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  1. Agree messages are getting more complicated and the 2 week quarantine on return from holiday is ridiculous. Telling thousands of people to be economically inactive for 14 days on top of their time off is just unbelievable. Wonder if NS backs this policy?
  2. NI-266 Wales-397 Scotland-408 England-569.
  3. She told you to meet her at Boots? Classic Glasgow dizzy corner, well played Mrs T.
  4. With death rate of 392 per million against 554, why not reported above? 59 in ICU much improved from 174 a month ago. This is not an opinion just omitted facts.
  5. Sorry to say i'm afraid NS has been well off the pace. Other similar size countries reacted quicker and better whilst she opted to go along with Boris. Only now is she trying to do what is right for us.
  6. Took the plunge yesterday and got the missus to take me from full head of hair to less than quarter of an inch on top. Big flat heid now to go with my furrowed forehead. Good thing is I know it will grow back. Dug clippers used.
  7. Read it for about 20 years ignoring the political tripe. In my defence I never started work until early afternoon and there was plenty of reading in it to kill time. Still read football online and have a glance at the News, which is amusing.
  8. Agree with what you are saying, GPs switch their phones to NHS 24 at 6pm weekdays and all weekend. There is a massive shortage of out of hours Doctors on call and even with great financial rewards on offer they mostly avoid it. I would change their contracts to at least one night a month on call.
  9. Ongoing A&E need to get in the habit of advising folk when it is a NHS24 problem not A&E. Some punters are told to go outside and phone, but not enough. Should be standard practice at triage. It's in the wording ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY.
  10. Will be hard to action this, if you live with your parents your not going out but your pals are. I cannot see too many 20 somethings sitting at home with Mummy and Daddy. Can see a rush on fake ID cards for 30 somethings whilst us older drinkers remain grounded.
  11. Walk the dog every morning and do a bit of housework. Afternoon watch the racing or play golf, weather permitting. Through in a couple of TA trips away and some time in Spain to ease the boredom. Great getting retired early and I have no regrets about misselling a few Endowment policies.
  12. Logged as over 18 days total hours on lichee. My failing is playing too quick and if opponent is too slow I lose concentration.
  13. Try lichess.org free site for chess where you compete against similar standard opponents.
  14. How ironic asking elderly folk to stay in but they must now buy a TV licence.
  15. Horse racing still on in the UK although the meeting at Kelso next week is excluding spectators. Uttoxeter busy as Midlands National day.
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