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  1. Michael O'Neill took a while to get going. Things we do know- McLeish has been decent before, and it's too early to sack him.
  2. Renewed mine and my daughters weeks ago. Cards turned up the day of the Costa Rica game 😃 but with our photos on each others cards 😫 Still, we’re well up on our investment after my daughter was selected to be a player mascot at the Costa Rica game (free kids Scotland strip, a free kids Costa Rica top, a free goodie bag containing program and match badge, free parking at stadium, and 3x tickets for nowt!)
  3. And the bog roll is to be 2p a sheet... skiddy breeks here we come!
  4. Wales and Northern Ireland. Both improved their stadia. Both qualify for tourneys. If you go to a job interview you want to look your best. It’s a confidence boost which can improve your chances of getting the job. Not the best analogy, but I think you get the point.
  5. Yeah. Hopefully the deal will be done without any more unnecessary drama. Looking forward to seeing how they will improve the stadium. It certainly doesn’t need to be knocked down. Just some improvements to the east and west stands, the seats, and the the facade.
  6. We will qualify and we will win the final at Wembley.
  7. Cheers mate. She had a fantastic time. It was Grant Hanley and he was really great with her. He’s now her favourite player. The Sky footage shows her having a blether in the tunnel - though she doesn’t remember what they were talking about. We got very lucky with how good the footage of her walking out the tunnel was with her ponytail swishing side to side - she stands out a mile! The moment she walked out I almost lost it. It was an amazing experience and maybe the proudest moment of my life. She wants me to take her to the Scottish football museum at Hampden next week. She’s as big a Scotland fan as her old man now. Brilliant!
  8. I’d love to try something different seeing that instant gratification is not and has not been the way forward since 1998. What’s your suggestion then?
  9. Caledonian Craig, I agree 100%. We need to take a few knocks so as to allow McLeish the time to develop a team capable of meeting our expectations/hopes/dreams. Rome wasn't built in a day etc etc. Anyone not in agreement is genuinely mental!
  10. IMO McGinn should ABSOLUTELY start each game. He's no Usian Bolt, but he's not slow either. He's intelligent. He can see and make a defence splitting pass. He has the passion and energy to take no shit from the opposition. He doesn't lie down. He doesn't take being pushed around. He doesn't let himself be dominated. We need someone to do all of that and set an example for the rest of the team. But he's lacking international game time, so play him as much as possible and increase his experience/confidence. Does anyone agree? Or am I just nuts?
  11. Expecting McLeish to treat this game differently - as in more focused on getting a win than blooding new players.
  12. I was in the south stand which was particularly quiet - worst I’ve seen it at Hampden so far. Sure, the kids would have enjoyed the game no matter where it was - but they have now been to a Scotland game at Hampden which they get more street cred for than saying they’ve been to a Scotland game at Easter Road.
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