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  1. It was stopped by a guy who threw a credit card machine at the shooter, who then dropped his gun and ran back to his car. The guy picked up the shotgun he dropped and chased after him but threw it at him "like an arrow" (his words). It shattered the window of the car the shooter was in at which point he drove off and got stopped shortly after.
  2. He was excellent last night, as he was against Liverpool and Palace. Wasn't too good against Southampton at the weekend but he is only young and slight dips in performance are to be expected from time to time. He's certainly cemented his place as the back up to Matic. The next couple of years will be important for him, if he keeps improving then he will have a shot at being his permanent replacement.
  3. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/scott-mctominay-2018-19-performances.440088/page-33 Will give an insight into some fan's current opinion of McTominay.
  4. Lingard has got plenty of stick from United fans, even now he's still not embraced the way that other players are or have been. Lingard has scored at least 3 or 4 major goals in cup finals and cup semi finals but for some reason he was still getting panned and was considered not good enough. If McTominay keeps playing the way he has in the past 2 games then it won't be long before he's considered as a viable long term option for that team.
  5. Body recovered from the wreckage was that of Emiliano Sala.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/07/jack-harper-interview-real-madrid-malaga-scotland?CMP=share_btn_tw Another Jack Harper interview.
  7. One body is visible within the wreckage. Closure for at least one of the families.
  8. I think the reality is that they didn't care, and probably still don't.
  9. Lion Rampant

    Tennis 2017

    I think the only one that comes close is Chris Hoy, and even he says that Murray is more successful than him.
  10. The media in England loved him for a long time, but such is the way with any successful person that at some point they will turn on you. I read a comment from one journalist that went along the lines of "he rubbed up so many people the wrong way on his way up that the journey back down was never going to be comfortable". I think there are certain journalists that have just grown to hate him and take great delight in sticking the knife in. Manchester United themselves are a bit like that in that there are a good few journalists that are loving sticking the boot in while they are down. United and Jose together was just a toxic mix and was never going to end well.
  11. Better off staying awake in case you do something daft and lose one of your fingers!
  12. Snap. Well not the polish wife part, or watching Poland at a WC or going to the WC final courtesy of FIFA 😂
  13. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/news/newsid=2581807.html
  14. Don't think there is meant to be a draw today. The playoff final venue draw is in November 2019, once the main qualifying is complete and the final playoff make up is decided.
  15. They are apparently going up for renewal next year again for 2021/2022 onwards.
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