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  1. Lion Rampant

    Tennis 2017

    I think the only one that comes close is Chris Hoy, and even he says that Murray is more successful than him.
  2. Lion Rampant

    Jose adios

    The media in England loved him for a long time, but such is the way with any successful person that at some point they will turn on you. I read a comment from one journalist that went along the lines of "he rubbed up so many people the wrong way on his way up that the journey back down was never going to be comfortable". I think there are certain journalists that have just grown to hate him and take great delight in sticking the knife in. Manchester United themselves are a bit like that in that there are a good few journalists that are loving sticking the boot in while they are down. United and Jose together was just a toxic mix and was never going to end well.
  3. Lion Rampant

    Any good printers out there?

    Better off staying awake in case you do something daft and lose one of your fingers!
  4. Lion Rampant

    Your first Scotland match

    Snap. Well not the polish wife part, or watching Poland at a WC or going to the WC final courtesy of FIFA 😂
  5. Lion Rampant

    UEFA Nations League 2018-2019 play-off draw

  6. Lion Rampant

    UEFA Nations League 2018-2019 play-off draw

    Don't think there is meant to be a draw today. The playoff final venue draw is in November 2019, once the main qualifying is complete and the final playoff make up is decided.
  7. They are apparently going up for renewal next year again for 2021/2022 onwards.
  8. I think BT still have the Champions League rights up until 2021. They certainly do seem to be scaling down too, which is a shame. Their coverage of most stuff was pretty good.
  9. Lion Rampant

    Nations League

    I think in that scenario the remaining 4 League B teams would be ranked in the order that they finished in the overall table and would play their respective League C teams (in reverse order). So if we take the overall standings as they are now and assume that all League A and the best 8 League B teams are away the draws would be Slovakia v Romania, Turkey v Hungary, ROI v Scotland and NI v Bulgaria. How they then determine how the semi finals are split with regards to who plays who in the final is anyones guess. Maybe a draw much like the way they will determine who plays at home in the final.
  10. BBC are now reporting that it's £160m over the 5 years which is better and more in line with the £100m over 3 years.
  11. The only thing that is decent about the deal is that all the league games will be with one provider again. Of you're only really interested in Scottish Football it means you can ditch one subscription. Would have much preferred BT to have gotten the rights, I wonder what their offer was. £100m for 5 years is buttons compared to what Sky paid the EFL for rights to the Championship etc for 5 years. I'm sure that's nearly £600m,although that gives them access to many more games.
  12. Lion Rampant

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    In terms of club form at the moment, our best 3 players are Robertson, Fraser and Forrest. Playing 3-5-2 doesn't get the best out of those players with even Robertson admitting he struggles with left wing back as he doesn't have a winger to play off of. It's no real surprise that playing our form players in a formation that they are familiar with has resulted in them playing better. I also think that having a core of the team that does play or has played together at club level helps massively.
  13. I'd probably want to be in League B for the WC nations league as the likliehood of getting a playoff from it, even by way of a filtering down process is a bit higher. That being said, until the format of the next Nations League is decided and how any potential playoff places are allocated then it's a bit up in the air.
  14. Lion Rampant

    Draw for World Cup in 2019

    The Nations League finals are played in June 2019, it's the playoffs for Euro 2020 that are in March 2020. We'll get a home tie for a semi if we beat Israel by virtue of being one of the best 2 teams from the 4 group winners in League C. Should we win we'll finish on 9 points and this would mean that we would be ahead of Serbia (8 points) and Finland (6 points). The other group it'll be either Norway or Bulgaria as group winners, if Bulgaria win the group the max points they would have would be 7 and Norway 9. We would therefore definitely be one of the 2 best group winners and probably the best by goal difference. Norway and Bulgaria play their last games tonight so we'll know the group winners. If it's Norway and they're on 9 points then it would come down to GD to split who is the best and Norway currently have a +2 GD (assuming their goals against the bottom team are discounted) and we currently have a +5 GD so if we were to win then they would have to beat Cyprus away by 4 or more goals.
  15. Lion Rampant

    Draw for World Cup in 2019

    It's being played in Portugal. They were the first to seal their qualification for the NL finals, so I assume that is why they have been awarded it.