant

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Pitiful performance against a poor team.
  3. Lion Rampant

    Team for israel

    If we go into the game with the mindset of playing on the front foot then we'll do ok. I can take losing the game if we've made a real effort to go and win it, I'm more pissed off when we try and sit in and play for a draw before the inevitable late goal gets conceded.
  4. Lion Rampant

    Team for israel

    According to McLeish, Fraser was desperate to stay with the squad but as he had 'failed' his medical the SFA thought he should be sent back to Bournemouth.
  5. Lion Rampant

    Team for israel

    Fraser is a big loss, not got a big enough squad to lose players like that. Disappointing.
  6. Lion Rampant


    Seems that it was Fulham that told the SFA he wasn't available, so he was going to be called up if his club allowed it. I would imagine that Fulham are looking to ease him back into the first team and a couple of weeks training with no games is preferrable from their point of view.
  7. Lion Rampant

    Team for israel

    From what I understand (I might be wrong here) we did try and call him up but Fulham said he wasn't available for selection. With that in mind there doesn't seem to be any inconsistency from our side of things, he would have been in the squad had his club released him. As I said, if we're in this position in November on the back of him playinf regularly then we can worry about it then.
  8. Lion Rampant

    Team for israel

    Squad is pretty much as expected, hopefully we have no call offs and we are at full strength for the Israel game. I'm not overly concerned about Cairney not being there, he's been out for a while and our main game is in 10 days. He's going to be well short of match fitness and even if he were to play 90mins at the weekend he probably wouldn't be fit to start in Israel anyway. I'd rather we had a player in there who was 100% fit that we could rely on to play the full 90mins if required. If he's not in the squad next month after playing regularly for Fulham then I would suggest that there is something else to it.
  9. There's a slightly longer video going about, I've read elsewhere that he was filming before this also but I suppose that could be untrue or exaggerated. Lukaku just humours the guy and doesn't really engage with him, he's filming Fellaini from behind for a bit but it's when he puts his phone in his face that he knocks it away. I would imagine that most folk wouldn't take to kindly to people filming them when they're trying to go about their business. Most of the players posed with fans for pictures at the station so there was clearly no real issue with the players/officials wanting to or being allowed to mix with the public. The guy was being a nuisance and they asked him to stop filming and leave, I don't think that was particularly unreasonable. As I said he was clearly looking for a reaction from someone, and he got one.
  10. The guy had apparently been filming for a good bit before that wee section he decided to release. He'd been badgering Fellaini for a while before he reacted like that, so I can understand why he did it. Train stations are also private property, owned by Network Rail and technically permission should be requested to film on their property. Aye the 'private platform' stuff is pish but technically they are able to deny access to any part of the station they deem fit at any time. The guy is probably within his rights to an extent to film but as soon as he is asked to move on (which the virgin employee is within their rights to do) he should have. The fact he didn't then started swearing etc makes him a bit of a fud. Was clearly just looking for something to put up on social media and he got it. As I noted, he had been filming for quite a while before the clip so its not as if he was instantly excluded.
  11. Lion Rampant

    Nations League

    I mean that one place would be awarded to teams from each league, would make the NL a higher profile tournament and would not really prevent any of the bigger nations from qualifying. I can't see FIFA having too much of an issue with it to be honest. Teams that made the WC in 2018 from League B included Sweden and Denmark and from League C there was Serbia, none of which performed poorly in Russia. Most of the other current League B teams have been to a WC recently and by the time you get to League C then the likliehood is that it would be one of the stronger teams that would qualify anyway. It's not like we'll be sending Gibraltar 😀
  12. Lion Rampant

    Nations League

    If UEFA are to get an additional 3 places from the 2026 WC then they *could* use the Nations League to generate 4 teams from Leagues A, B & C to playoff for those 3 additional places. Obviously this would mean teams in League D being shut out of a WC playoff place, but as they are guaranteed a place at the Euros, this may not be an issue overall. Would also mean tweaking actual qualifying to mean group winners and a named number of best runners up qualifying automatically.
  13. Lion Rampant

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    In fairness to Fraser on this occasion, it was reported that he had a tight hamstring. There's no point in even attempting to play a game as he could easily tear it and be out for weeks. It's not inconceivable that he was able to train and play again after a few days of resting it.
  14. Lion Rampant

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Fraser scores.
  15. Lion Rampant

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    You're right. Found a times article that shows the total yearly cost to the SFA at £800k with £500k of that being for maintenance, the £300k balance being the rent to QP