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  1. There is a clearly a mental/bottle issue that Clarke needs to work on. Started brightly and then looked scared and vulnerable after we took the lead.
  2. May well be clumsy or soft but you tackle or go for a 50/50 challenge in the box at your peril. Any hint of contact and the attacking player is going down. Penalties are no longer just a consequence of foul play, they're opportunities. Just watch how many players deliberately flick the ball on to defenders' arms next season, just like Mane did in the CL final against Spurs. The inability to prove intent is giving players license to hack the game's rules.
  3. I'm an exiled Scot who couldn't vote in Indyref but would have voted No had I been able to at the time. As far as the 'once in a generation' thing goes, I do believe that Brexit is a game changer in terms of 'material change in circumstances' and that there is a strong case for Indyref2, particularly if the likes of Farage, BoJo the clown and the ERG Tory shower of shite seem hell bent on turning the UK into a low tax/low regulation haven which will essentially provide the platform for the rich to get richer, higher levels of poverty and there being even bigger gulf in wealth distribution. I don't believe this vision is shared with the majority of Scots who are probably more aligned with most major EU countries which tend to be more centre leftish and more pro social justice/fairness. If the Tories deliver a No deal Brexit (I don't accept that there is a mandate for this) or continue to make a pig's ear of it then I would have no hesitation in voting Yes in Indyref2. I do think however that Sturgeon hinders the prospect of Yes winning next time around. I don't think she has the ability to energise the public like Salmond was able to first time around. Indyref2 campaign planning and execution (and the people leading it) would have to be absolutely on the money as it probably will be the last shot at it for at least a generation.
  4. Speedy boarding is an Easyjet thing. Basically Ryan Air will only allow you to carry on one small item which should fit under the seat in front (check their website for dimensions). If you want to bring a regular carry on trolley case or bag that goes in the overhead bin then you have to buy the 'Priority + 2'. If you're going away for a longer holiday then you have to go for the 'checked bag' option which is for bigger luggage that won't fit in the cabin. This is more expensive however if you're travelling in a group or a family then perhaps only one or two will need to pay for the checked bag.
  5. Saint4805

    Next PM

    Yeah I do recall that although personally I think the whole 'backstabbing' thing is a bit overhyped. Gove initially supported Boris' leadership bid and then changed his mind, withdrew his support and decided to stand himself because he thought he could do a better job. I can think of a lot worse things that have happened in politics that didn't get as much attention.
  6. This Tory party unity is temporary. As soon as BoJo takes office, it'll be a matter of time before MPs turn on him because he didn't give them a job in Government or because Brexit isn't going how they envisaged.
  7. I always thought that Gerry McNee was a big downgrade from Jock Brown. He became even more annoying after he turned up with that goatee beard for some reason.
  8. Saint4805

    Next PM

    You couldn't make it up. The party that insists on upholding the 2016 referendum result for the sake of democracy is the same one that wanted to change the Tory party leadership rules to get rid of May six months early because they F'd up and played their joker/no confidence card too early and then rigged the resultant leadership vote. They might all be high fiving each other for getting rid of Gove but they stepped on a snake. He will bide his time before striking back and exacting revenge.
  9. Saint4805

    Next PM

    I don't think I've ever hated the Tories more. What an utter shower of corrupt toffs. They would give corrupt African politicians a masterclass in how to rig an election or voting process. BoJo the clown's team have cherry picked Boring Remainer Cunt as his rival in the final two. I'm not Gove's biggest fan but he was clearly done over here. Five Javid backers publicly switched to BoJo yesterday and yet his count only went up by three. That doesn't include those who also switched to BoJo but didn't publicly declare it. Fingers crossed BoJo and co make a complete arse of Brexit and end up out on their ear after the next election.
  10. Female presenter and three female pundits. Where's the token male pundit? Terrible sexism from the BBC. I'm writing to Points of View The pundits were clearly selected based on their football knowledge.
  11. Saint4805

    Next PM

    They're all snakes. The Tories are renowned for being an utter snakepit but Gove cops it more because he withdrew his support for BoJo the clown last time around. One of the other candidates will be behind the story that was about to break. That's how they roll.
  12. Saint4805

    Next PM

    I'm not even certain that the actual format is a head to head debate as we are used to seeing at previous General Elections. May obviously bottled it last time and refused to take part. I have a feeling the format will be easier for the candidates which is very poor considering the winner will become PM. There should be a proper grilling by the hosts and both candidates should be pitted against each other so that the whole country can see who fairs better.
  13. Saint4805

    Next PM

    It's a terrible field of candidates. Gove is probably the brainiest and best qualified of them all but the final two will probably be BoJo the clown v Mike Hunt (sorry I meant Jeremy) who is as dull as dishwater, has flip flopped more than any other candidate and as others have stated is basically 'Theresa in trousers'. An utter farce of a contest seeing as most MPs will probably back BoJo as they think he is their best chance of keeping their seat after the next General Election. None of them give a flying F about national interest. They're all out for themselves. Not only that, the Tory membership who get the final say are all old nationalist codgers who still believe in the bulldog spirit. I still don't see the next PM breaking the deadlock without having another referendum or a General Election. It's becoming increasingly clear that they won't get away with Parliament prorogation as a way of forcing No deal which Parliament will block. The next PM could end up being forced out within a year.
  14. The Brexit party and a far right Tory party is a coalition waiting to happen. Rees Mogg is pals with Farage and his sister is part of the Brexit party. I think they're basically going to pick up Tory and Labour protest votes and effectively stop Labour getting into power. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these far right Tory toffs are funding the Brexit party. Labour SHOULD be cleaning up (like Blair did in 1997) such was the resentment towards the Tories after years of them being in power but Corbyn is so f'ing useless and Labour are in as much disarray as the Tories. British politics is pretty broken at the minute.
  15. I always thought Clarke was a quiet and introverted man but his on pitch speech yesterday showed me that he is a very effective communicator with a real sense of humour - not one of these managers who waffles on for ages with the usual soundbites and excuses. I can see why the players bought into his ethos and I'm very excited about this potential appointment.
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