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  1. Both Brighton and Sheffield United interested in McBurnie apparently. Would be good to see how he gets on in a higher league. If his current manager leaves Swansea for Brighton as expected he's probably better off going there
  2. He shouldn't be in the team ahead of Herrera, United's points total with him in the team compared with when he's not is staggering. He's a better option that Matic at this point and is a completely different player to Pereira and doesn't play the same sort of role. If anything it was Fred that started over him on Wednesday, on the basis of his performance I doubt he'll be starting on Sunday.
  3. Probably the way I worded it. I read something about solskjaer saying that Fergie regularly pulled players aside and told them they wouldn't be involved in the next game but that they would be playing in the one after. My assumption is thats probably what he was doing in training before the city game. I may be completely wrong and McTominay still won't be involved on Sunday. Talk of Herrera being available again so he may miss out again
  4. I think he's just managing his squad, I don't see what's so strange about suggesting that. When it was one game a week he played Matic, Pogba and Herrera every game. Now there are more games he changes it more often. They have two massive games 4 days apart. Every player in his midfield is available for selection barring Herrera who is injured. So based on what he has been doing the past few weeks where he's been rotating the midfield where possible, I think we're likely to see McTominay against Chelsea on Sunday. That's what I assume to be the reason for him not being selected tonight, whether it was the correct decision is not really the point I was making.
  5. He trained today and was spotted having a one on one chat with Solskjaer. My assumption is that he wants to keep him for Sunday.
  6. At the U17 age level it's probably more important that we're attempting to play football on the deck and allowing the players the opportunity to make mistakes than the actual results. I always thought that we were better at this age level historically as we tended to select players that were bigger and stronger and as they moved up the age groups the other countries caught up with that, but were more technically proficient. If the group as a whole is still really young 1(5-16 year olds), then we may see a difference in the performance in the next qualifying group.
  7. Think this will be a really tough test for the U19's today. Portugal are one of the best teams in Europe in this age group so if we were to get a positive result here then it would be quite a big deal.
  8. Whilst for many, it may make no difference the actual words to the Thistle song are "Fuck your Pope and fuck your Queen" I think it makes a difference but I can understand why others wouldn't think so. It's not a song that get's sung very often these day and hopefully just dies out.
  9. The film was good, but not a patch on the book.
  10. Kazakhstan 1 Scotland 1 San Marino 0 Scotland 2
  11. Robertson definitely out of the game on Thursday, as per the Scotland NT Twitter feed.
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