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  1. teecee-

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    We lack players, probably worst lot for years. When our centre forward is 32, lacking in pace and has a first touch like Billy Dodds then that sums us up.
  2. teecee-

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    I can assure you the Scotland fans didn't hold back in Israel and most where fairly sober. Now this has happened the manager and players are aware that lack of effort will not be tolerated. Tartan Tourists and Happy Clappers do exist but so do passionate fans who take defeat hard.
  3. teecee-

    FAO The Boycott Israel Brigade

    Chaotic expensive country I will not be returning to.
  4. teecee-

    SFA cut yer losses

    I was at the match and witnessed the abuse the players and management received, quite correctly. This is the beginning of a different attitude from the fans telling all concerned don't dare serve up this shite again. Don't dare play with no heart or effort. Boycott no, criticism yes. Happy clapping days are gone.
  5. teecee-

    Tel Aviv Bars

    Good find only 1 minute from my hotel. The two of us will wade in on Wednesday night and do that Scottish thing, buying 10 drinks at 5 minutes to 9.
  6. teecee-


    Pretty much correct about call centres, I did 5 years at one of the better ones. Amazing the number of employees educated to degree and above who cannot get work elsewhere. Offshore workers should be a bit humble instead of moaning.
  7. teecee-

    Israel tickets on sale

    Don't agree, even if only outlet is Haifa then 8 hours is ample to distribute what will probably be just over 1200/1300 briefs. Calls for a bit of inconvenience but so what. Be train up for me and Davey bus back.
  8. teecee-

    Israel tickets on sale

    Hope it is 100% pick up, weed out the Harvesters. Probably say 1,200 fans travelling, Tel Aviv ticket collection Wednesday night and Haifa on match day. Plenty of trains up and Davie bus back. Not a problem.
  9. Cyprus? Remember watching us put 8 past them.
  10. Done me for Fivefold. Had high hopes for them to win the league.
  11. Aberdeen BTTS. Leeds BTTS. Hibs and Man City to win 4 fold. Makes up for Partick inability to score doing my Sat line.
  12. teecee-

    Davy Bus

    Bus 6 you got me down for 1 seat, was 2. Cheers.
  13. teecee-

    Davy Bus

    Two for me please.
  14. teecee-

    'Incel' Rage

    Heard the news this morning so sad. With my Son and family living in Toronto too close for comfort.