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  1. Fair enough, going from a Punter to a Gambler is the wrong direction to head. Gambling large amounts in relation to your disposable income is the road to ruin but small stakes well within affordability can provide good entertainment. I respect your decision.
  2. Love and live for gambling. I have plenty of like minded pals and nothing better than a day at the races, dogs etc. I enjoy a punt on Football, Cricket, Golf and so on. With a bit of care and control so much pleasure to be had.
  3. So you have a go at your fellow Christians. Question is do you agree with the acceptance that our planet is not the centre of the Universe? Or do you still think the Bible is correct? "God fixed the earth upon it's foundation, not to be moved forever."
  4. The Ionians discovered the truth about the Sun , the Earth and the Stars but their last great scientist, Hypatia was burnt to death in 415. Christians believed the Bible was correct and the Earth was the centre of the Universe. It took till 1979 before the Vatican accepted this was not so. Dear dear.
  5. Interesting only two countries higher up than us with a smaller population. Cyprus and Croatia.
  6. Yes because Aberdeen set up to defend against a distinctly average team. Only Aberdeen fans can explain why they gave their manager an enhanced contract.
  7. Harvesting a thing of the past due to points for home games and our abject performances. Less and less want to travel and this shows with away briefs going to zero points. No need to harvest now and pay that extra £20 or whatever for a match that you are not attending.
  8. Killie fan on BBC Radio yesterday thinks 700 have booked flights and he reckons half of them will still make the journey. Supporters bus also booked going from Budapest to Belgrade. Oh Dear.
  9. All very well blaming the manager but at that level players must take responsibility. They should be ashamed.
  10. Disagree , Luxembourg league rated 18 places above Welsh. Kilmarnock also at home having won away.
  11. Kilmarnock have been trying to build their fan base and also successfully getting local companies to back them. That result takes the shine of any good work done by the club. Worst ever Scottish result considering opponents and league they play in.
  12. Worst ever in Europe involving Scottish clubs- Kilmarnock.
  13. On a lighter note my EX Mother in law correctly sussed me as a rogue. A month after she died me and my buddy were travelling across Poland by train heading to Warsaw and as always on trips, card games and 10 cans of Beer helped kill time. Whilst playing Triumph we had to cut the cards numerous times and the number of times I cut the Queen of Diamonds was unnerving. She was the Queen of her family and a Diamond to them and maybe I was being told I was still being watched. My mate hated it as he never won the cut. Even now if I have a bad gambling run I think she is orchestrating it.
  14. I travel often with Ryanair and Mrs and I do individual bookings. She pays extra £10 for priority therefore can take a small case on board. I carry a small bag which fits under the seat at no extra cost. Remember if you want to sit together probably about £8 to £12 each way to book seat. Good airline to travel with once you have navigated extra charges.
  15. A much improved player who looks more assured at Man Utd. Needs to start against Cyprus.
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