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  1. Aberdeen BTTS. Leeds BTTS. Hibs and Man City to win 4 fold. Makes up for Partick inability to score doing my Sat line.
  2. teecee-

    Davy Bus

    Bus 6 you got me down for 1 seat, was 2. Cheers.
  3. teecee-

    Davy Bus

    Two for me please.
  4. teecee-

    'Incel' Rage

    Heard the news this morning so sad. With my Son and family living in Toronto too close for comfort.
  5. teecee-

    Summer holiday's.

    Ten weeks in Torrevieja then trips to Israel and Albania. In between times Horse Racing with Chas Endell.
  6. teecee-

    Songs you hate.

    Agree totally although Message In A Bottle has always been me long term hate.
  7. teecee-

    Childhood memories?

    Pitch and Putt and the Boating Pond at Rouken Glen park was part of my childhood enjoyment. Walking from my Council House to this posh area left me wondering how do you get a hoose here? Still wondering.
  8. Brookside fairly doubled the pain if your team lost on a Saturday.
  9. teecee-

    First Scotland games

    Italy game is the first I remember going to, lifted over and dwarfed by massive crowd. John Grieg scored the winner and place erupted.
  10. teecee-

    Sevco vs Celtic

    I was in a Kilmarnock pub after Celtic were defeated, about 50 GB came in and caused no trouble whatsoever. No songs, no queue jumping and no abuse.
  11. The body can be strange, drink a pint and 3 visits to pish hoose inevitable. Eyes at 60- perfect.
  12. BBC News for constantly saying Bishopbriggs near Glasgow, Cambuslang near Glasgow, Rutherglen near Glasgow etc. etc. These, and many like them are fairly large towns, do they thing we are Geographically thick?
  13. teecee-


    Liverpool to Cyprus Tuesday Easyjet then Larnaca to Tel Aviv Wed. Back Easyjet to Gatwick Fri via Geneva. BA last flight to Glasgow. Still reasonable.