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  1. I am wanting to do this trip but as a lone traveller I am a bit concerned about the transfer from Bologna airport to Rimini as it is 74 miles. The transfers I have looked at are very expensive. How are others getting from Bologna airport to Rimini & back? I am assuming that Bologna is the nearest airport to Rimini.
  2. Got my wires crossed, my friend made a few of these flags back in the 70's & is curious to know if they are still in circulation!
  3. Are there any TA out there from the Leeds area? A friend of mine has a Saltire flag with the rampant lion & Leeds Yorkshire on it if there is anyone interested in buying it.
  4. Thanks for that just tried again with no success so I'll check to see if my F&F is set up.
  5. Tried to get some there but then wouldn't let me order more than one ticket 😒
  6. That's not good will have to wait for public sale then ☚ī¸
  7. I have just been on the website to order tickets for the West Stand & it is greyed out so you can't select it. Does anyone know why this is?
  8. My choice too for the same reasons. I know a former Norwich player who says he's a good Manager.
  9. Levein for me that was rock bottom.
  10. When I click on the link to buy tickets for the Malta game I just get an option to buy membership which I have already got. Is anyone else having problems buying tickets?
  11. And put comments like 'it's just not fair' then suckers put 'why what's wrong?'
  12. I wasn't meaning because of England fans I meant the match as a potential terrorist target.
  13. Has anyone heard if there is going to be a big security presence at the England match?
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