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  1. I still maintain that the best way of dealing with the playoffs would have been to have them at a neutral venue, probably one of the host cities would be ideal. Scotland, Norway, Serbia and Finland all go to Amsterdam for example, each play our respective semi finals in the same stadium and the winners play 3 days later at the same venue. Fans know when and where they need to be, and the FA's can organise tickets more easily.
  2. Didn't bother in the end, would have probably been a decent investment as you say but hey ho. Got offered tickets for the R16 game at Hampden so bought them. Means I have tickets for all the games at Hampden which i'm happy enough with.
  3. Yeah, getting offered tickets for the final at €600 a pop 🙄
  4. When it comes to World Cups I usually find myself supporting Argentina, can't really explain why.
  5. Got tickets for the three group games at Hampden and the QF match in Rome. All Cat 2.
  6. Will be interesting to see how he gets on. Good to see another youngster willing to take on a challenge like that and step out of their comfort zone.
  7. Maguire is priced at the level he is because Leicester don't want or need to sell him. They have put a ridiculous price on his head to try and put clubs off buying him, but knowing if they get that for him they'll be able to replace him. When VVD went to Liverpool I don't think anyone though he was worth what was paid for him either. None of these players are "worth" what clubs are playing for them it's just that many of these clubs just have too much money now.
  8. The journalist who has come up with the story has really good contacts at Championship level and below, and is usually on the money. I don't think he's got any stories remotely correct about Man Utd though so I don't think there is any truth to this. There is more noise from reliable journos surrounding United going for Longstaff at Newcastle, and the suggestion is that he would be cheaper than the figure being quoted for McGinn.
  9. The biggest issue is referees, players and fans getting to grips with the amended laws that have come into force at the beginning of this tournament. The use of the VAR to try and get these decisions right makes it look like its a VAR issue when it's not. The other big issue is that handball is still such a grey area, and the changes they have made have only made it tougher. Two people can look at one incident and have completely different opinions, which is why we see some inconsistency in referees applying the laws.
  10. The big difference in the final third of that game was the Argentina coach made changes that swung the game in their favour and Kerr didn't react to that at all. The players were absolutely shattered and she should have made her subs earlier.
  11. It's going to be a really difficult game, we'll do very well to win it. That being said, we've had our fair share of bad/hard luck in the first two games so hopefully that turns in our favour tomorrow night.
  12. Certainly an interesting statement Celtic have released about Turnbull 😳
  13. Well Hampden is paired with Wembley so assuming that England qualify, they would be in the group. The other two teams will be made up of countries excluding other hosts so the likes of Italy, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Russia, Romania, Hungary and Denmark won't be in our group. Toss of a coin who the other teams would be.
  14. That can't be true. The website won't let you apply for tickets for more than one game on any given day so it may be that they have applied for tickets for every single day that the tournament is on, but not every game.
  15. No Robertson or Fraser tonight. Ffs.
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