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  1. A draw is made to decide who joins Scotland, Norway and Serbia to complete group C. One of Israel, Romania and Bulgaria will play Scotland with the remaining two going into group A draw.
  2. If we win at Hampden it will be a chaotic last dash for flights and hotels if we are drawn away in the final. Do both matches kick off the same time? Do we gamble and book cheap flights before we play semi? Going to be an expensive trip no matter who we possibly play.
  3. Have to disagree with us having a decent midfield. Who has inspired you in the last five games? I can think of nobody.
  4. We have a massively overrated midfield who create nothing and control nothing. The defence is exposed constantly and the forwards given no support. It's about time they were held responsible for our failure.
  5. Burke trying to time his jumps is comical. He eventually stopped making the effort.
  6. Correct and not before time. Maybe now we don't have so much need for RC Secondary schools and through time the remaining 50 will decrease in numbers.
  7. Previously it was only on the sporting field we could impress Engurland. Now we have our own parliament, a totally different vision for the future and we really don't give a toss about them. Noticed on the last trip to Wembley fans mixing in pubs which I put down to us ditching our chip on the shoulder attitude. Our lack of success is a lack of talent lets not over complicate it.
  8. In getting who we think is the right boss the onus is now on the players to perform, no excuses. No great talent in midfield though so just miss it out and play two up front. Fed up us trying to play like Barcelona, we are not able to do that.
  9. From UEFA site- " The host for each path's play off final will be drawn in advance on 22 November 2019.
  10. Fitba-32,433. Rugby 53,406. One match a must win game the other a pre tournament warm up.
  11. Bound to improve our health with the amount of fags and booze taken through customs slashed. Bound to improve our health standing in a long queue at immigration. Bound to improve our health with less exposure to the sun now we are holidaying on Costa Clyde. Bound to improve our bank balance now we are staying home and not purchasing Euros at parity.
  12. I believe you, I and wee GS were all born the same year. Only one of us is chilled out relaxed and non confrontational. Years passing quickly, too quickly for my liking so enjoy and avoid disputes. Tennents bar too posh for me prefer Horseshoe.
  13. Fair enough, going from a Punter to a Gambler is the wrong direction to head. Gambling large amounts in relation to your disposable income is the road to ruin but small stakes well within affordability can provide good entertainment. I respect your decision.
  14. Love and live for gambling. I have plenty of like minded pals and nothing better than a day at the races, dogs etc. I enjoy a punt on Football, Cricket, Golf and so on. With a bit of care and control so much pleasure to be had.
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